Batteries & Chargers

Your electronics and flashlights are only as good as their battery life – that’s where rechargeability comes in. Shop our rechargeable batteries and chargers, including the popular 18650 battery charger. You never need to leave home again without a rechargeable battery charger or in fear that your device will run out of juice. Take advantage of the convenience of USB rechargeability.

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Fenix Rechargeable Batteries

Fenix’s top of the line rechargeable batteries are built to last long periods of time. Charging your LED light has never been easier with these incredibly convenient, durable, and reliable batteries. Designed to quickly charge and hold light for hours, these easy to use batteries power some of our brightest, longest-lasting, and most durable flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns. Our wide range of batteries and chargers even consists of the popular 18650 battery charger to ensure you won’t run out of light. Utilize these convenient Fenix rechargeable batteries and count on them without fear of losing light. Ditch the old batteries and use the more cost-efficient and reliable Fenix rechargeable batteries.

Reliable 18650 Batteries and Chargers

Fenix Lighting has an incredibly wide variety of batteries and chargers so you are always equipped with the correct battery you need. Our wide variety of batteries/chargers include one of the most popular battery chargers, the 18650 battery. Considerably the highest volume standard battery used for lighting products, these batteries are more environmentally friendly, but they are also built for both safety and convenience. Our 18650 battery charger is also designed to be a fast charger in order to provide you light when you need it Using 18650 batteries or one of our 18650 battery chargers is sure to provide you with a reliable power source every time.

Best Rechargeable Battery Chargers

Our batteries are easily charged directly via a type-C charging port or can be placed in a battery charger. Fenix offers only the best rechargeable battery chargers. With a number of different battery chargers to choose from, some of our versatile chargers have the ability to recharge more than one kind of battery. Even maximize your charging capacities by charging more than 1 battery at a time with a number of different Fenix battery chargers. From 14500 chargers to 18650 chargers, our rechargeable battery chargers are designed to quickly recharge batteries to ensure you have a long-lasting light source.  

Convenient, User-Friendly Batteries

Charging batteries for your flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns has never been easier. Designed to make your life simpler, Fenix offers the best rechargeable batteries. Unlike traditional batteries that you have to purchase every time your old battery dies, our rechargeable batteries are reusable. Simply plug your batteries into their charger or plug them directly into their type-c charging port and have light in a matter of minutes. These user-friendly batteries are more efficient and allow for a more accessible light. Take advantage of the easy functionality and always have a dependable light with our batteries.

Compact, Portable, and Lightweight Batteries

Our rechargeable batteries are not only more user-friendly, convenient, and reliable than traditionally used batteries, but they are also compact, portable, and lightweight. Purchase one of the best rechargeable batteries and keep it on hand in case you need light in a pinch. Perfect for on job the scenarios, if you have been using a tactical flashlight all night and unexpectedly work another shift, our incredibly convenient batteries can give you light after just a quick charge. Lightweight batteries such as the 18650 battery weigh next to nothing, so easily transport and keep them on hand in case of an emergency.

Best Rechargeable Batteries & Chargers

Fenix Lighting undoubtedly offers the best rechargeable batteries and chargers for your lighting devices. Decide for yourself which battery or battery charger you need to keep your flashlight, headlamp, or lantern powered. More environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and overall better, purchase a Fenix battery and charger for your light today. With a wide range of batteries and chargers including the 18650 battery to choose from, switch over to using these convenient battery chargers for a more accessible, long-lasting, and reliable light source. Count on these rechargeable batteries to provide you long-lasting light that you can easily recharge at any time.