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Fenix PD36R Rechargeable Flashlight


Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight


Fenix PD35 V3.0 Flashlight


Fenix LD30 Flashlight


Fenix PD40R V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight


Fenix PD36 TAC Tactical Flashlight


Fenix E12 V2.0 AA Flashlight


Fenix T6 Penlight


Fenix E-STAR Emergency Flashlight


Fenix HT30R White Laser Flashlight


Fenix TK22 TAC Tactical Flashlight


Fenix LD22 V2.0 Flashlight


Fenix C7 Work Flashlight


Fenix TK35UE V2.0 Flashlight


If you are looking for a high lumen flashlight, an LED flashlight, or even tactical flashlights, you will find what you are looking for with Fenix.

Bright, Powerful LED Flashlights

The reason Fenix flashlights dominate the field is because of their unparalleled quality and high performance. Our LED flashlights are some of the highest lumen flashlights on the market today. Most of our flashlights can also be recharged via USB, meaning you can easily charge it on your way to work or overnight on your nightstand. We focus not only on quality and brightness but also on plain convenience and ease of use. We have great handheld flashlights for everyday carry, tactical flashlights for military and security personnel, and a variety of outdoor and hunting flashlights. Our easy to use and durable flashlights were made with you in mind so grab a new Fenix today and it will fast become your favorite companion.

Everyday Carry Flashlights

A good everyday carry flashlight should be small enough to easily carry on your person, but still powerful enough to light up the spaces you need it to. Anything from 700 lumens to 1600 lumens will typically get the job done. Even with their comfortable size, Fenix EDC flashlights don’t compromise their high lumen capacity. Compact, portable and high-performing, Fenix EDC flashlights are an optimal lighting source to easily keep on hand throughout the day in case of an emergency. Whether you need an EDC flashlight for finding a lost item that rolled under the bed, or lighting up your walk into work in the morning, having a reliable flashlight at the ready will keep you safe and productive.

Brightest Flashlights

If you haven't tried out one of our brightest flashlights, you are in for an intense experience. With some of our brightest lights going up to 12000 lumens, you will never have to look out your back door at night and wonder “what was that?” again. Our ultra-bright flashlights come in a wide range of builds. While some are designed for hunting and extreme weather, others remain reasonably sized to keep on hand, in your car, or around the house for easily accessible bright lighting. Feel confident and comfortable with some of the brightest lights on the market. Ultra-bright and high-performing, our LED flashlights are fun for both hobbyists and outdoors-men alike.

Tactical Flashlights

If you are a member of the military, police force, or have any other tactical job, our tactical flashlights are for you. They come with features designed specifically for those actively working in tactical positions. Fenix tactical flashlights are all LED, very bright, and come with special features like a tactical tail switch for quick on/off and some even have glass breaking tips on the bezel. With such a wide range of features, Fenix is sure to have the optimal tactical flashlight for you. Both powerful and easy to use for any situation, Fenix’s tactical flashlights are sure to become your go-to lighting tool on the job as they have proven their durability and reliability in emergency situations.

Camping & Hiking Flashlights

Heading outdoors and need a reliable flashlight at your side? Check out Fenix's camping lights. These flashlights are all LED, waterproof/dustproof rated, and most are USB rechargeable. Reliable and user-friendly, some of our camping lights contain convenient features for hands-free lighting around the campsite while others contain SOS and strobe features in case of an emergency. With several different modes and high performing bulbs, these lights will last you long periods of time with their LED bulbs. Use your Fenix camping flashlight to navigate around camp after dark, or even use it to light up the entire forest around you if need be.

LED Flashlight

The reason LED flashlights are so sought after is how incredibly bright and reliable they are. They also have the ability to easily be recharged, and ours even recharge via a convenient micro-USB charger. Fenix's flashlights are all LED and the brightest they get ranges up to a staggering 12,000 lumens. Even with the long-lasting capacity LED Fenix flashlights promise, some are equipped with battery level indicators so you’ll never be without light unexpectedly ever again. You would think with such bright light capacity Fenix flashlights only come in big sizes but that’s not the case. LED flashlights can also be small, as we have pocket-sized LED everyday carry flashlights that are also very popular.