Let Mom or the lovely mamas in your life know that they light up your world with a reliable and practical flashlight! The gift of a quality flashlight or headlamp offers practicality, comfort and reassurance. AND more fun for her to enjoy doing what she loves! Whether she’s an outdoorsy mom, a book-loving mom or a practical mom we have the perfect light for her.

Plus, think of all the fun lighting puns you can put in her Mother’s Day card!

Of course you have to include a punny Mother’s Day card to make sure she knows how much she’s enlightened you!

The Bookworm Mom

Whether she’s trying to read while camping in a tent or simply trying to be courteous to her spouse by reading with a flashlight instead of a lamp before bed, the bookworm mom needs reliable reading light.

The new LD15R is perfect for camping or even using to read before bed at home. It has a two-way body clip so she can clip it to the top of the tent, a tree or to the brim of her hat.

A camping lantern is also extremely handy for readers.

The lightweight and versatile Fenix CL25R Rechargeable Lantern is perfect for setting on her bedside table, near the campfire or on the patio.

Another option is one of Fenix’s lightweight headlamps–these are multi-functional for the outdoorsy mom, too! We recommend the HL26R for general camping reading. This headlamp is only 3.03 ounces and lasts up to 100 hours. Check out more camping light ideas for readers in our summer reading blog post.


The Outdoors Mom

Looking for a gift for the mom who loves hiking, camping, cycling, trail running or anything outdoors? A lightweight headlamp couldn’t be more perfect for her! Not only do reliable headlamps help keep track of the kiddos while camping or night hiking, but they’re perfect for her to use while enjoying the outdoors solo.

Some of our top headlamps include the Fenix HL30 Headlamp – 2018 Edition.

The HL30 offers up to 300 lumens and a beam distance of up to 164 feet, more than enough to help keep one safe among their surroundings.

Another favorite among trail runners and night hikers alike is the Fenix HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp. This little light has a max beam range of over 250 feet. Plus, it’s rechargeable so no need for her to worry about replacing batteries.


The Dog Mom

Dog Moms deserve Mother’s Day gifts, too! Make sure your special lady is safe while walking her pup at night or early in the morning. Fenix makes several lightweight everyday carry flashlights that can double up as easy-to-carry dog walking lights. Another option is a headlamp that she can also use for other outdoor activities.

The PD32 has been a Fenix fan favorite EDC for years. It offers heavy-duty quality without heavy weight or bulk.

The NEW Fenix PD35 v2.0 is also an excellent and popular option. This light is slightly heavier than the PD32 and offers a slightly higher amount of max lumens.


For the Everyday Mom

Let’s be real, there’s no one more practical than mom. If she doesn’t already have a flashlight stored in her car, kitchen drawer or purse, she’s sure to appreciate getting one!


Glove Compartment Light

Whether she’s driving the kids to school before sunrise or picking them up from practice after sundown, mom’s on the road a lot. Keep her secure knowing there’s always a reliable light in her glove compartment for roadside emergencies.

We recommend the Fenix CL09 mini camping lantern, not just excellent for camping but also for roadside needs or looking for lost items in the car’s many nooks and crannies! It has a magnetic clip to easily stick to metal parts if she needs to look under the hood or inspect a tire. The CL09 also has a red mode and a green mode, which can come in handy for emergencies.

Otherwise, having a small light like the PD35v2.0 or PD32 in your glove compartment is essential for roadside safety–whether for flagging down help, stirring away unwanted “help” or for simply making sure other cars can see her on the side of the road. Another option is the UC35v2.0–it’s small enough to keep in the compartment and durable enough in case of emergency. It’s also waterproof so you don’t have to worry if it’s a rainy day.


A Handy Light for Power Outages

A power outage even in your own house can be hectic, worrisome, and sometimes scary, especially with small children and pets. Whether it’s daylight and she needs a flashlight to get to the breaker box in the basement or it’s a stormy evening and she just needs lighting to help find candles and supplies, a flashlight is necessary for every household matriarch. Fenix lights offer comfort, reassurance, and reliability with their long-lasting batteries and high-lumen options.

The UC30 offers up to 1000 lumens and comes with two extra rubber switch boots to add a little color and make it easier to find!

Fenix’s UC series offers high-quality, yet not-too-bulky options for easy storage for emergency power outage situations. The UC30 can last up to 150 hours on the lowest setting and is only 5.1 inches long and 1 inch wide.

The compact and newly upgraded UC35 is another excellent option–it can run for up to 800 hours on its moonlight setting!

Everyday Carry

The flashlight on her phone can only do so much. You never know when a small flashlight can come in handy.

The Fenix CL05 and the Fenix UC02 are tiny yet mighty options. Check out more of Fenix’s compact lights and keychain flashlights


We’d love to hear which lights you end up giving to Mom! And to all the awesome moms out there, we wish you a bright and wonderful Mother’s Day!