What do warmer weather and longer days mean? They mean we get to stay out longer to pursue our favorite outdoor activities! If you are a mountain biker, in addition to planning all the biking routes you are going to explore, this is also a good time to plan all the biking accessories you will need. 

Bike lights, helmet mounts, gear bags, and accessories will make your ride not only more enjoyable but also safer and more convenient.

What are the Must-Have Biking Accessories You Need?

One of the best things about biking is that this activity is for everyone. Depending on whether you are a mountain biker, road biker, long-distance biker, or somewhere in between, the accessories you choose may vary. However, there are a few must-have biking accessories that every rider must keep with them at all times:

  1. Bike Lights
  2. Helmet Mounts
  3. Gear Bag

High-Performing Bike Lights

Even if you think you are just going to be biking during the day, bike lights are integral to safe biking practices. A wrong turn can easily put you an hour past your previously estimated arrival time and leave you pedaling in the dark. Importantly, you are also better prepared in case of a sudden change in weather or visibility conditions.

Fenix bike lights are built to be easy to clip to your ride without getting in the way of your gear, cables, or handlebars. They are also designed to attach securely to your bike, so your light source remains stable no matter the kind of terrain you are riding on.


Take on the Trail With the Fenix BC26R

The Fenix BC26R is a lightweight bike light that comes with an included rechargeable 5000mAh li-ion battery. Capable of blasting 1600 lumens, this bike light provides a runtime of up to 65 continuous hours on the lowest brightness level. Ride further without worrying about this light giving up on you. 

In addition, the BC26R also has a 100° floodlight beam, which gives you a wider field of view. Turning corners is easier and safer with this powerful bike light. If you often find yourself biking in the mountains or on a gravel road, then you know how important it is for your bike ride to be durable and shockproof. The BC26R is also IP68-rated making it dustproof and submersible underwater to 2m.

If you want to park your bike and go exploring on foot, easily detach this bike light using the quick-release bike mount, and carry it like a flashlight. From city commute to mountain exploration, whatever your bike route, the BC26R is the perfect ride-along.


Go Anywhere With the BC30R

The Fenix BC30R is a USB rechargeable bike light that is made for extended rides. Throwing a maximum of 1800 lumens, this bike provides a dual distance beam. Long-range illumination means you can see further into the distance and can be prepared for anything on the road. Close-in visibility prevents you from being caught off-guard were you to have a sudden, unexpected encounter with any obstacle on the trail. 

In addition, the BC30R bike light also comes with a digital display screen light, so you can always see the exact runtime readings, output modes, and remaining battery life. To make charging even easier, this bike light also features a micro-USB charging port.

So go ahead and plan your bike rides. The BC30R has all the features you need, and then some, to make every ride a great ride.


Be Seen With the BC05R V2.0 Taillight

Every biking enthusiast knows that it’s as important to be seen as it is to see. The Fenix BC05R bike taillight is a rechargeable bike light that throws a gentle 15 lumens of red signaling light. Six modes provide different speeds of flash and brightness levels so you can change the type of illumination depending on the road conditions. 

You can expect this taillight to offer up to 120 hours of runtime. That means that if you use this bike light for 2 hours a day, you can use it for two months on a single charge. Adding to its convenience, the BC05R V2.0 also comes with an integrated body clip. Use it as a headlamp, chest lamp, or backpack light by simply attaching it to your clothes and accessories. 

Use this IP66-rated rainproof and dustproof bike light to keep yourself and other motorists safe on the road.

All bike lights from Fenix offer exceptional features for everyday city commutes, or exciting mountain expeditions.


Helmet Mounts

Sometimes, depending on the trail conditions, you may want to move your bike light from your handlebar. In this case, it is useful to have a helmet mount to move it to. Attaching a bike light on your helmet ensures that the light is directed precisely where you are looking.

The Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Mount, for example, lets you attach and detach your headlamp to any helmet and adjust the light angle without adjusting your helmet. Currently, this headlamp mount is compatible with several Fenix headlamps such as HL60R, HM60R, HM61R, HP30R V2.0, and more.

The Fenix ALD-08 Helmet Bike Light Holder is the ideal accessory for your Fenix bike light. The push/pull quick-release mount lets you attach and remove the light swiftly. For extra protection and stability, the light holder also features cushioning at the base. Use this helmet mount with any of Fenix’ bike lights to keep the trail illuminated and ride with more confidence.

Gear Bag

An equipped biker is a happy biker, and a gear bag that holds important items such as a small repair kit, bike light, or charging cable is just what you need to be equipped.

The Fenix APB-30 Storage Bag provides unbeatable protection for your gear and its different compartments help you stay organized.

You can depend on this robustly-made, waterproof gear bag to keep your accessories safe no matter the weather and trail conditions.

Enjoy Every Biking Season With the Right Accessories

Selecting the right bike lights, helmet mounts, or gear bags will ensure that every ride is an excellent ride. Fenix Flashlights offers some of the best bike lights and accessories that will encourage you to bike more this season.