Join us as we recount the electrifying story of Bend Racing's remarkable journey at Expedition Ozark.

This prestigious Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) qualifier race was held in Northwest Arkansas in April 2024. It is different from your average competition.

Starting under the awe-inspiring spectacle of a total solar eclipse, this event pushed athletes to their physical and mental limits. It demanded exceptional skill and high-performance gear.

Buckle up as we explore the Bend Racing team's perfect blend of athletic prowess and cutting-edge technology. They secured a well-deserved third-place finish, becoming the top North American team in this epic adventure.

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Expedition Ozark Adventure Race
Context and Background: A Grueling Test of Endurance

The Expedition Ozark Adventure Race was no walk in the park. It spanned a formidable 360 miles (579 kilometers). Teams were pitted against a relentless mix of paddling, trekking, and mountain biking across diverse and often unforgiving terrain. The racecourse pushed competitors through day and night, with a significant portion occurring under the clear night sky. This added element and the ever-present threat of environmental challenges like rain storms created a theatrical and demanding competition.

Challenges Faced by Bend Racing: Through Fog and Fatigue

Bend Racing faced several significant obstacles throughout the grueling Ozark Expedition Race. One particularly challenging aspect was the night paddles. As the team described, the evaporating river water created a thick fog, drastically reducing visibility. "The river water was warmer than the night air temperatures," explained a team member. "So, as the water evaporated, it became a thick fog. We could see the stars, but the entire river was obscured until the last minute." To add to the challenge, Jason, a vital team member, faced a hurdle of his own. A viral respiratory infection which significantly impacted his breathing and endurance throughout the race, then replaced by Dusty Caseria, who came on to take Jason's place at the 9th hour.

Role of Fenix Lighting Products: Illuminating the Path to Victory

bend racing expedition ozarks race prep fenix headlamps

This situation is where we stepped in and played a pivotal role in helping Bend Racing overcome these challenges. The team's reliance on the innovative HM65R-T V2.0 headlamp proved a game-changer.

This unique headlamp boasts a groundbreaking "warm light" option. It is essential for penetrating the dense fog during the crucial paddling stages.

"This was a game-changer during those paddle sections," reported the team. According to them, it allowed them to "avoid collisions with obstacles that could have capsized us."

Fenix's commitment to innovation continued. The team displayed impressive resourcefulness and modified their PD36R PRO flashlight on the fly. They affixed the light to the bow of their boat, creating a powerful beam that effectively sliced through the mist.

This ingenious modification allowed the lead boat to navigate aggressively through whitewater sections, securing them a critical time advantage over their competitors.

padding section bend racing expedition ozarks fenix headlamps

Impact and Results: Pushing the Limits, Securing the Podium

These strategic uses of Fenix flashlights provided Bend Racing with more than just illumination. The lights became a crucial tactical tool, helping them gain a significant lead of nearly an hour over their closest competitors.

"This helped us gain nearly an hour lead over the Kiwis during the final paddle section," they recounted. Beyond their tactical advantage, these lights' durability and exceptional waterproof qualities ensured reliable performance under harsh conditions.

Reflecting on Success, Gearing Up for the Future

Reflecting on their hard-earned podium finish, Team Bend Racing acknowledges the indispensable role that our flashlights played in their success.

They're already looking to the future and exploring ways to optimize their use of these lights further. One potential solution they're considering is developing an easy boat attachment system for the lights. It will streamline their setup process for future races.

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