Summer 2021 has sprung and everyone, including us here at Fenix, couldn’t be more excited and ready to get out on the road and enjoy the great outdoors with our family and friends that we haven’t gotten to spend time with in a long while. But, before you load up the van and hit the road, it might be time to upgrade your current camping gear kit. Whether you’re a fervent believer of the vanlife way, the proud owner of a updated retro airstream, or about to ship off on a RV adventure with the family, Fenix has the perfect camping lantern your family will be sure to fight over. Meet the CL26R, the perfect rechargeable lantern for your cross country adventure.

Multi-directional LED Lantern

fenix cl26r rechargeable lantern

While this lantern is small, sizing up to 3.8” (97 mm) tall and 1.9” (49 mm) wide, the CL26R is absolutely packed with great features that make it a perfect camping companion. The lightweight design (weighing in at 4.1 oz. (116g), excluding batteries) makes an excellent choice for long backpacking trips where space is limited or even as a camping light for kids.

When out on the road, campers want to get the most out of each piece of gear they decide to take along with them. The CL26R is the ideal camping lantern for those who are looking for a light with a lot of adaptability and need to keep their load light.

The lantern offers three different mounting options. The top hook can be clipped onto a backpack for hands-free light or hung from the top of a tent for handy light that can fill the entire tent. On the bottom of the light there is a tripod mount screw, perfect for shining continuous light at a campsite. Finally, the lantern features a versatile magnetic top that can be adhered to any metal surface. This makes the lantern a simple solution for vans or campers that are short on space and need overhead lighting. The magnetic top is especially helpful for those living the van life as it can be counted on to stay in place while you’re on a particularly bumpy back road or for a quick, hands-free light source for car camping.

The rechargeable lantern also offers super practical features like a battery level indicator. All users need to do is single click the lantern’s button for an immediate view of the current battery capacity to know the status of the lantern in real-time. When the lantern is low on battery, the battery indicator light will flash quickly to indicate that it’s ready to be recharged.

Unique Light Output Design

The most unique feature of this lantern has to be its versatile lighting options. The lantern provides multiple different lighting options and brightness modes. Users can easily choose between three different brightness levels of 360° light, maxing out at 400 lumens that can shine over 82 ft (25 m). The front light source can be great for instances when you need highly concentrated light, like when reading at night while others are sleeping. Last but not least, the downward-facing light option, which comes with two brightness levels to choose from, is perfectly made for overhead lighting in a tent or small space. Plus, this mode offers super long run times of up to 240 hours on a single charge.

Durable & Water Resistant

While out on long road trips, there’s a lot of rough and tumbling going on, between unexpected summer storms, long, dusty days out on the trail, and frigid nights when the temperature drops. Thankfully, the CL26R is up to the challenge. It has a IP66 rating to withstand heavy rain, splashing, and is totally impervious to dust or other foreign objects. Best of all, the light is made of super strong PC2805 plastic that can withstand up to 1.2 tons of force.

Lastly, the CL26R is designed with a cold-resistant structure. The light has a unique heat dissipation path guide that sends heat to the battery compartment which creates a cold-resistant layer of protection that mitigates battery discharge and improves runtime and brightness performance in colder environments. With this feature, the CL26R can be your adventure companion all year round.

More than Just Rechargeable Lanterns

Fenix has more to offer than just rechargeable camping lanterns. For over 20 years, Fenix has been manufacturing quality lighting solutions using cutting-edge technology and design. We create industry-leading handheld flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns for work, play, or everyday life. Check out our wide range of lighting solutions, and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call or LiveChat with our customer service to help you find what you need.