Gift-giving during the holiday season is a unique tradition. The excitement of planning holiday gifts for everyone on your list can quickly turn into panic though when you realize that you don’t exactly know what someone will enjoy. Solve this problem and bring back the joy of gift shopping with our guide of holiday gifts for everyone on your list, including yourself!

Fenix has a wide range of flashlights that make for perfect gifts. Whether you are looking for budget flashlights for everyday carry, or a specific flashlight to match a specific lifestyle, our collection of lights are sure to put you on everyone’s favorite gift-giver list.

LR50R — Flashlight for the Extreme One

We all know them. The people who are constantly looking for the next new challenge, whether it’s ice climbing on a glacier, or being the first to volunteer for a search and rescue operation. For this person, extreme is a natural way to be and the Fenix LR50R is the perfect gift for them. This powerful flashlight is sure to become one of the most-used pieces in their toolkit. The LR50R is a fan favorite for good reason – you might even consider gifting one to yourself!

Fenix LR50R flashlight

What Makes the Fenix LR50R Flashlight Perfect for Those Who Enjoy the Extreme?

It’s Incredibly Bright

The LR50R is a high-performance flashlight that has all the features someone who doesn’t shy away from the extreme will appreciate, but its ability to blast a maximum of 12000 lumens is what makes it an indispensable piece of gear.

We know that it’s not just about being comfortable in unfamiliar territory, but being prepared for the unexpected that matters. A well-prepared person knows that their gear list should include things they may need in an emergency. When you have one of Fenix’s most powerful flashlights that can throw bright light across an incredible distance of 3117 ft (950 m) by your side, you don’t need to worry about returning home before the sun sets.

You Can Use it to Charge Your Other Devices

Speaking of being prepared for emergencies, you can also use the LR50R’s battery discharge function to charge other devices, such as a satellite phone that you may be carrying for additional safety. In addition, this sturdy flashlight also comes with an included lanyard that you can use for hands-free carrying across longer distances.

fenix lr50r flashlight power bank

It’s Very Durable

When you are facing an extreme situation that requires many things from you — agility, strength, determination — you want the gear you are carrying to be sturdy and reliable. Made of high-strength aluminum, the LR50R is rugged and reliable under extreme conditions. Its IP68 rating makes the LR50R water and dustproof so you can carry it without worrying about keeping it protected from the elements.

Let the extreme doer on your list feel like you truly know them by gifting them the Fenix LR50R, a flashlight built to perform under the harshest conditions. Make it extra special by ordering a special edition engraved design to personalize the flashlight even more.

HL18R-T — Headlamp for the Active One

If your holiday gift list includes someone who thrives on being physically active, you know that they are a disciplined type of person. Day or night, the active one is committed to getting in their miles. One of the things someone with an active lifestyle appreciates is having gear that helps them perform without limitations. The Fenix HL18R-T is the perfect gift for them.

fenix HL18R-T headlamp

What Makes the Fenix HL18R-T Headlamp Perfect for the Active One?

It’s Lightweight and Bright

Made from high-quality plastics and aluminum, the HL18R-T is lightweight, so you can be sure that you aren’t giving anyone unnecessary weight to carry. This rechargeable headlamp emits a maximum 500 lumens ensuring that whether it’s running, rock climbing, or hiking, the one who has an active lifestyle is always prepared.

It Has the Features For an Active Lifestyle

The Fenix HL18R-T comes with the new patented SPORT headband fit system that can be adjusted with just one hand. If there is one thing those pursuing an active lifestyle want, it is to have their hands free and the SPORT headband lets them do just that.

In addition to the headband, the HL18R-T has three brightness levels of spotlight, floodlight, and SOS. They can use the headlamp not only as a tool to light up their path, but also to signal and communicate if needed. IP68-rated, the HL18R-T is the perfect holiday gift designed to keep up with an active person and their lifestyle.

fenix running headlamp

PD36R — Flashlight for the Handy One

Whether you are someone who loves to repair and build things, or if you know someone else whom you can call to fix anything that is broken, this season is the perfect time to show some appreciation. With its long battery runtime and other useful features, the Fenix PD36R rechargeable flashlight will be a great addition to the handyman’s toolkit.

Fenix PD36R flashlight

What Makes the Fenix PD36R Flashlight Perfect for the Handyman?

It Has a Long-Lasting Charge and Great Design

The handyman lives by the rule of efficiency and the PD36R is a perfect partner for the many tasks they find themselves completing. Avoid the frustration that can arise when a flashlight gives way just as you are almost done completing a task. This high-performance flashlight is our first introduction of a product with a 21700 Li-Ion battery, extending battery runtimes by twice the standard Li-ion battery. The high-capacity battery can be conveniently charged through the USB-C port on the flashlight. Additionally, you won’t be caught off-guard by a dying battery because you can see the battery’s charge status at a glance with the external battery level indicator.

It’s Bright and Easy to Operate

The PD36R also delivers a maximum of 1600 lumens so you can clearly see even the smallest corners of the areas you are working on. This LED rechargeable flashlight is simple to operate with the tactical tail switch for momentary on/off and the ability to cycle through six lighting modes with the side switch.

Made of high-strength and oxidation-resistant aluminum, the PD36R is a durable flashlight that makes a perfect holiday gift for the handyman always looking to make things better. You can also choose to customize the PD36R to give someone a personalized flashlight.

fenix handyman flashlight

E02R — Keychain Flashlight for the Urban One

It is easy to think that someone who lives in a high-density, urban setup has ample public lighting. However, a flashlight is one of the most useful things an urban dweller can have on themselves. Compact and powerful, the Fenix E02R is a perfect holiday present for people in cities who may find themselves in different situations where having a light handy would be invaluable.

fenix e02r rechargeable edc flashlight

What Makes the Fenix E02R Keychain Flashlight Perfect for the Urban Dweller?

It’s Small Enough to Carry Everyday

There are few things an urban dweller appreciates more than easy transportability. Only 2” long and weighing less than an ounce, the E02R is compact enough to slip into your pocket and light enough to be carried everywhere. Attach it to a keyring to make sure there is always a source of bright light when you need it.

It’s Convenient and Bright

Its built-in battery can be recharged via a built-in micro-USB charging port and powers a maximum of 200 lumens of light making it just right for dimly-lit city streets. Use it while reading a book on your commute or have it handy in an emergency situation. In addition, when the city streets are riddled with potholes and puddles, you want to have a flashlight that can withstand the perils of the road. The E02R is built tough, is rain resistant, and can withstand a drop from 1.5 meters.

This tiny, but powerful flashlight makes a great holiday gift for urban dwellers who are looking for the smallest flashlight with a high level of functionality.

fenix edc flashlight

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. Do away with the stress of finding the perfect gift, and use this guide to get holiday gifts for everyone on your list, including yourself. If you have more questions about our collection of lights, please write to our customer service team or see more lights by activity here.