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Fenix BC26R Rechargeable Bike Light


Fenix BC30 V2.0 Bike Light


Fenix BC30R USB Rechargeable Bike Light


Fenix bike lights range from 880 to 1800 lumens and can handle any lighting need. These mountable bicycle lights offer innovative features like dual distance beam systems, alert flashing modes, and digital display screens.

Bright, LED Bike Lights

Keep yourself safe out there on the trail or street path with Fenix’s bright LED bicycle lights. Keeping both others aware of your location and making sure you can see what’s in front of you is imperative to low light riding. You need the best biking light source out there to see everything near or far. We make ultra-bright, rechargeable, and durable LED lights to provide you the best light source. Our bike lights are built with extreme durability and high lumens for your safety on late-night rides. With hassle-free mounting and extreme weather resistance, our fearless bike lights are all water and dustproof resistant. See why so many Fenix fans love these bike lights for both city and mountain biking.

Rechargeable Bike Lights

Have you ever woken up early for a pre-dawn bike ride, only to find that your bike light is dead? An unexpected dead light can ruin your whole day. Traditional battery operated lights are a pain to replace, especially if you find you are all out of batteries. With rechargeable lights though, either check the battery level indicator regularly or leave them on the charger overnight to ensure this sort of colossal disappointment doesn’t happen to you. You don’t even need backup batteries. Simply plug-in your Fenix bike light for easy, convenient, and hassle-free rechargeability. Not to mention you will also save money from batteries you used to have to buy and you will help reduce landfill waste.

Ultra Bright

Fenix bike lights are very bright. When you need a focused beam of 1500+ lumens to illuminate the area in front of you, look no further than our bicycle lights. Ride your bike with ease regardless of the time of day and increase visibility with our ultra-bright lights. Our super bright bike lights can provide the best front lights while also alerting drivers if you want to use it as a rear light. Simply mount it to either the front or the back of the bike (or both) and have hours of light. Keep your early morning and evening rides both safe and enjoyable with a great, bright Fenix bike light.

Handy Features

Our handy Fenix bike lights are packed with useful, user-friendly features. Not only are they super-bright, durable lights but did you know that some of our bike lights even come with an innovative visual cut-off facula line that blocks off the top of the light beam? This means you can ride against oncoming traffic worry-free! We even offer a built-in anti-theft device on some models that will set off an alarm if handled in unusual movements consistent with theft. With handy security and safety features, mount your light, and keep it on your bike with a peace of mind knowing we have you covered. We really have thought of everything.

User-Friendly Design

These high-performing lights are the most high-functioning, and highest-performing bike lights on the market. Packed full of user-friendly features, Fenix bike lights easily clip onto bikes making them extremely easy to use. With easy mounting functionality, strap your bike light on the front or rear area of the bike with no trouble. Each light offers extremely high lumens but also provides different lighting modes, some including flash modes in case of emergencies. Other lights are built with a red light for a less harsh lighting option. Other features of our bike lights include battery level indicators so you always know how much light you have left at all times.

Extremely Durable Bike Lights

Packed full of great features, our lights are also built to withstand just about anything. Most rated IP66, Fenix bike lights are not only versatile and bright, but they are also extremely durable. While it may not be necessary to be weather resistant on easy, park bike rides, our bike lights were built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Be prepared with a Fenix bike light when you go mountain biking or if you are riding in wet weather conditions. Waterproof and dustproof, you can count on our fearless bike lights to provide you the brightest light no matter what the weather is.

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