fenix e02r rechargeable edc flashlightPicture this: you’re minding your own business driving to work when you drop your phone down in the depths between the car seat and the console. For all intents and purposes, your phone might as well have dropped down into the center of the earth. Once you get your car stopped and start searching, it’s becoming quickly apparent that you’re never going to find that phone without a little extra help, and the light on your dashboard isn’t even remotely reaching the nooks and crannies where your phone is hiding.

As dramatic as this situation sounds, all of us have been in this predicament once or twice before and know the annoyance that comes with it. It also highlights the fact that even with that smartphone camera light, it’s not always bright enough to solely rely on it. Sometimes you’re going to be in situations, like this one, where you are stuck without it. That’s where a mini flashlight comes in handy. Everyday carry flashlights aren’t anything new. From IT fieldworkers and outdoorsmen to little old ladies, everyone knows having a little extra light on you is always a great idea.

A common protest from newbie EDC flashlight carriers is having to walk around all day with a cumbersome flashlight weighing them down. However, depending on how bright of a flashlight you’re looking for, there are mini flashlights that are so tiny and inconspicuous, you could forget they’re even there in the first place (until you really need it, that is). Fenix has some of the best mini flashlights on the market. They’re also some of the smallest. Take the E02R for example, this little light is less than two inches long but still manages to pack a max output of 200 lumens, no small task for a light so small. That’s four times as bright as the average smartphone’s flashlight. Plus, if pockets aren’t your style, the E02R features a thoughtful keychain loop so you can easily add the half an ounce flashlight to your car keys without weighing them down.

Make Yourself Visible After Dark

fenix e lite mini flashlight hat clip

Another great addition to the Fenix mini light lineup is the E-LITE Mini Flashlight. Weighing in at a whopping 0.63 ounces, this light is as versatile as it is tough. If you are out biking or walking after dark, you know how important it is to make yourself seen to oncoming traffic. The E-LITE makes signaling super easy. Its blue and red light settings can be a real life-saver when signaling to traffic. Plus, the side clip offers hands-free accessibility. Simply slip it onto the bill of your ball cap or shirt pocket and you’ve got an extra 150 lumens to shine your way home or rummage through the poorly lit attic or garage storage bins. All in all, this little clip-on light is the perfect solution for those looking for a combination of lightweight design and lumens.




Handle the Unexpected

Between unexpected car troubles or just reading the menu of a dimly lit restaurant, it’s easy to envision all the ways one might benefit from some additional light now and then. In situations like these, the high-quality E03R Keychain Flashlight is your new best friend. Standing only 1.85 inches tall, don’t be fooled by this light’s stature. With the ability to produce a maximum 260 lumens and throw the light a distance of 138 ft (42 m), the E03R means business. Plus, it’s IP66 rated to be water-resistant and dustproof, ensuring it can handle the rough and tumble of everyday life. Stick the E03R on your keychain and we promise you’ll be reaching for it all day long. It’s the perfect option for those wanting to have some extra light but can’t be bothered to carry around a handheld flashlight.

E03R flashlight

But, it’s not all about being handy. Walking to your car at night or in a low-lit parking garage can be a daunting task for anyone, but it’s, unfortunately, something women have to think about more often. Having a mini flashlight on hand to shine your way and your surroundings can be both an effective safety measure and give some much-needed peace of mind. Should you actually encounter someone, flashing a bright light in an aggressor’s face can be a violence-free self-defense solution. Easily concealed on a keychain, or in a purse or pocket, the E03R can be a great companion for you or the women in your life.

EDC Lights for All

Whether you’re looking for a mini flashlight for yourself or a friend, Fenix has got you covered. We offer some of the best LED lights on the market, each one made tough and backed by a limited warranty guarantee. Check out our full lineup of headlamps, handheld flashlights, lanterns, and more. If you are unsure which light is right for you, simply give us a call to speak with our friendly, helpful customer service.