We all have at least one — a friend who, instead of scrolling through social media, scrolls through the All Trails app. Someone who, instead of sharing the latest memes, shares the cool outdoor equipment they’ve discovered.


The best thing you can get this friend is more useful gear that helps them go further in their explorations.

Fenix offers high-performance rechargeable headlamps and rechargeable flashlights that are perfect for every outdoor adventure. Whether your friend is hiking the Appalachian Trail or camping in the Rockies, there is a Fenix light that meets their needs.

Check out these rechargeable flashlights and headlamps to find a great gift your outdoorsy friends will love. Or browse through our holiday gift guide and holiday promos to find great deals.

E-CP: The Go-Anywhere Flashlight Power Bank

Some outdoor lovers enjoy capturing gorgeous images of nature with their cameras, identifying plant life with their phones, and tracking progress on the trail with useful apps. For them, gadgets aren’t things to get away from, but tools that help them experience more of the outdoors.

The Fenix E-CP rechargeable flashlight is a multi-use tool that is a perfect flashlight and a power bank all-in-one. The USB Type-C charging cable enables anyone to quickly charge up a phone, camera, or a similar electronic device. In low-light settings, the rechargeable flashlight throws a maximum of 1600 lumens across a distance of 728 ft (222 m), perfect for lighting up the trail ahead.

PD25R: The Perfectly Sized Outdoor Companion


One of the most important rules of being outdoors is to pack light, so one can move easily and confidently without a heavy pack weighing you down. The Fenix PD25R will help your friends do just that.

This versatile EDC flashlight weighs 2.75 oz (78 g) with the battery and measures 3.62” long (92 mm), making it extremely easy to fit in a multi-day backpack or day pack. The two-position body clip on this USB rechargeable light also allows for multi-carry options without breaking stride. A hiker can clip it to their pack or pocket for easy access and hands-free lighting. While compact, this rechargeable flashlight emits a maximum of 800 lumens thrown across a distance of 820 ft (250 m) and features five brightness levels and a strobe light for changing lighting needs and situations.

LR35R: The Ultra-Bright Lumen Blaster

Fenix LR35R

To experience more of nature’s untamed beauty, we sometimes venture off the beaten path to extreme destinations where the edge of civilization’s hundreds of miles away. From breathtaking winter wonderlands nestled high in the mountains to awe-inspiring vistas found where few have traveled, nature lovers enjoy flocking to far-flung destinations.

If your friend is someone who often goes exploring side trails, gift them the ultra-bright Fenix LR35R. Emitting an incredible 10,000 lumens of light, the LR35R will light up surroundings near and far. Hikers can feel confident knowing that this high-performance rechargeable flashlight offers an extended runtime of 80 hours giving them enough time to explore. With an IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating, the powerful flashlight also handles extreme conditions easily.

HM50R V2.0: The All-in-One Headlamp/Flashlight Duo

Fenix HM50R V2.0

Lighting conditions may change when stepping from underneath a lush canopy of forest trees onto a sprawling field. If any of your outdoor adventuring friends have firsthand experience with navigating varying outdoor environments, then they know how much of a difference the perfect light source makes when spotting obstacles along a dimly lit trail or adjusting their eyes to pitch darkness.

The Fenix HM50R V2.0 is an upgrade to one of our best-selling headlamps. With new features and the same great lighting performance, the rechargeable headlamp is ready to light up any environment encountered during backpacking trips, hikes, camping trips, and more.

In addition, the light provides versatile hands-free lighting as a headlamp and can quickly become a right-angled flashlight when removed from the headband. In both modes, the HM50R V2.0 features four brightness levels, a red light, and a red flash for up-close tasks like writing a thank-you note to a certain thoughtful friend.

HM60R: The Versatile Triple Light Source


Some of our friends would agree that variety is the spice of the nature lover's life. For instance, you may have someone on your holiday gift list who alternates their time between geocaching, biking, running, and mountaineering. Not only is switching from one activity to another an effective workout, but it’s also a great way to experience more of nature’s beauty. But to navigate all that beauty, a versatile light source is essential.

As an all-purpose rechargeable headlamp, the Fenix HM60R is the perfect companion for outdoor work, adventures, and play. The three light sources include a floodlight with neutral white light, a spotlight to see across long distances, and a red light for night vision preservation. So while your friend may need time to think about which jacket and pair of shoes to take on their various adventures, they’ll pack this adaptable headlamp without a second thought for every excursion.

Become Your Outdoorsy Friends’ Favorite Person With Rechargeable Lights From Fenix

This holiday season, give your outdoorsy friends the gift of the perfect light with a Fenix rechargeable flashlight or headlamp. We have a wide selection of high-performance lights with generous runtimes and useful features for loved ones who enjoy spending time outdoors. Visit our Guide to Rechargeable Flashlights and gift guide for more great gift ideas for everyone on your list.