It’s the most wonderful Fenix sale of the year! If you’ve been waiting to grab a new light or introduce someone on your holiday list to your favorite Fenix product, get in on our selection of flashlights for sale, discounts, and once-a-year deals.

Our holiday promos feature a varied selection of flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights for various activities, work, and outdoor adventures. Which of our deals will help you become everyone’s favorite gift-giver this year? Let’s check out each deal, so you find the right light this holiday season.

Packaged Products: Two Is Better Than One

It’s great to treat yourself once in a while, but it’s more fun when you share the joy. Fenix’s limited-time deals make it easy to get into the spirit of giving with paired products. For a limited time, you get a free light when you buy the Fenix PD40R V2.0, TK16 V2.0, HM70R, or the BC26R.

Flashlights On Sale: The Fenix PD40R V2.0 and the E01 V2.0 Power Duo

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We paired the Fenix PD40R V2.0 rechargeable flashlight with a free E01 V2.0 EDC flashlight, providing two times the dependable light for everything from winter camping trips to final commutes before the holiday break.

Notable features of the PD40R V2.0 flashlights on sale include:

  • Incredible light output in a compact body. The PD40R V2.0 emits 3000 lumens across a distance of 1329 ft (405 m) and weighs only 4.1 oz (117 g)
  • Patented rotary switch. Use the sizeable switch to cycle through four brightness levels until you have the perfect amount of light.

Features that make the E01 V2.0 an excellent EDC light include:

  • Impressive power from a single AAA battery. The E01 V2.0 casts 100 lumens across a distance of 115 ft (35 m), providing a reliable and bright light anytime, anywhere you need it.
  • Small size perfect for convenient carry. Easily slip the EDC flashlight onto a key ring, in a purse, or on a pack.

Flashlights On Sale: The Fenix TK16 V2.0 and the E02R Super Pairing

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If you or someone on your holiday list switches from tactical settings to everyday lighting conditions, we’ve got the perfect flashlights on sale! We paired the Fenix TK16 V2.0 tactical light with a free E02R keychain flashlight.

Reasons the TK16 V2.0 makes for the perfect gift for tactical activities, hunting, and other extreme lighting situations include:

  • Wide, generous beam. Throwing a maximum of 3100 lumens across a distance of 1247 ft (380 m), the TK16 V2.0 overcomes various lighting conditions easily.
  • Protective design. These tactical flashlights for sale have an IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating, so they take extreme environments and terrain in stride.

Some of the E02R’s best features include:

  • Fully rechargeable. With a USB charging port, the EDC light has a max runtime of six hours and 30 minutes, perfect for any time of year, but especially for extended winter nights.
  • Durable aluminum body. The E02R’s tough, reliable body delivers maximum performance and can withstand minor drops.

Flashlights On Sale: The Fenix HM70R and E-LITE Mini Dynamic Match

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Sometimes, rather than preparing for specific lighting conditions, we need to prepare for them all. Unpredictable weather, shifting environments, and extended trips are no problem for the Fenix HM70R. And to help you conquer even more lighting conditions, you get the E-LITE Mini for free when you buy the HM70R.

Reasons HM70R headlamps for sale are perfect for shifting lighting situations include:

  • Triple light sources. Use the spotlight for standard tasks, the floodlight for a wider beam, and the red light for up-close tasks.
  • Adjustable beam. The headlamp’s 180° tilt mechanism lets you aim the light where you need it for multi-angle situations and outdoor activities.

The E-LITE is great for those who need:

  • An integrated clip. Quickly attach the mini flashlight to a ball cap or pocket for hands-free lighting.
  • A blue and red flashing light. Use the colored light for reading or signaling

Bike Lights on Sale: The Fenix BC26R and BC05R V2.0 Winning Balance

bike light sale

Do you have someone on your list who wakes up and looks forward to their bike rides? The Fenix BC26R is perfect for seeing every detail of the road or trail, while the BC05R V2.0 bike taillight keeps bikers visible as they pedal their way to their best mile.

Some of the BC26R’s most notable features include:

  • Wide-angle beam. The bike light’s 100° floodlight makes it easy to navigate corners confidently.
  • Extended runtime. The bike light is ready to conquer extended bike rides with a maximum runtime of 65 hours on its lowest setting.

Features that make the BC05R a great gift idea for a biker include:

  • Multiple lighting modes. Cycle between six lighting modes and two brightness levels for shifting lighting conditions.
  • Multi-purpose light. Using the body clip, attach the bike light to a pack for outdoor activities or on your waist or chest for running or walking.

Discounted Products: Spend a Little, Save Big

If you’ve been waiting to snag a light for outdoor activities, work, and play at a great price, we’ve got the perfect deal and headlamp. For a limited time, the Fenix HM60R is on sale for $69.95!

Reasons to snag this best-selling headlamp while the deal lasts include:

  • Stride frequency sensor. The faster you run, the more light the headlamp emits, so you always have the perfect level of brightness.
  • Hidden battery port. The battery port is hidden within a waterproof interface, making the entire headlamp waterproof against accidental plunges.

50% Off Batteries for Fenix Lights: Full Power for Half the Price

Having a flashlight with useful features that overcome various lighting situations is only half the battle; the other half is having a reliable power source that lets you take full advantage of the light’s features.

For a limited time, when you buy the Fenix PD32 V2.0, TK35UE V2.0, or BC30 V2.0, you save 50% on batteries. With a deal this great, you’ll have all the batteries you need to keep your flashlight powered up all year long!

Light Up This Season With Fenix Lights on Sale

Fenix has the discounts, gift options, and once-a-year deals you need to light up the holiday with friends and family. For even more excellent gift ideas, check out our holiday gift guide.