“Carry around a flashlight all the time?” We know it can sound like an unnecessary nuisance, but you’ll be surprised by how helpful, and sometimes necessary, it is to have a flashlight on you at all times! Plus, with all the compact flashlight options available, it’s easy to find one that won’t bulk up your pockets, purse, or bag. There are even several flashlight options that come in at just a few ounces.

Let’s explore 13 reasons you’ll want to have a compact flashlight with you all day, everyday:

13. Reading in the Dark

Whether it be the fine-print on the menu of a dim-lit restaurant or a bedtime story for your kids, a little extra light will go a long way for helping you read in the dark.

12. Car Troubles

Even if it’s light out, you may need to see under the hood, under the car, or behind tires. Next time you run into car troubles and need to do an emergency check on the side of the road, you’ll be incredibly glad you had a flashlight handy.

11. Save Your Phone Battery

Sure, you have your phone on you at all times and therefore your phone’s flashlight on you at all times, but you’ll probably want to save the battery. You need your phone for other things, especially in case of an emergency.

10. Help Others

In case of an emergency, you can use your flashlight to help others, as well! Helping others is always an amazing thing to do. Perhaps you see someone on the side of the road struggling to see what’s wrong under the hood of their car, or maybe you stumble upon a hiker trying to read their map to find their way home as the sun sets. With a handy flashlight, you can be there to help.

9. Power Outage

A power outage can happen at any time of the day, during any season of the year. When this happens, having a trusty light source that doesn’t depend on electricity, is vital.

8. Searching in Those Nooks and Crannies

Have you ever lost something in your car and had a hard time seeing under your seats in all the nooks and crannies? How about having to rummage around the back of one of your “junk drawers” in your house or in your seldom-used under-sink storage to find something? Whether around the house, desk drawer, car, or gym bag, there are so many tiny hiding spots for small objects you use every day. Make it easier to find them by having a handy flashlight on you!

7. Self-Defense

Tough aluminum casing can be used as a weapon, or at least may look like a weapon, to ward off assailants. Small, tactical flashlights, like the PD32 V2.0, are designed for tactical use, yet are small enough, at just over 5″, to still fit in your purse or backpack.

pd32 v2 flashlight

6. In Case of an Emergency or Natural Disaster

This may be a rare occasion, depending on your location, but anything could happen. Not only will you have light to guide you in bad weather or help you search through rubble or chaos, you’d also have a way to signal for help.

5. Light the Way When You Find Yourself in an Unlit Area.

Take a wrong turn and you could find yourself in a dark alleyway. It’d be better to pull out a flashlight than your cell phone. Rather than drain your phone battery, in case you might need to call for help or look up directions, you can reach for your flashlight.

4. Kids

If you’re out and about with the kiddos around dusk, you’ll be surprised how much a flashlight can come in handy! Shine a light to better see playground bumps and bruises, keep them safe while on walks during dusk, or shine the way to go out looking for fireflies.

3. Repairs and Fix-Its

Whether it’s finding the right hookup for a cord in darkness under your desk or needing to check under the sink for a leaky faucet, it can be super helpful to have a flashlight on hand when an unexpected repair project comes up.

2. Searching for Lost Things

Ever get home from a long day only to realize you lost something? Maybe you accidentally dropped your keys while out and about, or your pocket knife slipped out of your pocket while out in the woods? Perhaps you lost a favorite piece of jewelry while playing with the kids at the park? Even if it’s not completely dark out, adding light makes the search so much easier, especially when looking for small objects.

1. You Won’t Have to Worry About the Time

When you have a flashlight on you at all times, your time outdoors is never limited. Enjoy those extra miles on that hike, that longer walk with your dog, or that bonus time enjoying the fresh air doing whatever it is you love to do outside!