trick or treating flashlights

Halloween is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about costumes, candy, and having a scary good time. Most of the enjoyment of Halloween doesn’t begin until nightfall when ghosts and ghouls take to the streets. While Halloween’s best enjoyed under cover of darkness, a flashlight or headlamp helps you, your friends, and your kids make the most of your night out.

Flashlights and headlamps come in all shapes and sizes, but not all are created equal. When choosing a light source for Halloween, it’s important to know which features matter most. Just like picking the perfect costume, it’s good to have a guide to select the best Fenix lights for Halloween.

What Features Should You Look for in the Best Lights for Halloween?

  • Kid-friendly/convenient carry size
  • Multiple power options
  • Flash mode
  • Rechargeable
  • High lumen output
  • Body clip
  • Multiple lighting modes

What Are the Best Fenix Lights for Halloween?

Using the above feature list, we recommend carrying these Fenix lights for spooky Halloween nights: the Fenix E09R, the E-LITE, the E03R, the HM50R V2.0, and the PD35 V3.0. Not only do these lights help you stay safe while you have fun, but they also make great costume accessories. Next, we’ll explore what makes these the best Fenix lights for Halloween lovers of all ages.

Fenix E09R

E09R - Convenient Carry EDC Flashlight

When you have several houses to stop by for trick-or-treating, you need plenty of room to carry all your treats. The E09R is a small flashlight that measures 3.11” wide and weighs 1.59 oz (45 g) without the battery. Stash it in a pocket and you may forget it’s there until you need it.

The flashlight’s burst mode provides a short 600-lumen burst of light to see hidden scares in the shadows or signal your friends to let them know where you are. When you want to hit up “just one more house,” plug the rechargeable light into a portable charger and keep using it while it powers up. Keep the Halloween mood going by inspecting your haul in the dark with the flashlight’s moonlight mode, which provides the perfect light for up-close tasks.


E-LITE - Super Small Safety Light

There’s a lot to capture your attention on Halloween night, and kids can get caught up in the excitement while dashing from house to house. Help them navigate the neighborhood safely by attaching the E-LITE to them with the body clip and activating the flash mode.

Not only can kids feel like giants while holding the super-small E-LITE in their hand, but they can also feel like ghosts casting spooky light around them. This small flashlight has a red or blue down-facing light that also flashes. So let your kids pretend they’re from outer space or a visitor emerging from the spectral plane.


E03R - Ultra-Compact Keychain Flashlight

The only thing better than having an ultra-compact light is having one of the best Fenix lights that fits on an everyday item you already use. So before heading out on Halloween night, slip the E03R on your or your child’s keychain or in a pocket.

While trick-or-treating or exploring different spooky spots, kids may encounter different light settings. Whether they’re in a haunted house, on a street with a flickering streetlight, or standing next to glowing Halloween yard decorations, the E03R’s six lighting modes provide different lighting options to meet the environment. And because it’s one of the best Fenix lights for Halloween, it also has a flashing red light to catch someone’s attention or give them a scare.

HM50R V2.0

HM50R V2.0 - All-in-One Rechargeable Headlamp/Flashlight

Could your costume go from “good” to “great” with the addition of a headlamp? Maybe you want to put a twist on the phrase “deer in headlights” or dress up as a robot and have light beaming from your head. The HM50R V2.0 is the perfect finishing touch and can elevate your look even more with its red light mode.

If the night calls for a high-performance flashlight instead of a headlamp, the HM50R V2.0’s right-angled flashlight detaches from the headband so you can direct the light wherever you need it. No matter what type of light source you need, the HM50R V2.0 provides it with a convenient ultralight body that weighs 2.75 oz. (78 g).

PD35 V3.0- Built-Tough Flashlight

PD35 V3.0

If you want to dress up in a SWAT, police officer, or another tactical costume this year, a tactical flashlight adds a realistic (and useful) touch to your look. Even if you plan to dress up as a pirate, carrying a light that casts a tight beam and withstands drops and bumps throughout Halloween night is useful.

The PD35 V3.0 is a flashlight with multiple lighting modes, including a strobe, designed to meet different lighting demands. With a lumen range of 5 to 1700, the PD35 V3.0 equips you with the ideal amount of light no matter what type of environment you find yourself in. Not only does the light have multiple lighting modes, but it also operates off multiple power sources. If the included rechargeable battery gives up the ghost, exchange it for two lithium batteries and keep the fun going.

This flashlight throws a maximum of 1700 lumens across a distance of 1171 ft (357 m), providing plenty of light for haunted corn mazes you may explore, or use the 5 lumen Eco brightness level for up close tasks like checking on your candy haul.

Scare Up a Spooky Time With the Best Fenix Lights for Halloween

The best Fenix lights help you and your kids stay safe and have even more fun on Halloween night. While these lights are great for trick-or-treating and Halloween festivities, check out our complete collection of headlamps and flashlights for various outdoor activities and work environments.