Camping Lights

When it comes to camping gear, bright, dependable lights are always at the top of the list. There’s a reason Fenix camping lights are at the top of the industry – they are water-resistant, durable, all LED, and incredibly bright.

Basic Types of Camping Lights

Camping Headlamp 

A camping headlamp should be at the top of your packing list. After all, you might need to be able to use your hands after dark, right? Fenix camping headlamps are bright, light weight, and comfortable. Many also come with several lighting modes and are USB rechargeable.

Camping Lantern

Fenix LED camping lanterns are incredibly convenient. They can be hung, stuck to a magnetic surface, or simply set on a table for up to 360 degrees of lighting with one of our 650 lumen lanterns. Our lanterns are built with quality, durable materials and are USB rechargeable.

Camping Flashlight 

Lightweight and waterproof, Fenix flashlights are a great addition to your camping gear. Keep one of your smaller flashlights on you at all times, or use one of our huge, high-performance 12000 lumen flashlights to light up the entire forest around you. All Fenix flashlights are made with LED bulbs, making each flashlight longer-lasting.

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Best Flashlights for Camping

Best Rechargeable Headlamps

Best Rechargeable Lanterns

Camping Lights for Every Excursion 

An overnight trip to the outdoors is nearly impossible without camping lights. Don’t limit yourself to the daylight hours – bring along a headlamp, lantern, and handheld flashlight to cover all of your lighting needs. With the huge array of convenient features that Fenix camping lights have, such as LED rechargeable bulbs, colored light settings, and adjustable beams, you’ll be able to get any task done, any time of night. No matter your needs or price point, we can help you find the best camping lights for your trip.

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