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Bicycle Lights

It’s important to both see and be seen on a bike ride, which is why our selection of bicycle lights are built with extremely high lumen outputs, some reaching up to 2200 lumens. Use a Fenix bicycle light for casual late-night rides or even extreme mountain biking.

High Lumen Bicycle Lights

With the ability to provide you the brightest light both on a country trail or in the city, Fenix bicycle lights are packed with incredibly high lumen output capabilities. These bright bicycle lights will give you peace of mind no matter where you are riding. Enjoy your rides in the city knowing our high-lumen bicycle lights will alert oncoming drivers of your location. Even on dirt trails, Fenix’s high lumen LED bicycle lights allow you to clearly see uneven terrain or obstacles so you can avoid accidents and ride with ease. Ranging from 600-2200 lumens, no matter which bicycle light you choose, you’ll have incredibly bright light. 

User-Friendly Features

Extremely high lumens are not the only thing Fenix bicycle lights have to offer. Our bicycle lights are packed full of user-friendly features to make your life easier and to keep you safe. One of the main safety features is the Dual Beam System which allows you to see both what’s up ahead as well as what’s right in front of you at the same time. Not only are a number of our bicycle lights equipped with a flash mode for your safety, but a lot of them are rechargeable. Simply plug your bicycle light in via a USB charging cord and have light in a matter of hours or even minutes. With a quick-release mounting system, our bicycle lights allow you to quickly attach/remove your light without having to remove the mount.

Durable, Long-Lasting LED Bicycle Lights

Fenix’s bicycle lights are some of the best bicycle lights on the market due to their durability and long life span. Able to withstand even the most extreme weather, these resilient lights are splashproof/rain-resistant and dustproof making them perfect for any outdoor setting. Built with LED bulbs, all of our bicycle lights can not only throw bright light but they also last for incredibly long periods of time due to their 50,000 hour LED bulbs. Our durable, long-lasting LED bicycle lights are perfect for easy late-night park rides and also for those long trail rides in the mountains.

High-Performance Bicycle Lights

Fenix’s high-performing bicycle lights will provide you with the brightest light for your bike rides. Our resilient and reliable lights combine high-lumens with user-friendly features, durability, and long-lasting battery life so you can enjoy your rides stress-free. Not only are our bicycle lights designed to provide you with the best lighting source but they are more importantly designed to keep you safe on your late-night rides. With additional lighting modes like red mode and flash mode to alert oncoming drivers, count on a Fenix bicycle light to clearly see everything around you while also keeping you safe. Our high-performance bicycle lights are the favorites of both outdoorsmen and city riders alike.

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