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  • The Fenix BC21R Bike Light delivers max 880 lumens with a neutral white light from the included rechargeable 18650 battery. Featuring the Dual Distance Beam System, this bike light refracts light for great up-close visibility as well as extended distance. Includes four brightness levels with red side lights and a Flashing mode for added rider safety. The new quick-release bike mount makes it easier to quickly mount or dismount the light with a simple push to mount and a press and pull to release.

  • The Fenix BC30R rechargeable bike light puts 1600-lumen neutral white output at the ready with reliable USB charging. Featuring an OLED digital display, the BC30R Fenix bike light helps the cyclists know their remaining runtime and the battery power so they can better plan their route. Remote Burst activation and the exclusive Dual Distance Beam System make this bike light effective on road or on trail with a beam distance up to 509ft.

  • The Fenix BTR20 Bike Light builds on the BT platform with even greater output, power supply options and remote Turbo activation as well as the Dual Distance Beam system and neutral white output up to 800 lumens.
  • The Fenix BC30 Bike Light puts self-contained 1800 lumen max output at the ready. Remote BURST activation and the exclusive Dual Distance Beam System make the BC30 effective on road or trail up to 558ft. Choose 18650 rechargeable cells or CR123A batteries to power five brightness levels and a flashing mode, all guarded by a rugged bar-mounted housing.

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