When it comes to spending long periods of time outside, having a reliable light source is key. No matter what the activity is (hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing) a camping tent light makes overnight trips enjoyable. Who wants to be fumbling around with a handheld flashlight for hours after the sun goes down? No one. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our best camping tent lights.

What are the Best Camping Tent Lights?

The best camping tent lights are the CL26R lantern, the CL28R lantern, the LD15R right angle flashlight, and a Fenix headlamp. These camping lights are not only bright, but they have user-friendly features that are perfect for the outdoors. Having one if not all of these camping lights will ensure you have the best, most enjoyable camping experience.

What do we think makes the best camping tent lights for your campsite?

  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable
  • Bright
  • Convenient & user-friendly

Our picks for the best camping tent lights are:

  1. Fenix CL26R Rechargeable Lantern
  2. Fenix CL28R Rechargeable Lantern
  3. Fenix LD15R Right Angle Flashlight
  4. Fenix Headlamp

fenix cl26r rechargeable lantern red1. Fenix CL26R Rechargeable Lantern

 Featuring 8 modes and max lumens of 400, this rechargeable lantern has multi-directional lighting modes and is lightweight, making it the perfect camping tent light. It’s extremely powerful and performs well regardless of the temperature. Hang it inside of your tent or place it in a central location for a safe, bright source of light. The CL26R also includes a red LED light which can be used for reading or as a signal/warning light.

Features of the CL26R

  • Max Lumens: 400
  • Max Beam Distance: 82 ft (25m)
  • Run Times on 360° Light Modes: 5 hours (high) 15 hours (medium) 30 hours (low)
  • Battery: One 18650 Li-ion battery (included) or two CR123As
  • IP66 rated rain resistant/dustproof

2. Fenix CL28R Lantern

CL28RThe Fenix CL28R lantern is the ultimate solution for a bright and versatile light source at your campsite. With its adjustable dial, you can effortlessly switch between warm and cool color temperatures, enhancing visibility for cooking, reading, or creating a relaxed ambiance. And with its built-in power bank feature, you can charge your electronic devices, such as a smartphone. When you prefer hands-free lighting with a more stationary setup, the CL28R has you covered with its magnetic handle for easy mounting on metal surfaces and a tripod socket for use with a tripod. Ideal for camping enthusiasts and anyone seeking a reliable and flexible lighting option.

Features of the CL28R

  • Max Lumens: 2000
  • Max Beam Distance: 190 ft (58 m)
  • Run Time: 360 hours on its lowest setting
  • Battery: Two built-in 5000mAh rechargeable batteries
  • IP66-rated protection against dust and foreign object intrusion, heavy rain and splashing water won’t damage the light

    3. Fenix LD15R Right Angle Flashlight 

    Believe it or not, this flashlight can be a great source of light for your camping tent. How? Well, it’s convenience lies in its ability to attach onto anything. Clip it to your tent’s side pocket, the tent’s fly, the bill of your cap, or use the magnetic base to attach the light to any metallic surface. This right angle flashlight can be the perfect source of hand’s free light either inside of your tent or on your person. If you are looking for something a little more versatile than a camping lantern, the Fenix LD15R Right Angle Flashlight is for you.

    Features of the LD15R

    • Max Lumens: 500
    • Max Beam Distance: 279 ft (85m)
    • Run Time: 110 hours (low) 13.25 hours (medium) 2.8 hours (high) 1.4 hours (turbo)
    • Battery: One 16340 rechargeable Li-ion battery (included) or a CR123A lithium battery
    • IP68 rated water/dust proof


    4. Fenix Headlamps

    If you want a 2-in-1 tent light, Fenix headlamps are a great choice. Headlamps are a common camping companion and can easily turn into a static tent light if you have a good hook inside of your tent to hang it from. Some of our favorites include the HM50R V2.0 and HM65R-T. Fenix headlamps can all make great camping lights if you’re looking for a little extra illumination and don’t need a super focused beam.

    If you’re worried about a light source on your next adventure, don’t stress. Whether you’re looking to be hands-free, need something ultra-bright, or are more concerned about illumination around camp, take a look at our collection of the top Fenix camping lights here.