Riding bikes is an excellent way for kids to exercise, explore, and become independent as they age. However, bike safety is essential for kids, especially when riding at night. Kids riding bikes with their parents need high-quality, long-lasting lights for various conditions.

When considering safety for kids, always start with the correct helmet and the appropriate bike size. Next, it’s time to look into bike lights.

The Three Types of Bike Lights

The first thing to know is that there are primarily three types of bike lights: handlebar lights, tail lights, and helmet lights. Every kid’s bike should have at least a handlebar and tail lights as bike safety gear. 

While a helmet light is not necessary, it can be an extra level of safety. It’s true, especially if your kid is riding in the dark or challenging weather conditions like rain or fog.

Fenix BC05R V2.0

Tail Lights

It’s easy to forget about tail lights, so start with a light for the back of the bike. A bright, high-quality tail light will make your kids visible from behind. They’ll be safe whether biking in twilight, fog, or at night.

The Fenix BC05R V2.0 tail light has six modes, including various flashing light speeds and brightness levels. Its elevated dome design creates a 180-degree lighting angle. 

This bike safety equipment feature makes your kid’s bike visible from the left, right, and behind.

The light attaches to the seat post easily with a silicone strap. You can also use the clip to attach the light to a seat bag. This versatile light also has a body clip, so your kid always has a light on them. They’re safe even if they walk with friends, return late from school, or run to the store. 

The light is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries, and it lasts 120 hours.

Fenix BC26R

Handlebar Lights

The next essential piece of bike safety for kids is the handlebar light. When shopping for handlebar lights, look for brightness, runtime, and durability. 

Kids can be rough on their bikes, and you need to make sure their bike light will keep running even if dropped or after a spill.

The Fenix BC26R is a lightweight but very powerful option, throwing a max of 1600 lumens. This light has a 100-degree wide-angle floodlight, so your kid can see clearly when turning a corner without dark spots. 

If your child enjoys mountain biking, this bike safety light has a high-elastic silicone strap that keeps the light secure during rough terrain. The elevated dome design of the light’s lens will create light that can be seen by drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists to the left, right, and ahead of your child.

If you plan to ride with your kid in an area with cars, look at the Fenix BC25R. An innovative cut-off line in the light blocks off the light beam so you won’t blind oncoming traffic—increasing safety for kids. 

It has four brightness levels, a maximum of 600 lumens at a distance of 348 ft (106 m). The battery level indicator shows you how much charge is left, so your kid won’t be caught in the dark without a light. This bike safety equipment can also serve as a flashlight, which is excellent for exploring after a bike ride.

Helmet Lights

A helmet light can ensure your kid has illumination where they are looking. This specific feature helps them see around corners and spot any hazards ahead. It’s an extra level of security that increases safety when riding at night or during different types of weather.

If you’d like to add extra safety for your kid, you can use the Fenix BC21R V3.0 as a bicycle handlebar light, a helmet light, and a flashlight. When you add the Fenix ALD-08 helmet bike light holder, this bike safety gear can attach to a helmet. 

Remove the mount, and you can use it as a flashlight. The light throws 1200 lumens at a distance of 466 ft (142 m). 

The light has a battery indicator and a max runtime of 33 hours. Whether as a handlebar light, a flashlight, or a helmet light, the Fenix BC21R V3.0 is versatile and practical.

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Get Peace of Mind with High-Quality Bike Lights for Kids

With a high-quality, long-lasting bike light, your child will always be visible when riding at night. Fenix bike lights have powerful features that enhance safety for your kids and give you peace of mind.

Invest in the best bike lights for your kid. Ensure they have a high-quality tail, handlebar, and helmet light. Bike safety for kids is paramount to keep them safe on the roads, sidewalks, and trails. Check out all of Fenix’s bike lights here.