While 2020 brought a lot of new challenges and changes, it also ushered in some of the best Fenix releases to date. We’re going to break down four of our favorite new Fenix releases of the past year, their features, and what sets them apart. From ultra-tiny everyday carry lights to see-to-believe performance lights, there’s a little something for everybody on this list.

What are the Best Fenix Flashlights Released in 2020?

The best Fenix flashlights released in 2020 are the TK11 TAC, LR35R, PD40R V2.0, and the E03R. Whether you are looking for a tactical flashlight or a keychain flashlight, you’ll find it here.

The TK11 TAC

The TK11 TAC came out in August of 2020 and since then, it’s been one of our most popular tactical light releases to date. Made with security and law enforcement personnel in mind, the TK11 TAC has two operating modes: tactical and duty. In tactical mode, the light can only switch between the highest brightness level and strobe mode. In duty mode, it can switch between four brightness levels, plus strobe. This tactical flashlight boasts a max output of 1,600 lumens, which is particularly impressive given the light’s compact design. The light is built with a double spring system, which allows for rock solid battery suspension (optimal for when the light is mounted on a weapon). Finally, the TK11 TAC comes equipped with mechanical operating systems to resist interference, allowing users to switch between operating modes reliably. All things considered, this performance tactical light is a reliable tool to tackle whatever comes.

The LR35R

The LR35R has all the trappings of a high performance flashlight. Designed to exceed expectations of what a midsized light can do, it has the power of 10,000 lumens all contained within a mere five and half inches of flashlight. The LR35R packs a major punch while still being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It comes with two 21700 rechargeable batteries and a battery level indicator so you can always stay prepared. Fans of this light have reported it to be a reliable and handy companion on the job while still compact enough to be clipped to a belt or pack. With a max runtime of 80 hours on one charge, six lighting modes, and 500 meters (1640 ft) maximum beam distance, there’s not much this mid-sized flashlight can’t handle. It’s tough aluminum body has a unique ergonomic design for easy in-hand use. It also has an intelligent step-down feature that will automatically lower the brightness level to keep the light from overheating. Overall, this flashlight is an outdoorsman’s dream (or anyone who is looking for some serious lighting).

The PD40R V2.0

PD40R Flashlight

What makes the PD40R one of our favorite flashlights of 2020 is its instant activation rotary switch. Rather than fumbling between brightness modes, the patented mechanical rotary switch makes finding your exact desired brightness level even simpler. The rotary switch design is perfect for those exploring the outdoors with bulky gloves on or working one handed. The PD40R offers 3,000 lumens thrown over 1,329 feet (405 meters) in a casing small enough to fit in a back pocket. It also comes equipped with anti-magnetic interference technology. This tech ensures that the rotary switch is not affected by high-intensity magnetic field interference, a problem some other brands have been prone to do. The flashlight is powered by an included 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery and is outfitted with a battery level indicator so you will always know the status of your flashlight’s battery life. The no-hassle PD40R would make a great addition to any equipment lineup.

The E03R Keychain Flashlight

Rounding out our top lights of 2020 list is the E03R. Versatile, easy to use, and under two inches long, the E03R proves that the best things come in small packages. Small enough to string on your keychain without making it too clunky or weighing it down, it still manages to boast the ability to throw 260 lumens over a distance of 138 feet (42 meters). No small feat for something so small. It comes equipped with four brightness levels, plus a red light and red flashing light setting. Red light can be extremely helpful for seeing in the dark without encumbering your night vision. This light is the perfect option for those wanting an EDC flashlight but can’t be convinced to carry around a light at all times. Once you start using this reliable little rechargeable flashlight, we promise you’ll be reaching for it again and again.

Lighting for All

Whether you’re a law enforcement officer looking for a tactical light to round out your tool belt or an outdoorsman in search of a new exploration companion, Fenix has a light solution to fit your needs. Equipped with the latest technology and thoughtful design, our lights are made last. Give our full line up a look or, if you’re not sure which light is right for your needs, contact our useful customer service for help or expert answers on any questions you may have.