With their newfound interests and evolving ideas, college students can be notoriously hard to please, let alone being excited by a holiday present! If you want to buy a holiday gift for a college student, make it something they would never think of getting for themselves, but that they will appreciate having on hand.

Pick one of these Fenix flashlights for members of this tech-savvy generation and help them walk into adulthood well-prepared. From budget-friendly everyday carry to all-purpose headlamps and flashlights, there is a Fenix light for every college student’s needs.

HM50R V2.0 — A Lightweight Headlamp

Versatile Modes and Design

Saying that college is a time when students are juggling multiple things is an understatement. Gift them the Fenix HM50R V2.0 headlamp and help them at least do these different things with adequate lighting.

Students can use the red light mode for up close tasks such as reading at night, or the red flash as a signaling device should they need it. If they would rather hold it in their hand, they can simply remove the light from its headband to use as a handy right-angled flashlight. The multi-use HM50R V2.0 will power a college student’s life with convenience.


Durable Build

Rushing from one class to another, jostling for space on public transport, or maybe commuting from class to a part-time job, a college student’s life is fast-moving and challenging.

With its IP68 rating that makes it water and dust resistant, as well as an aluminum body, the HM50R V2.0 is built to keep up. Weighing only 2.75 oz (78g) including battery and headband, the HM50R V2.0 is made for an environment that needs quickness.

Rechargeable and Bright Headlamp

If there is one thing no college student (or anyone for that matter) wants to deal with, it is extra work! The best holiday gifts for college students are those that are efficient and convenient to use.

The HM50R V2.0 includes a 16340 rechargeable Li-ion battery that is USB Type-C rechargeable. In addition, the headlamp includes a battery level indicator so you are never caught by surprise. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight and compact size. This powerful headlamp can blast a maximum of 700 lumens across 377 ft (115 m). So, a late-night stroll around campus, or a backcountry hike, the HM50R V2.0 will prove to be a useful companion during your college student’s campus life (and beyond).

hm50r headlamp backpack

E-Lite Mini — A Pocket-Sized Flashlight

Easy Carry

Books, laptop, phone, a coffee mug — a college student is a master juggler, but they definitely don’t need to carry more than they have to. The Fenix E-Lite Flashlight is a mini flashlight that can be carried around easily. At only 2” long and weighing less than an ounce, it’s small enough to slip into a bag or pocket, and also comes with an integrated clip. This clip makes it convenient to attach the flashlight to a bag, pocket, or baseball cap.

fenix e lite mini flashlight

Versatile Use

With the ability to use the clip or just hold it in your hand, a college student can easily use the E-Lite for many different needs. Walking down a dimly-lit road, or looking for snacks through a midnight study session — the E-Lite will help light up the view without distracting others.

The down-facing light has a red or blue reading light that preserves your night vision for up close tasks like adjusting your telescope in astronomy class. And a red or blue flashing mode which is perfect for attaching to a backpack as a signal light while commuting to campus.

fenix e lite mini flashlight red light

Bright Light, Built Tough

While the E-Lite is small, it is IP66-rated, meaning heavy rain or dust won’t cause damage. For college students who find themselves in a new environment often, this USB type-C rechargeable flashlight is an unintrusive, but useful companion. Unlike other smaller flashlights, the E-Lite is bright and powers a maximum of 150 lumens of light.

This budget-friendly flashlight is one piece of accessory your college student will appreciate having on hand.

PD35 V3.0— A Fan Favorite

High-Performance Flashlight

The Fenix PD35 V3.0 is loved by fans for many reasons, however, two of its top features that make it a great holiday gift for college students, are its bright light and extended runtime.

College students pressed for time don’t want to have to think about the battery life of their flashlights. The PD35 V3.0 has a runtime of 230 hours when using the 5 lumen eco mode. In addition, the boot-up battery level indicator will let them know the battery’s status.

The PD35 V3.0 is a powerful flashlight that delivers a maximum 1700 lumens across an impressive distance of 1171 ft (357 m) making it a great flashlight that can be used in different situations — from late-night food runs to pre-dawn hikes.

fenix pd35 v3 flashlight

Easy to Use

Simplicity is a prized feature among this tech-savvy generation. The PD35 V3.0 flashlight is simple to operate. Use the tail switch to activate on/off and momentary on and select one of six lighting modes with the side switch.

An aluminum body, IP68 rating, and waterproof up to 2 m, this durable flashlight will be a trusted companion from your college student’s earliest days at school.

E09R — Small but Bright Light

Pocket-Sized Easy Carry

From carrying one (or multiple) mugs of coffee to managing books and electronics, it would be nice for a college student to not also have to worry about carrying more gear! At only 3.1” long and less than 1” round, the E09R is the perfect everyday carry for college students. This light-weight compact flashlight, weighing only 1.59 oz (45 g) can easily be slipped into the pocket or a bag.

fenix e09r rechargeable edc flashlight

Powerful Build and Bright Light

The E09R is easy to operate. The side switch lets you cycle through four brightness levels including a Moonlight mode for up-close tasks. The battery on the E09R can last up to 70 hours on the Moonlight mode. When more light is needed, choose the Burst mode for a short 600 lumen burst of light. It’s great for any DIY errands around the house, or for use on the road in case of any emergency. This compact but powerful flashlight is sure to be a college student’s trusty sidekick.

edc flashlight beam

Easy to Use and Durable

The Fenix E09R might be small and compact but it can emit an impressive maximum 600 lumens across a distance of 407 ft (124 m). You can see far enough into the distance and flood the surrounding area with light. For students who often find themselves in different situations regularly, this flashlight’s five lighting modes will prove to be handy.

Explore our full range of Fenix holiday lights and offers, and pick a useful holiday gift for college students, who value functionality and performance.