Fenix has some of the brightest headlamps on the market. Between blindingly high lumen counts, extended runtimes, and easy recharging, it is not hard to understand why Fenix has made such a name for ourselves in the headlamp arena. If you’re in the market for a new headlamp and are not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to break down our four favorite Fenix headlamps, their specs, and why we think they deserve a spot on our list. So, get cozy, grab a seat, and get ready to talk head torches.

What are the Brightest Headlamps From Fenix?

The brightest headlamps from Fenix are the HM65R, HP16R, HM65R-T, and the HM61R. These headlamps make a great choice for work or play.

1. The HM65R

Quick Breakdown: HM65R

Max Lumens: 1,400
Max Distance: 535 ft (163 m)
Max Runtime: 97 hours
Lighting Modes: 3 on Floodlight; 4 on Spotlight
Rechargable: Yes

First up on our bright headlamp list is the HM65R. The HM65R’s defining feature is its independently controlled white spotlight and warm, neutral flood light modes, easily operated using dual top switches. When turned on simultaneously, this headlamp offers a whopping 1,400 lumens shone over a max distance of 535 ft (163 m). Between the two modes, the HM65R has seven output modes to choose from (four spotlight and three flood light), so you will always have the exact amount of light you need. Powered by a single 3500mAh battery, which is included in the purchase price, this USB Type-C rechargeable headlamp has the runtime to go the distance. On eco mode, the HM65R can last a max 97 hours. No small feat for a headlamp of this caliber.

Plus, it comes equipped with a battery level indicator feature, so you’ll always know exactly how much battery life you have at any given moment—no more unexpected shutdowns. The headlamp is made with a magnesium alloy, offering durability without weighing down the user. Both impact resistant up to two meters and completely dustproof and waterproof underwater to two meters, the headlamp is strong enough to withstand whatever comes your way during work or play. Last but not least, the headlamp is mounted on a perforated headband for reduced weight and maximum comfort. When it’s all said and done, the HM65R does more than just meet expectations—it exceeds them.

2. The HP16R

fenix hp16r headlamp

Quick Breakdown: HP16R

Max Lumens: 1,700
Max Distance: 853 ft (260 m)
Max Runtime: 300 hours
Lighting Modes: 3 on Floodlight; 4 on Spotlight; 2 on Red
Rechargeable: Yes

The newest headlamp on our list, it is also the brightest. The super bright HP16R is a high powered workhorse. This headlamp has the capability to shine a max of 1700 lumens over a distance of 853 ft (260 m) on independently controlled spotlight and floodlight modes. Not only can it shine brighter, it can shine longer. On the lowest brightness setting, the HP16R can last up to 300 hours on its lowest floodlight level, and that’s just with rechargeable batteries. Users can also bring along additional AA batteries for extended use. Use the neutral, warm floodlight for accurate color rendering or red mode to preserve night vision. The headlamp is situated on a 60° tilt mechanism so you’ll always have light just where you need it. Plus, the headlamp features a lock-out function to prevent any accidental activations or battery drainage while in storage or on the move.

3. The HM65R-T

Fenix HM65R-T Rechargeable Headlamp

Quick Breakdown: HM65R-T

Max Lumens: 1,500
Max Distance: 558 ft (170 m)
Max Runtime: 300 hours
Lighting Modes: 3 on Floodlight; 3 on Spotlight
Rechargeable: Yes

The HM65R-T is the cousin of the Fenix fan favor HM65R. We took everything people loved about the HM65R and built on it. Made sturdy but lightweight with a magnesium alloy, the HM65R-T offers some exciting new improvements. The Luminus SST40 LED offers a slightly improved brightness performance of 1500 lumens over a distance of 558 ft (170 m). The new patented SPORT headband fit system ensures your light will always stay put just where you need it. Plus, the reflective headband material makes it a great ally for staying safe while night running. The HM65R-T has a USB Type-C charging port for fast charging and is powered by an included 3500mAh battery. Overall, this headlamp makes for a great lighting solution for any hands-free activity.

4. The HM61R

Quick Breakdown: HM61R

Lumen Count: 1,200
Max Distance: 476 ft (145 m)
Max Runtime: 300 hours
Lighting Modes: 4 on Floodlight; 3 on Red Mode
Rechargeable: Yes

Rounding out our list is the HM61R. With a five star rating from 150 (and counting) satisfied Fenix fans, it’s no wonder this headlamp is one of best sellers. What makes the HM61R unique is its multifunctionality. Not only is it a reliable, high performance headlamp, the light can be removed from the headband to function as a right-angle flashlight. The light has a magnetic base and belt clip so it can be situated anywhere for continued hands-free use. With a max lumen count of 1,200 over a distance of 476 ft (145 m), it’s got the brawn to get your biggest jobs done. Powered by an included high-capacity 18650 battery that has the capacity to run for up to 300 hours on eco, this rechargeable headlamp is a versatile tool with unlimited applications.

Get the Brightest Headlamps on the Market

Whether you’re looking for a headlamp to help power through your night shift, night runs, or overnight outdoor adventures, you’ve come to the right place. Fenix’s line up features some of the brightest headlamps and flashlights in the industry. Each one of our lighting products are thoughtfully built to perform and get the job done. Check out our selection of handheld flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and more. If you’re not finding exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out via our LiveChat customer service for help or to get your questions answered.