Biking is a great way to push your limits, get in a good workout, and explore nature or your neighborhood. Like many outdoor activities, biking is made better with some must-have biking accessories.

Like with most gear, however, it can often get confusing to decide on which ones to pick. At Fenix, we build bike lights designed for maximum safety, shifting lighting needs, and extended rides. This guide will help you parse through various kinds of lights and pick the one that is built to meet your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Bike Lights?

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The three most common bike lights are:

  • Tail Lights, which help make cyclists more visible to others on the road
  • Helmet Lights, which help improve visibility. In contrast to handlebar lights that remain fixed, helmet lights can direct light in the direction you turn your head in
  • Handlebar Lights, which you affix to your bike’s handles. These are great for providing a steady stream of light for your ride

How to Select a Bike Ride?

Consider Your Environment: While exploring options for the perfect Fenix bike light, you will want to first think about where you usually bike.

If you ride your bike in the city, consider a light made for highly populated environments. The Fenix BC25R is an urban bike light that features an innovative cut-off facula line that prevents you from blinding oncoming traffic.

If you are more of a mountain biker, you will want to take into account the ruggedness of the bike light you choose. For instance, the Fenix BC26R is built to be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof and will go the distance with you.

Consider Your Distances: Next, you will want to think about how you bike. If you are a long-distance biker, you will likely want a light that can work with replaceable batteries such as the Fenix BC30 V2.0. Or, you may want to go with the BC26R rechargeable bike light that offers a runtime of 65 hours.

What Are the Different Ways To Wear/Mount a Bike Light?

From helmets and handlebars to packs and seat posts, you have several ways to mount and wear bike lights.

Select bike lights have multiple mounting options for greater flexibility and wearability. For example, the Fenix BC26R is an excellent multi-mount light. At only 1.14” (29 mm) in width and 4.45” (113mm), this bike light can be easily mounted on the handlebar or be attached to the ALD08 helmet bike light holder to become a helmet light.

Whether you choose to mount or wear a bike light, there are several things to consider.

You will want to pay attention to the angle you set your light, the best heights to position your light, and accessories that can help your light stay in place. We have a detailed post on how to mount bike lights that will help you get an in-depth understanding of the best ways to mount and use your bike lights.

What Are the Different Bike Light Safety Features?

Examples of bike light safety features include wide floodlight beams, flashing modes, and anti-glare beams. It’s also useful to have a bike light with a reliable battery status indicator, so you know whether your light has enough power to help you ride safely.

The BC26R’s wide 100° floodlight beam increases your field of vision, so it’s easier to see while navigating corners. Bike taillights with multiple flashing modes, like the BC05R V2.0, are ideal for making you visible in various weather and biking conditions. The BC25R’s cut-off facula line design aims the light at the ground to avoid blinding others with a bothersome glare.

Some bike lights have safety features designed to be used in tandem with other bike lights. For instance, we recommend pairing the BC05R V2.0 taillight with other bike lights, like the BC30R or the BC26R. Using a front- and rear-facing light simultaneously lets you easily see your surroundings and make yourself more visible to others.

Extra Bike Light Features to Consider

While searching for the perfect bike light, some extra features to consider include a digital display screen, multi-use design, tool-free attach and detach design, and multiple lighting modes.

The BC30R’s intelligent output downshift feature boosts your runtime for extended rides, letting you enjoy longer bike rides between charges. The light’s digital display screen lets you check the remaining runtime, battery percentage, and output at a glance.

If you prefer a multi-use light you can attach and remove without tools, consider a bike light like the BC21R V3.0, which you can also use as a flashlight for everyday lighting.

Improve Visibility & Ride Confidently With Fenix Bike Lights

Fenix bike lights help you see clearly and ride safely on various terrains and in different environments. Whether you’re a mountain biker or pedal to work, we have a quality selection of bike lights that exceed your lighting needs.