With summer just around the corner and kids spending more time at home over summer vacation, it’s time for parents to start thinking about some fun summer activities and trips to do with their kids. Between camping trips, star gazing expeditions, and summer shenanigans, there’s a lot of great after-dark activities to keep the kids entertained all summer long.

For after-dark adventures, it’s a good idea to equip kids with a flashlight not only for safety, but also because, as we all know, flashlights can be a lot of fun. As flashlight fanatics ourselves, we believe in starting them young when it comes to finding quality flashlights. If you’re looking for the right flashlight to give to your kids, check out our top kid’s flashlight picks based on your child’s age.

What are the Best Kids Flashlights of 2021?

The best kids flashlights of 2021 are the Fenix E-Lite, E03R, CL23, E02R, E12, PD25, LD30, and E28R. Built for fans of all ages, there is a flashlight for young children and teenagers alike.

Flashlights for your Child (ages 5+)

Fenix E03R

Children are exceedingly curious creatures. As such, something as simple as a small EDC flashlight can unlock a whole world of imagination and fun for kids of that age. For children, our E-LITE or E03R would make a great starter flashlight for young kids.

Both the E-LITE and the E03R offer super simple activation with a singular button to activate the light and cycle through the brightness modes. Plus, while both of these lights offer a lot of lumens for their size, with a max of 150 and 260 lumens respectively, the risk is reduced to potentially hurt your child’s eyesight if accidentally shined directly into their eyes.

As an added bonus, both of these mini EDCs are rechargeable, so your kids can have endless fun without worrying about replacing any batteries.

Lanterns, like the CL23, are also great for kids of this age. Whether for family camping trips or to light up their blanket forts in the living room on a rainy day, this handy little lantern offers up to 45 hours of light in a convenient, kid-friendly design.

Flashlight for Older Kids (ages 10+)

flashlights for kids

Kids in middle school are starting to hone important life skills.. For outdoorsy and adventurous families, giving your middle schooler a flashlight of their own will give them the tool they need to start exploring—just like the adults.

For children aged 10+, we suggest the E02R and the E12. These two handy little EDCs are both small enough to fit in a pocket. While small, they still have the capacity to produce an impressive amount of light for their size. The E02R offers a max of 200 lumens that can be shone over a distance of 161 ft (49 m). Meanwhile, the AA battery powered E12 can shine a max of 160 lumens over 223 ft (68 m).

Both lights are great practical tools to make sure your kids are safe and have some extra light when they need it. The E02R also comes with a keychain loop so it can be attached to your kid’s backpack or overnight bag. And, on the other hand, the E12 has a pocket clip that can be attached to a ballcap or shirt pocket for easy hands-free light.

If your kids need something a bit brighter, a flashlight like the PD25 would be a great choice. This light is brighter, offering 550 lumens, and capable of long runtimes on a single charge (up to 53 hours on eco mode), which is a perk in case your child forgets to charge the light regularly. Either way, all three of these lights are great for camping trips or after-dark nature walks.

Flashlight for Teenagers

flashlights for teens

Teens are starting to get out on their own, having their own adventures with their friends. They’re also at the age to have learned a bit more about responsibility and being safe with high lumen lighting products. So, they can handle having a bright flashlight without the possibility of accidentally blinding one of their friends.

For the teens in your life, we suggest gifting them the LD30 or the E28R. Both of these lights have the capability to shine some serious lumens, 1600 and 1500 respectively, over far distances. These lights aren’t just toys. They can be handy tools for getting work done or finding your way to safety when you need it. Packed with features and design details for outdoorsy types or youth hunters, both lights will quickly become favorite go-tos.

At Fenix, we take pride in creating products that will last for years of work and play. With our lifetime warranty, your teen’s light can become an everyday companion long past their teenage years making it a worthy investment in the long-run.

Best Kids Flashlights

Whether you’re looking for a new flashlight for your kid or simply shopping for some new toys of your own, Fenix has the lighting solutions you’re looking for. For over 20 years, Fenix has been manufacturing quality flashlights using cutting-edge technology and design. We create industry-leading handheld flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns for work, play, or everyday life. Check out our wide range of lighting solutions, and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call or LiveChat with our friendly customer service agents to help you find what you need.