If you are looking for something unique to gift someone this season, we recommend gift boxes!

Gift boxes present that rare combination of ease and thought that can be tough to come by. Instead of buying a pre-made gift box where you may think one or two items don’t exactly suit your friend or family member’s taste, create your own Fenix gift box and make sure every item reflects the recipient’s style.

From EDC experts to outdoor adventurers to DIY enthusiasts, Fenix has holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Check out these holiday gift box ideas, and our holiday gift guide and holiday promos, to help you with gift selections and add a personal touch to your gift-giving this year.

The EDC Holiday Box for Someone Always On the Go

We all have that one person on our list who is constantly on the move. Running errands, helping friends, and always ready for an impromptu trip, there is seldom an activity this person says no to and a personalized EDC light box makes the perfect gift for them.

Fenix EDC lights come in various sizes and provide different features that make them perfect for shifting lighting needs. So whether your always-on-the-go person is heading out on a quick road trip or simply helping their neighbor walk their dog, an EDC lights gift box will be useful for them.

The best part is that you select what goes into your gift box. We have a few recommendations below, but there are really no wrong answers here!

What Can You Include in an EDC Lights Gift Box?

EDC flashlight gift box

An upgrade to one of Fenix’s most-loved and used EDC lights, the Fenix PD25R makes for a great starting point for your EDC lights gift box. This compact light provides a maximum of 800 lumens and a maximum runtime of 70 hours on Eco. That’s a long-lasting, powerful light for your always-on friend or family member whose list of things to do seems never ending. Weighing only 2.75 oz. (78 g) with the battery, and featuring a two-position body clip, the PD25R is versatile light for work, outdoor adventures, or daily needs.

Add the Fenix E02R to your gift box to give your loved one a backup light to rely on. Throwing a maximum of 200 lumens, this flashlight has a maximum runtime of 6 hours and 30 minutes. An easy-to-operate rechargeable light, the E02R is less than 2” long and just over half an inch round making it a useful keychain flashlight. Don’t let its compact size fool you though. The E02R comes with an IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating, which makes it a perfect tool that can keep up with the lifestyle of someone that’s always on the move.

Wrap up your EDC holiday gift box with the Fenix T6 Penlight that’s quickly becoming a favorite with Fenix fans. When we are constantly moving around from one task to another, it can be easy to forget all the things you need to carry with you. The T6 Penlight from Fenix is an exquisite writing instrument that serves double duty as an EDC flashlight. It’s also tough enough to withstand hard impact, is dustproof, and is splash resistant.

As an extra step, include a spare rechargeable battery, compatible with the PD25R in your EDC gift box. When unscheduled outings arise or go longer than planned, help the person on the go seize the opportunity with an extra power source.

Go ahead and cover all the bases for your friend who always has your back. See Fenix’s entire collection of EDC flashlights to select other lights you can add to your EDC lights gift box.

The Adventure Holiday Box for the Outdoor Lover

If you know an outdoor adventure lover, you know they love gear! Whether someone is a rock climber, trail runners, caver, hiker, or hunter the outdoors demands preparation.

A personalized holiday gift box with some of Fenix’s best lights for outdoor recreation will ensure your friend has the tools they need to take their hobby many steps further. From headlamps to backup flashlights, you can make this gift box diverse to suit the changing environment your friend experiences.

What to Include in the Adventure Box?

adventure flashlight giftbox

Start with the Fenix HM50R V2.0. With a runtime of 42 hours on Low, this reliable headlamp can brighten up trails for a long enough duration. Its perforated and reflective headband fits snugly even when someone may be walking faster than normal, stretching out to find a foothold, or pitching their tent in the dark. This rechargeable headlamp comes with multiple modes including a Red Light Mode, which is perfect for up close tasks such as map reading in the tent.

Dustproof, waterproof, and impact resistant up to 2 meters, the HM50R V2.0 is durable and rugged enough to keep up with outdoor adventures. Add the Fenix AFH-03 headlamp headband to your gift box so your friend has a replacement headband handy whenever they may need it.

Give your friend more convenience by adding the Fenix E-CP Rechargeable Flashlight to the adventure gift box. One of the best features of this compact flashlight is that not only does it serve as a primary flashlight, but it can also be used as a backup power bank for other devices.

When you are outdoors, you have tons of other electronics you want to charge. From wanting to keep your phone functioning to ensuring your GPS watch doesn’t give up on you, having a reliable power source is extremely important. Not only is the E-CP a useful addition to your friend’s outdoor kit, but it is also convenient to carry and store. A gearhead will appreciate its clever octagonal shape that prevents the light from rolling over. In addition, the absence of a tail switch means you can make this rechargeable flashlight stand up vertically to use as a hands-free light source.

Choose from a collection of Fenix branded gear to add more style and convenience to your adventure gift box. From hats to t-shirts to koozies, Fenix gear will make your friend not only the best-prepared but also the best-outfitted on their adventure.

The DIY Holiday Box for the Tinkerer

There are people who are endlessly curious. They often want to find a way to make things work better. We call them tinkerers and if you have one on your holiday gift list, then the DIY holiday gift box is for them.

Whether it’s volunteering to help fix a neighbor’s deck or starting a new carpentry project, this gift box will ensure your friend can accomplish every task with ease and efficiency.

What to Include in the DIY Gift Box

DIY flashlight giftbox

Like all our other gift boxes, there isn’t any Fenix light that you’ll go wrong with, but we have a few suggestions to get your thoughts rolling.

The Fenix HM61R comes with several useful features that your DIY enthusiast will appreciate. Take its adaptable design, for instance. Not only can this rechargeable light be worn as a headlamp but you can detach the light from the band to use as a right-angle flashlight or even clip it into a pocket for hands-free lighting. A tinkerer often needs to look at objects from different angles and this feature helps them do just that. In addition, this headlamp offers 300 hours of runtime, which gives your DIY enthusiast plenty of time to finish up their project.

Add the Fenix LD22 V2.0 to this gift box to give your friend another light to fall back on. Not only does this upgraded flashlight come with a rechargeable battery, but it can also function with AA batteries. This multiple power source will ensure your friend is never caught unprepared midway through a task. Seven lighting modes including a Strobe feature go an extra step to ensure that every lighting demand can be met easily. Made of A6061-T6 aluminum, the LD22 V2.0 is impact-resistant and waterproof underwater up to 2 meters making it a durable, rugged light that can withstand falls and bumps.

Wrap up the DIY gift box with Fenix merch! The Fenix stainless steel insulated cup is a thoughtful addition to ensure your friend always has a supply of their favorite beverage on hand. Available in two colors, this cup is functional and good-looking, making it the perfect addition to the DIY holiday gift box.

Deliver Smiles With Your Own Holiday Gift Boxes From Fenix!

Whether you choose to go with some of our ideas or want to pick your own, making a Fenix holiday gift box for someone on your list is a great way to tell them how special they are. Widen your selection by visiting the Fenix promo page or the Fenix holiday gift guide. No matter who you’re shopping for, Fenix has everything you need to make holiday gift-giving easy, fun, and stress-free.