You don’t realize the value of having a reliable, bright, and well-made flashlight until the power goes out, you reach in the drawer, and all you find are dim, poorly-performing lights. Or even worse, all you have are flashlights with dead batteries.

Owning a top rated flashlight can keep you safe when you need it most: while camping, walking to your car at night, in an emergency, or when doing nighttime repairs. When you buy a light from Fenix you receive a product that is durable, reliable, and high-performing.

At Fenix, we are transparent about what goes into making our gear. Our warranty guarantees that all Fenix products are made of first-class materials, and it shows when you use one of our lights for everyday use or on the job.

When you buy a top rated flashlight on our website, here’s what you can expect.

High Quality Materials

Unlike many other flashlights on the market, the top rated flashlights at Fenix are made from only the highest quality materials, including aircraft-grade aluminum, premium type HAIII hard-anodized finish, toughened ultra-clear glass lenses with anti-reflective coating, and 50,000 hour LEDs.

Fenix PD25R

A good example of this is one of our highest-performance lights—the Fenix LR50R. This 12000 lumen spotlight throws its light 3117 ft (950 m), more than half a mile. This light has a downshifting sensor that recognizes when the head of the light is too close to an object and automatically reduces the brightness level to avoid accidents caused by excessive heat. While this is not a light for everyday use—it’s built for large-scale searching, emergency rescue, or in remote areas—it’s powerful and effective, with a maximum runtime of 58 hours. A top rated flashlight like this only works when it’s made of the most durable, high-quality materials.

However, you don’t have to buy our biggest, most powerful light to take advantage of our reliable, high-quality materials. The Fenix PD25R is a compact, everyday carry light (EDC) made of the same top-of-the-line materials as the LR50R. This light is small enough to clip on your pocket or throw in a bag but throws its 800 lumens at a distance of 820 ft (250 m). The IP68 rating makes it dust and waterproof, and it’s built to Fenix’s exacting quality standards.

Rigorous Testing

Part of what makes Fenix lights the top rated flashlights are the quality checks. Each flashlight is tested and evaluated by quality assurance professionals before being sold. Fenix was one of the first flashlight manufacturers to adopt the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) testing. We test the ability of our lights to keep out dust and dirt, which can damage the light and affect performance.

While it’s important for every flashlight to perform well when needed, it’s especially essential when you use the light at work. The Fenix WF26R work flashlight is one of our many lights designed to be used in several environments including as part of your patrol gear, as well as nighttime repairs or construction. Like all of our flashlights, the Fenix WF26R will be there when you need it, with an efficient, far-reaching beam of 1476 ft (450 m), optimized for situational awareness and search and rescue.

Another high-performance, top rated flashlight that undergoes the same quality control as every other Fenix light is the Fenix HT30R. This white laser spotlight is not intended for casual, everyday use, but is excellent for nighttime railroad workers, officers conducting search and rescue operations, or anytime you need a highly focused light that can throw its 500 lumens at a distance of 4921 ft (1500 m), just under a mile.


New Product Development for Real-World Use

At Fenix, we realize our top rated lights have to not only perform well, they have to be practical. A light that’s too heavy or bulky won’t work for everyday use, and a flashlight is only useful if it can perform the task as needed. The Fenix PD36 PRO is the pro version of our best-seller. It is lightweight – just 5.96 ounces—without sacrificing brightness— and the light shines a max of 2800 lumens at a distance of 1247 ft (380 m).

The Fenix TK20R V2.0 has five brightness levels plus strobe, making it effective for a variety of different tasks, including patrolling, searching, inspection, self-defense, and even everyday use. Like many of Fenix lights, the TK20R V2.0 is rechargeable with a USB-Type C charging port. At Fenix, we keep the user experience top of mind, making sure our lights are easy to charge, easy to carry, and perform to the highest standards.

Invest in a Top-Rated Flashlight

We know you can buy a cheaper flashlight, but at Fenix, we are committed to developing top rated flashlights that perform brilliantly and are reliable. When you buy a Fenix light, you know that you are purchasing a well-made tool that will illuminate the darkness when you need it most.