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Fenix holsters are tough lighting device holders that are perfect for law enforcement and tactical professions. With one of our holsters, you will be able to access your light and strap it back in, in an instant.

High-Quality Holsters

All of Fenix’s holsters are built with a high-quality design and materials to make it easier than ever to access your lighting device. Strap one of our holsters to our belt confidently, knowing that your flashlight will be safe and accessible inside. With a wide range of holsters to choose from, pick which material and size you want or need your holster to be. With different flashlights fitting different holsters, make sure you pick the most appropriate holster that will best fit your needs. Police officers and security personnel will love the easy ability to quickly pull their flashlights out and have light in an instant. Need your hands free again? Quickly place it back in the holster without missing a beat.

Multi-Functional Holsters

Some of Fenix’s holsters can do more than just hold flashlights. Some of our holsters are flexible enough to carry different ranging sized flashlights, knives, multi-tools, and more. Built with an extremely adjustable lid, you can easily tighten and strap in any small device via the snap fastener or detachable bungee cord. These durable multi-functional holsters are the perfect storage equipment to have on hand if you carry around other tactical equipment that you may need in an instant. Easily strap items in and take them out in an instant. Their flexible fabric allows them to be very maneuverable in intense situations while also being durable as they are resistant to tears, scuffs, and abrasions.

Durable Holsters

Fenix offers arguably the most durable holsters you can have on the job. Our holsters were designed to not only hold your flashlight, but also to protect it. Built with a long-lasting and resilient outer material, some of our holsters are built with nylon material and others were made with a Cordura 700D fabric material. Regardless of the material they were made with, our holsters were created to stand the test of time. Our holsters are very durable and capable of handling daily wear and tear with anti-scratch and anti-wear abilities. Some of our holsters are even completely resistant to scratches and even tears. These durable flashlight holders can withstand the most extreme situations so wear them confidently knowing they can handle anything that comes their way.

Multiple Holster Sizes

Fenix’s holsters are not one size fits all. Our holsters are designed to hold different flashlights well, both small and large. While some of our holsters are built with more flexibility to fit different sized flashlights and items, others were designed to hold specific sized flashlights in order to get a more secure fit. One of our larger holsters can even hold up to a 5.9” in length flashlight. Other holsters hold our smaller lights and some holsters are even built to hold a specific series of flashlights. Pick one or more of our holsters to have a safe carrying device for your different lighting devices. More than one of your flashlights may even fit into the same holster but make sure you check which flashlights are compatible with which holsters so you purchase the correct one.

Practical Holsters

Whether you are tired of carrying your flashlight around or need a convenient place to hold your flashlight on the job, our holsters are the perfect solutions. While they are built with tactical features to ensure your flashlight is protected at all times, anyone can purchase one of our holsters. They easily snap onto your belt or bag (whichever you prefer), for easily accessible lighting. Not only will your flashlight be nearby, but it will also be protected in one of our holders. Whether you use one of our holsters in a recreational setting or a more tactical one, carry your flashlight with ease with one of Fenix’s convenient flashlight holsters.

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