From everyday lighting needs to emergencies, there will never be a time when you regret having a flashlight with high lumens.

At Fenix, we are on a continuous mission to build durable flashlights that help you go further and do more. Whether you're a seasoned outdoors person, law enforcement personnel, or need a reliable light source in an emergency, we've got you covered.

We’ve rounded up the Fenix flashlights with the highest lumens so you can go from your job site to your campsite and anywhere in between with ease.

LR80R - Max Lumens: 18000

Fenix flashlights with the highest lumens don’t get more impressive than the LR80R. This rechargeable light emits enough brightness to blanket over 12 football fields, making it the perfect tool when you need a high-lumen flashlight with a far-reaching light beam.
Max Lumens: 18000
Beam Distance 3703 ft (1130 m)
Max Runtime: 330 hours on Eco
Size: Length: 10.2” (259mm) Head: 4.25” (108mm) Body: 2.13” (54mm)
Weight: 57.7 oz. (1636g) including battery
Price:  $449.95

A fan favorite, the Fenix LR80R is the brightest Fenix flashlight, capable of throwing a maximum of 18000 lumens. The high-lumen flashlight is perfect for when you want to illuminate a large, extremely dark area to see objects and their details.

This handheld beast takes fewer than 4 hours to fully charge via its USB Type-C port. The dual switches provide quick access to high- and low-brightness modes, and the detachable handle and tripod socket make the light a powerful tool for extreme endeavors. When you need to charge electronic devices on the fly, use the light as a power bank. Safety is also a top priority with the intelligent downshifting sensor to avoid excessive heat.

Best for:

  • Long-distance illumination
  • Law enforcement
  • Search-and-rescue operations
  • Jobs requiring hands-free lighting

LR50R - Max Lumens: 12000

The Fenix LR50R flashlight blasts an incredible number of lumens over half a mile. The high-performance light is perfect for any situation where reliable brightness with a generous runtime is a must.

Max Lumens: 12000
Beam Distance 3117 ft (950 m)
Max Runtime: 58 hours on Eco
Size: Length: 6.42” (163mm) Width: 3.46” (88mm) Height: 2.36” (60mm)
Weight: 34.8 oz. (986g) including battery
Price: $319.95

Blasting a maximum of 12000 lumens, the Fenix LR50R has more than enough raw power to endure the most demanding environments. With such an impressive maximum output, this flashlight can easily light up a large area, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Its dual stainless steel side switches allow for quick and easy cycling through six brightness levels, as well as instant turbo, strobe, and SOS modes. With the USB Type-C port, the LR50R can be charged quickly, and you can use the discharge function to power other electronic devices in a pinch.

Best for:

  • Situations requiring a high-performance spotlight
  • Jobs requiring a super-tight long-distance beam
  • Tasks requiring versatile lighting modes


LR35R - Max Lumens: 1000

The Fenix LR35R combines the convenience of a small build and the power of a high-performance light. One of the Fenix flashlights with the highest lumens, this compact but mighty flashlight can throw up to 1000 lumens and has an impressive broad beam.

Max Lumens: 10000
Beam Distance 1640 ft (500 m)
Max Runtime: 80 hours on Eco
Size: Length: 5.5” (140mm) Head: 2.0” (51.5mm) Height: 1.8” (46.5mm)
Weight: 8.4 oz. (239g) excluding batteries
Price: $199.95

The LR35R flashlight features a flat body that provides a secure grip, so you can hold it comfortably for extended periods while aiming the high-lumen beam where you need it.

With two included 4000mAh Li-ion power batteries, you can charge it via the USB Type-C port. The LR35R also features intelligent step-down overheat protection, lockout function, intelligent memory circuit, and IP68-rated protection, making it durable, dustproof, and waterproof.

Best for:

  • Hiking and camping
  • Outdoor worksites
  • Search-and-rescue operations


TK35UE - Max Lumens: 5000

We upgraded the Fenix TK35UE V2.0 to withstand the most challenging situations and environments. With an innovative toggle switch, it’s easy to switch between tactical and duty modes to find the perfect brightness setting.

Max Lumens: 5000
Beam Distance 1312 ft (400 m)
Max Runtime: 86 hours on Eco
Size: Length: 5.63” (143mm) Head: 1.69” (43mm)
Weight: 7.13 oz. (202g) excluding batteries
Price: $139.95

Waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistant, the TK35UE V2.0 flashlight is built to last. Whether exploring rugged terrain or working in challenging industrial environments, the light performs reliably despite harsh weather or accidental drops.

In addition, the battery indicator ensures you always know when the two 18650 Li-ion batteries (not included) need charging. Additional useful features include a tungsten steel strike bezel, widened body clip, and a flat body for a comfortable grip. With a maximum runtime of 85 hours on Eco mode and the ability to throw a maximum of 5000 lumens, this flashlight is a reliable and powerful tool for any situation.

Best for:

  • Outdoor recreation
  • Military and law enforcement professionals

TK35UE V2.0

E35R - Max Lumens: 3100

The Fenix E35R features improved performance and built-in rechargeability compared to its predecessor, the Fenix E35 V3.0. The Fenix E35R is ideal when you need a super bright EDC flashlight.

Max Lumens: 3100
Beam Distance 853 ft (260 m)
Max Runtime: 69 hours on Eco
Size: Length: 4.72” (120mm) Head: 1.04” (26.5mm) Body: 0.98” (24.8mm)
Weight: 5.22 oz. (148g) including battery
Price: $79.95

Whether you're a professional or a casual user, with a maximum of 3100 lumens, the Fenix E35R is a top choice for a rechargeable flashlight that delivers excellent performance and reliability.

Using the single side switch, you can easily access all light modes, eliminating the requirement for a tail switch. The magnet on the end of the flashlight allows for hands-free use and can be attached to most metal surfaces. The E35R is USB-C rechargeable and has a battery level indicator, making it easy to keep track of battery life. Its waterproof and dustproof design adds to the flashlight's durability, making it perfect for everyday carry.

Best for:

  • Handyman tasks
  • Camping
  • Up-close tasks like looking for items in your car trunk
  • Indoor and outdoor worksites
  • Hands-free lighting


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