With a number of different flashlight manufacturers, purchasing a new light can prove to be a challenging task and a confusing decision. There is a wide range of individual flashlight brands including Streamlight, Nitcore, Olight, and more, but one flashlight brand stands out from the rest. Because of our extremely high-quality products, innovative designs, and highly durable flashlights, the Fenix brand stands out from the other flashlight brands in the industry.

What Is the Best Flashlight Brand?

Fenix is the best flashlight brand. Here at Fenix, we pride ourselves on our top quality and exceptional products, especially our super bright, durable, and versatile flashlights. With the ability to use them in any situation and still have the brightest light, we can confidently say that Fenix is the best flashlight brand.

PD36PD36R Best Fenix FlashlightR
tactical flashlight
fenix e18r edc rechargeable flashlight beam


The Fenix brand is the best flashlight brand and what truly makes Fenix stand out from other brands in the industry is our top quality products. Our LED lights consist of arguably the brightest flashlights, the best tactical flashlights, and the overall best EDC flashlights on the market. Not to mention, a number of our flashlights are rechargeable for your convenience. With all of our lights providing extremely high lumen outputs, long-distance beams, and user-friendly features, the Fenix brand provides the highest quality flashlights. We are so confident in our products we even offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Fenix products.

Ultra-Bright Flashlights

Fenix’s brightest flashlights include a wide variety of lights from extremely heavy duty lights like the LR40R to the pocket-sized E09R. The LR40R is one of the brightest flashlights on the consumer market throwing an incredible 12,000 lumens 2100 feet (640 m.). This high-performing flashlight measures at 6.1” and can cycle through 11 different lighting modes for your desired brightness level. When used on low mode, it can last for up to 92 hours.

While the E09R is not as bright as the LR40R, it remains one of Fenix’s most compact and brightest EDC flashlights measuring at only 3.11”. This super bright flashlight can throw 600 lumens while remaining pocket-sized and versatile.

Other ultra-bright flashlights include the PD36R which is rated as the best overall Fenix flashlight, the HT18 long-distance hunting flashlight, and the TK26R tactical flashlight. There is a reason flashlight junkies love Fenix; we offer a ton of amazingly bright high-quality flashlights.

PD36R Best Fenix Flashlight

Tactical Flashlights

All of Fenix’s tactical flashlights provide customers with even more features and are perfect for tactical applications. Our tactical flashlights were built with law enforcement, security, and tactical personnel in mind. These LED flashlights are equipped with a number of durable, versatile, and resilient features for extreme situations. Our high-performing tactical TK26R was built with easy handling features while still providing extremely bright light for on-the-job use. Throwing 1500 lumens, the TK26R is packed with user-friendly features including 7 different lighting features, a battery level indicator, and a strike bezel. Perfect for search and rescue, law enforcement, and even hunting, Fenix’s tactical flashlights are packed with useful and easy to use features so anyone can use them.

Other top of the industry tactical flashlights include the TK22 UE. With improved performance, this flashlight can emit 1600 lumens a jaw-dropping distance of 1,329 feet (405m). These tactical flashlights provide customers with more fearless and durable lights than ever before.

TK22UE Tactical Flashlight

Great EDC Flashlights

The Fenix brand offers ultra-bright flashlights and extremely versatile flashlights like our tactical lights, but we even provide customers with great flashlights to carry every day. Fenix’s compact and portable EDC flashlights are perfect to keep on hand for a convenient light source. These lights are smaller yet they don’t compromise on their high lumen counts. Use them when you drop your keys under the car seat, in case of a power outage, or on an evening walk. No matter where or how you use them, these flashlights provide users with a wide range of features for everyday use.

Great EDC Fenix flashlights include the ultra-bright LD30, the rechargeable E30R, the E20 V2.0, and more. Some of Fenix’s ultra-bright flashlights can even act like an EDC flashlight they are just a bit larger with even higher lumen-outputs. Decide for yourself which Fenix light you want to keep on hand throughout the day.

fenix e30r flashlight beam


While the Fenix brand is more exceptional than any other flashlight brand in the industry, Fenix Lighting provides even more services than most flashlight companies do to make your experience even better. Fenix Lighting is the official US distributor of Fenix brand flashlights. We provide dedicated live US customer service as well as a number of customer service contact options. Fenix Lighting is dedicated to offering helpful and prompt service so customers are welcome to email us, call us, chat with us online, and even visit us at our Colorado showroom. Our open communication allows for better customer service and a better overall purchasing experience. Fenix Lighting only offers customer service through real Fenix employees from our corporate headquarters in Colorado or our warehouse in Arkansas; no call centers or bots here.

Largest Fenix Product Distributor

Fenix Lighting is the largest Fenix flashlight distributor in the world, so purchasing flashlights is extremely easy. With the ability to buy lights through our online website, Fenix Lighting also distributes flashlights, headlamps, and other gear to substantial retailers including REI, Grainger, Sportsman Warehouse, and more. Whether you purchase a product online or in a reputable retail store, Fenix Lighting ensures a smooth and quick purchase and delivery process.


No matter where you buy from, Fenix flashlights are the best flashlight brand to purchase. Other flashlight brands don’t offer the quality, the durability, or the versatility Fenix flashlights offer. What makes Fenix stand apart from the other brands the most is our user-friendly yet extremely bright products. From ultra-bright flashlights to tactical flashlights to EDC flashlights, the Fenix brand offers the best and brightest flashlights on the market.