When it comes to certain tactical situations, you want the brightest and the best by your side. Among other features, an excellent tactical flashlight will have a high lumen output, a robust build, an easy-to-use design, and a strobe mode. Read on to learn about the three brightest tactical flashlights Fenix has to offer.

What are the Brightest Tactical Flashlights?

The brightest tactical flashlights are the PD36 TAC at 3000 lumens, the TK16 V2.0 at 3100 lumens, and the LR80R at 18000 lumens. These incredibly bright flashlights will not only blast an insane amount of light wherever needed, but they are also made for easy operating in high pressure situations.

The Fenix PD36 TAC – 3000 Lumens

With a maximum output of 3000 lumens, a tactical tail switch, and a durable aluminum body, the Fenix PD36 TAC is one of the brightest tactical flashlights Fenix offers. For law enforcement, military, security and search and rescue personnel who need a lot of light, the Fenix PD36 TAC can throw its powerful 3000 lumen beam across a maximum distance of 899ft (274 m).

PD36TAC tactical flashlight

Overview of the PD36 TAC Stats

The PD36 TAC is not only the brightest tactical flashlight on this list, but also comes with robust features that make it easy and effective to use. Its innovative toggle switch allows you to quickly move between tactical mode and duty mode. This adaptable design is perfect for rapidly-changing situations where speed and agility must work together. This strong tactical flashlight has a battery level indicator that lets you know if the 21700 Li-ion battery needs charging, and has a maximum runtime of 43 hours 10 minutes on eco mode. Waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant, the brightest tactical flashlight on this list is positioned to meet the demands of any outdoor enthusiasts, and military and law enforcement personnel.

PD36TAC flashlight in dark warehouse

The Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight

If you are looking for a flashlight that’s a little more compact, but still incredibly bright, the Fenix TK16 V2.0 will be an instant favorite among your tactical gear. With a maximum output of 3100 lumens and a beam distance of 1247 ft (380 m), the Fenix TK16 V2.0 is another extremely bright tactical flashlight.

fenix tk16 tactical flashlight

Overview of the TK16 V2.0’s Stats

In addition to being a bright tactical flashlight, the TK16 V2.0 has built-in easy handling features such as dual tactical tail switches. The large switch is for on/off and momentary on and the smaller switch enables you to choose between six lighting modes including instant strobe. With its IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating, and its stainless steel strike bezel with tungsten steel breaking tips, the highly-rated TK16 V2.0 is also perfect for harsh environments. Its simple single-layer body makes the TK16 V2.0 easy to slip into your pocket, but its 3100 lumens output also makes it one of the brightest tactical flashlights you can own.

tactical flashlight

The Fenix LR80R Tactical Flashlight

The LR80R is one of the brightest tactical flashlights Fenix offers. With a light output of up to 18000 lumens and a maximum runtime of 300 hours on eco mode, the LR80R is one of the best flashlights for a tactical job.

LR80R flashlight

Overview of LR80R’s Stats

The LR80R is not only the brightest tactical flashlight, but it’s also a versatile tactical flashlight. It has 10 easily accessible lighting modes that are controlled by a Main and Auxiliary switch. With a High-Output Mode, a Low Output Mode, a strobe, and SOS function, the LR80R provides the best lighting for any situation. This tactical light has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that can be fully charged in less than 4 hours. Its many tactical features make the LR80R a trustworthy flashlight in every situation.

The Most Important Features of the Brightest Tactical Flashlights

Maximum Lumens Output Across a Long Distance

Staying aware of your surroundings is the most important step toward security. Awareness takes on a whole new meaning when you are outdoors, or find yourself in a hostile environment. The brightest tactical flashlights are capable of throwing bright light across large distances, enabling you to evaluate your surroundings, so you can respond with speed and confidence. The brightest tactical flashlights, the LR80R throwing 18000 lumens across 3707 ft (11300 m), the TK16 V2.0, throwing 3100 lumens a distance of 1247 ft (380 m), and the PD36 TAC throwing 3000 lumens across 899 ft (274 m), are some of the most powerful tactical flashlights on the market. Arm yourself with the light you need on the darkest of nights.

Ability to Switch Between Modes

No tactical situation is going to remain constant. The tactical flashlight you choose should be able to keep up with requirements that change within a matter of seconds. In addition to being the brightest tactical flashlights, Fenix tactical flashlights equip you with the ability to move between different modes. The Fenix PD35 TAC, for example, allows you to quickly switch between Tactical Mode, which uses only the highest tactical brightness level and strobe, Duty Mode, which accesses all lighting modes for on-duty demands, or Lock-Out Mode, which locks to light to avoid accidental activation.

Durable and Long-Lasting Performance

While a number of features could make a good tactical flashlight better, it is extremely important for a flashlight made for tactical situations to be durable and long-lasting to survive through the harshest of conditions. Made of strong aluminum, the brightest tactical flashlights from Fenix are also impact resistant and dust and waterproof. In addition to its IP68 rating, the TK16 V2.0, for example, also includes tungsten steel breaking tips that can be used during an emergency.

Whether you are looking for a larger tactical flashlight with high lumens for searching, or a more compact tactical flashlight to carry every day, we think one of the brightest tactical flashlights will be the perfect asset for your gear. Speak with our customer service team to have any questions answered, or continue browsing more of our tactical flashlights.