Talking Points – Fenix PD40R

Ambassador Justin J.

Philosophy of Use
• The PD40R is a great change-up from the traditional style flashlight that sports a tail switch. What makes the PD40R truly unique is its rotary switch, which allows you to make very precise output selections on the fly. Gone are the days when you have to guess which output you’re in. With the rotary switch, you can visually see (markings), and feel (soft click), the various levels of output. This is extremely useful in many situations. I believe this is a great option for EDC (every day carry), along with various branches of law enforcement/EMT, military, etc.

• The PD40R is 5.4 inches long weighing in at 4.13 ounces without the battery. I’ve been carrying a Fenix PD36R for well over a year now and the PD40R is very similar in size, with the head being slightly larger than the PD36R. Weight is not an issue for me, and I barely know it’s in my pocket. However, I am 6’3 and roughly 245 lbs. I can get away with carrying lights that smaller frame people cannot. I find that the PD40R fits easily in a pair of 5.11 pants without issue. If your jeans are tight, you may not be able to fit the PD40R in your front or rear pocket.

• Comes with a single Luminus SST70 LED pumping out 3000 lumens on turbo! The PD40R is no slouch when it comes to having all the lumens. On low, you have a modest 30 lumens of output for when you only need a little bit of light. Having a wide gamut of lumens is highly sought after to accommodate a broad platform of uses, such as clearing rooms, to walking the dog. The PD40R can do it all with ease!

Beam Distance
• I was eager to try this light for so many reasons. One is the beam distance. For an EDC light, I tend to use mine for various purposes that really push the limits of the light. Sometimes I need something that can be used to see a few feet away, while other times I need to see something way out in the woods. The PD40R easily checks all the boxes of my requirements. It has an impressive 405-meter beam distance and a head turning 65-degree angle of light that is cast beautifully across the surface area in front of you. Great job Fenix!

• I’ve used tail switch lights for many years. Being accustomed to rear activation lights, I didn’t know how I’d adjust to carrying a light with a rotary switch. To be very honest, I found using the rotary switch worked excellent for single handed use. I wear gloves a lot throughout my day and found the rotary switch is easy to use while wearing gloves, even when wet. To be honest, I actually like being able to tail stand the PD40R on a table as it sort of serves like a candle when pointing upward. The light bounces off the ceiling casting a nice wash of white light all around the room, making it easy to see everything.

• Comes with the amazing new 21700 battery. With 5000mAh built in, you can run this light on low for days and days! A great feature of this light is the built-in charging capabilities. You never have to take the battery out to charge it. Just plug the Type-C cable (included) into the back of the light and it’s charged fully in about 3.5 hours tops. I like to plug mine in at the end of the day on the nightstand to top it off, even though it doesn’t need it. There is a green indicator light to let you know when it’s fully charged. The PD40R also comes packaged with a spare o-ring, lanyard, and holster. The holster is nice and works as it should.

• I own a lot of Fenix lights and they have all been 100% reliable over the years. The PD40R holds true to the same standards as all of the rest of their lineup. Works great in the cold and hot weather. It’s IP68 rated, so you never ever have to worry about using it in harsh weather if needed. This is a tough light that is built to work hard in the elements. I’ve dropped it in the mud and the rotary switch continued to function without any issues whatsoever.

• In my opinion, Fenix always over delivers. The PD40R is no exception. They give you more than what you ask or pay for. There have been times that I’ve purchased a light and it had more features built into it than I realized. I remember the first light I bought from them a few years ago came with a spare o-ring, tail switch, and a few other accessories. I hadn’t realized they were included. It’s the little things that make a difference. Their customer service is top notch too. They are there if you ever need them and that’s reassuring when you spend a lot of hard-earned money on a product. There is a ton of added value in the box as the PD40R comes as a complete kit, battery and all!

Final Thoughts
• On a scale from 1-10, (1 being not recommended vs 10 highly recommended) I give the PD40R a solid 9. It is built to last and comes with a host of awesome features that anyone can benefit from. I gave mine to my father as a gift and he absolutely loves it. He had been carrying around another brand for many years and didn’t realize there were companies like Fenix that made this caliber of gear. He’s 65 years old, and absolutely loves the rotary switch. He’s worked with his hands his whole life and now has arthritis. So, for him, using a tail switch type button can sometimes require too much pressure to actuate without causing him discomfort in his fingers. Not so with the PD40R since it has a rotary switch. He said it’s easy to rotate the switch and it’s much brighter than any other flashlight he’s ever owned in his entire life. Now, if there were one or two aspects I’d change, it would be to add the strobe function to the left of the “off” position. I find myself turning the dial past turbo one more click to strobe inadvertently. It’s not an issue, but I’d like to see a future model incorporate the strobe to the other side of the off position. Also, and this is the last thing I’d like to see different, is the heat sink fins on the rotary switch oriented in the other direction to add more grip when turning the ring. Those are the only two aspects I’d update on the PD40R. All in all, this is a top shelf light that will serve you for many years to come. Coupled with Fenix’ amazing reliability, customer service, and warranty, you’d be hard pressed to find a light of this magnitude with this kind of value.