Fenix PD36R PRO

When choosing a corporate gift for the holidays, you want your gift to be useful and memorable. This year, consider giving useful personalized corporate gifts your recipients will appreciate and use regularly.

Flashlights are an item many people don’t consider for a corporate gift. In fact, people who have never owned a high-quality flashlight don’t realize the difference it can make when you need it most. It’s also satisfying to carry and use a well-made tool, like our best-selling Fenix PD36R PRO. This light is impact-resistant, dustproof, waterproof underwater up to 2 m, and also easily fits in the palm of your hand.

With Fenix’s personalized corporate gifts, you can earn brand loyalty, reward valuable employees, and pair your company name with a durable, high-quality product.

How to Personalize a Fenix Flashlight for a Corporate Gift

To get started, first visit our custom shop. Here you can select from some of the best Fenix flashlights and pick what you’d like for your personalized corporate gifts. (If you’re overwhelmed, don’t worry! We’ve included a guide to our flashlights below.) Once you’ve chosen the Fenix flashlight you’d like, simply upload an image of your logo or design. After that, preview your purchase and place your order.

We also offer pre-designed templates for a variety of interests, professions, and personal preferences. When ordering one of our pre-designed templates, just pick your flashlight and choose from one of the designs, then order.

Choosing the Right Flashlight for Your Personalized Corporate Gifts

Fenix PD35 V3.0

It can be difficult to select which flashlight you want for your personalized corporate gifts, but when thinking about which one to choose it’s important to consider these major categories.

Size and Weight

At Fenix, we make a variety of compact yet powerful flashlights. The Fenix PD35 V3.0 weighs only 2.95 ounces (excluding battery) but throws its 1700 lumens at a distance of 1171 ft (357 m). It has a tactical-style tail switch and metal side switch, which offers rapid and user-friendly operation. Incredibly, this relatively small flashlight (it’s only 5.28 inches long) can last almost 10 days on a single charge from its 18650 rechargeable battery.

Another compact flashlight that is even brighter is the Fenix PD36R PRO. This light, which at 5.96 ounces is heavier than the PD35 V3.0, has a maximum of 2800 lumens. Both of these lights are easy to carry, powerful and are ideal for camping, hiking, nighttime work, or in an emergency or during a power outage.


Another feature to consider when shopping for personalized corporate gifts is brightness. Think about what your recipients might be using the flashlight for. Do you want something for everyday use or a flashlight with a long-range beam for nighttime work or patrol?

A light that is pocket-sized but also has an impressive beam is the Fenix TK16 V 2.0. This flashlight emits a maximum output of 3100 lumens and throws a beam of 1247 ft (380 m). It’s ideal for emergency and tactical situations, with a blinding strobe for self-defense. This is a gift that will make a strong impression, especially when personalized with your company’s name.

Another one of our high-end flashlights with impressive brightness is the Fenix TK20R UE. The light has a maximum of 2800 lumens that can be thrown a distance of 1526 ft (465 m) and also includes a FlexiSensa tactical switch so you can switch between tactical mode, duty mode, and lock-out mode to avoid accidental activation. Even better, the flashlight has an intelligent memory feature that remembers the last level and mode selected.

Battery Life

The final major feature to consider when shopping for personalized corporate gifts is battery life. After all, you want the recipients to associate your brand with reliability. All rechargeable Fenix lights have long-lasting batteries, but a standout is the Fenix PD36R V2.0. This light has a maximum run time of 482 hours, and the light includes five brightness levels, plus strobe, which means it can deliver reliable, powerful lighting in a variety of situations. It's compact and lightweight, so this light will be a favorite of any recipient.

This Year, Give a Practical and Memorable Gift

Don’t let your personalized corporate gift end up forgotten in a junk drawer. Fenix flashlights are a memorable and highly useful gift the recipient will use again and again. Whether it’s searching for a lost item in the dark, lighting the way to their car after work, or offering comfort during a power outage, a Fenix flashlight will be there when needed to light the way.