Talking Points – Fenix CL30R

Ambassador Justin J.

Philosophy of Use
• The Fenix CL30R is a super bright, versatile lantern built for the great outdoors. If there is one lantern to rule them all, this would be it. I’ve used it for backpacking/camping, working on cars, working in the basement/attic, cleaning out chicken houses, farming, etc. This particular lantern would also serve well in a home emergency kit in case the lights go out due to inclement weather. Additionally, it works well as a backup option in your vehicle should you break down at night and need a light to signal for help.

• The lantern weighs 14.5 ounces without the batteries. It’s a little over 5 inches tall and just a hair over 3 inches in diameter. If you’re backpacking for days/weeks you may check out the Fenix CL26R if weight is of the utmost importance. While the CL30R is a great option for just about any application, I’ve found it excels at camping trips as the size and weight aren’t an issue when sitting on a rock/stump by the tent. If I’m hiking longer distances, I might take the CL26R.

• Has an impressive max lumen output of 650 lumens, with Eco mode coming in at 10 lumens. There is also a low/medium/high in between turbo and eco which allow you to fine tune the light output to your liking. I like having the ability to fine tune the light output. It works great when looking for that sweet spot.

Beam Distance
• Roughly 115ft on turbo. The CL30R throws a nice soft even light in all directions making it perfect for illuminating a large area, such as a camp site or medium sized workspace. I can hang it under the hood when working on vehicles and it puts out plenty of light in all the right places. The light that is emitted is soft and white and easy on the eyes.

• The CL30R is the lantern you want with you when you need to light up a medium to large sized area such as a camp site, or backyard barbecue, once the sun goes down. I’ve used it for camping, working under the hood of my truck, and under it. I’ve used the built-in handle to hang it from trees, fences, tents, paracord, etc. I’ve also used the tripod mount on a light stand in the middle of a camp site. Getting the lantern up higher allows the light to disperse further out in the area where you’re at. The CL30R is extremely easy to use. Just push the main button on the front to check the battery status or hold the button down to power the lantern on. From there, just click the switch again to go into the next output setting. Double click for signaling. There is also a discharge feature, meaning you can use the lantern as an external battery bank. Just plug in your device and it’ll charge your phone or tablet. Very handy to have for emergency use should your cell phone battery become exhausted. I’ve tested it while camping and it works great for charging my phone while I sleep under the stars.

• The CL30R comes with three 18650 batteries, a spare o-ring, and a micro-USB cable for charging. Another very handy feature with this lantern is the ability to power it with 1, 2, or all three batteries. I like this feature since I sometimes only carry 1 spare 18650 in my pack which could still be used in the lantern by itself. Great work on that little but huge benefit, Fenix! Also, with the included batteries, you can get up to 300 hours of runtime on ECO mode! That’s just crazy! Fenix makes a battery with a higher mAh that can take it from 300 to 400 hours! That’s a month’s worth of use, or more, if you only use it at night. Hey, even Tom Hanks could have appreciated these runtimes when he was stuck on that old island with Wilson.

• I own a lot of Fenix lights and they have all been 100% reliable over the years. The CL30R holds true to the same standards as all of the rest of their lineup. Works great in the cold and hot weather. It’s IPX-7 rated, so you never ever have to worry about using it in harsh weather if needed. This is a tough lantern that is built to work hard in the elements. Mine has seen the usual drops in water, mud, and even on concrete, and it still looks and works like new. I’ve gone through about 10 other brands of lanterns over the years and they just don’t hold up under the elements. I never have to worry about my Fenix products failing when I need them the most.

• In my opinion, Fenix always over delivers. The CL30R is no exception. They give you more than what you ask or pay for. There is a ton of added value in the box as the CL30R comes as a complete kit, batteries and all! You can take it out of the box, charge it up, and toss it into your backpack, and you’re ready to go! If you have friends or family members who hike or camp, or work on vehicles, this is a fantastic gift option for that person. They will absolutely love using it and will likely tell you all about it too! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s that good! I do believe this is the last lantern I’ll ever have to buy, unless Fenix makes something that brews my coffee, and maybe then and only then will I upgrade.

Final Thoughts
• On a scale from 1-10, (1 being not recommended vs 10 being highly recommended) I give the CL30R a solid 10. It is hands down my favorite, most used lantern of all time. It is built to last and comes with a host of awesome features that anyone can benefit from. It’s cold weather rated, is IPX-7, has a tripod mount, and is ridiculously bright on turbo! I love the fact that it can last practically forever when set to ECO mode. If there was anything I could add or change, and this is just me being too picky, I would like to see a future model incorporate a red LED to help preserve night adapted vision when in my camping tent. I wake up a lot when camping and sometimes even ECO mode is too bright when my eyes have adjusted to the dark. But that’s it. All in all, this is a top shelf lantern that will serve you for many years to come. Coupled with Fenix’ amazing reliability, customer service, and warranty, you’d be hard pressed to find a lantern of this magnitude with this kind of value. Great job on this one Fenix! It’s a keeper.