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Brightest Small Flashlights

Fenix Lighting offers a wide selection of small, bright flashlights to ensure that you can have a bright light on hand at all times. Our conveniently sized EDC lights will come in handy to help you tackle everything from daily tasks to being prepared for an unexpected emergency. Our brightest small flashlights are designed to be your pocket-sized everyday companion. With exceptionally bright light, a portable build, and user-friendly features, our pocket-sized flashlights will be there whenever and wherever you need light.

Best Small Rechargeable Flashlights

Most of Fenix’s small flashlights are USB rechargeable. Our smallest rechargeable flashlights were designed to make your life easier by having accessible light on you at all times and can be charged via any USB device. Our best small rechargeable flashlights maintain their high lumen output and long-lasting light. Small rechargeable flashlights like the E09R emit a surprising 600 lumens, while our keychain flashlight, the E03R, can throw up to 260 lumens and last for up to 18 hours (on eco mode) on a single charge.Conveniently recharge one of the best small rechargeable flashlights using a standard port, power block, and even on the way to work if you have a USB port in your car. 

Small Tactical Flashlights

While most would consider our smaller flashlights to be everyday carry flashlights, they are also some of the best lights you can have on a tactical job. Built with quick handling features, a number of our brightest small flashlights are equipped to assist you in even the most intense situations. One of our brightest small tactical flashlights is the PD25. This convenient 3.7” long flashlight throws a maximum of 550 lumens 427ft (130m) to light up entire areas. Built with an anti-roll, slip-resistant body design, handle this small flashlight easily in tactical situations. The PD25’s easy tactical tail switch operation and high-lumen output make it ideal for security and law enforcement personnel.

All-purpose Small LED flashlights

Our all-purpose small LED flashlights are built with incredibly powerful light and range from penlights, to everyday carry flashlights, to keychain flashlights. These all-purpose small flashlights can be used for just about anything with their multi-use functionality and diverse range of features. Our LD30 flashlight is one of the brightest, most versatile small flashlights we offer. With a 1600 lumen throw that reaches 673ft (205) in turbo mode, the LD30 is both incredibly powerful and compact enough for everyday use. Use one of our most popular lights at work, keep it in your bag, or have it in your pocket for easily accessible lighting at all times.

Fenix’s Brightest Small Flashlights

Fenix’s brightest small flashlights combine the compact build of a convenient flashlight with high lumen outputs. Bright, lightweight, and durable, these small flashlights were designed to be your everyday companion. They are built with high performing features to tackle casual lighting tasks and work tasks alike. So whether you want to keep a light on hand in case of emergencies or for your job, one of our brightest small flashlights would be great for you. Count on one of Fenix’s brightest small flashlights to be at your side whenever you need light. Each of our brightest small flashlights has a long battery life, emits extremely bright light, and has versatile features, making them great lighting tools. Keep one of the brightest small flashlights on hand at all times for a great on-demand light source.

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