With all of the powerful flashlights Fenix offers, it can be difficult to choose a “best flashlight” among such a strong catalog. Fenix offers many different lights for many uses, so whether you’re looking for a flashlight to go camping, an on-the-job flashlight, or you just need a light for a stroll at dusk, Fenix has you covered. The question arises though, can one flashlight be used for everything? Which Fenix flashlight is the best? When it comes down to versatility and power for the size, there is one standout for the best Fenix flashlight.

What is the Best Fenix Flashlight?

The PD36R is the best Fenix flashlight. It is the best flashlight out there for its size, ultra-bright light, and value. At only 5.4” in size, this impressive flashlight can throw an amazing 1600 lumens 928 ft (283 m). The Fenix PD36R can act as a tactical flashlight, a camping flashlight, and an EDC flashlight all in one.

Fenix PD36R Flashlight rechargeable

PD36R’s Basic Stats


Handheld Size & High Lumens

There’s a reason the Fenix PD36R is one of the most popular flashlights on the market. At such a small size, this 5.4” flashlight throws 1600 lumens a beam distance of 928 ft (283 m). This Fenix light easily stands out from the rest with its pocket-sized, portable build and its high lumen output. Flashlights on the market this size are often less durable, have a shorter beam distance, and definitely have less lumen output making the competition non-existent for the PD36R. The PD36R is hands down the best Fenix flashlight.

All-Purpose Features

The Fenix PD36R has a number of all-purpose features for everyday use. This high-performance light is an LED rechargeable flashlight that can be conveniently recharged with any USB Type-C charging cable. Using its included 21700 Li-ion battery, the PD36R can shine twice as long as using a standard Li-ion battery. These high capacity batteries ensure a very long run time, almost reaching a 6 hour run time at 800 lumens and even 115 hours at 30 lumens.

The PD36R is also equipped with a battery level indicator. The PD36R automatically displays the light’s battery status each time the light is turned on. But don’t worry too much if your battery is running low, the PD36R can emit light for 5 hours on the Low brightness level with only a 10 minute charge!

Additional Special Features

Equipped with a two-way body clip, the PD36R all-purpose flashlight can be carried how you want. Whether it’s on your belt, backpack, or MOLLE system, the PD36R was built with you in mind. Equipped with dual switches, the PD36R is a compact-sized flashlight with a tactical tail switch and side switch. Easily press the tactical tail switch to operate the on/off settings and use the side switch to operate the different brightness levels. It does also come equipped with memory for your last used setting.

With 6 different lighting modes, the PD36R can filter through 5 different brightness levels plus strobe mode. The PD36R is durable, versatile and compact – IP68 rated dustproof and waterproof, it can withstand nearly any extreme weather conditions.

Fenix PD36R Flashlight size
PD36PD36R Best Fenix FlashlightR

Reviews of the PD36R

“Absolutely blown away with this light. It is totally worth the money and is exceptionally bright. Did not expect that much light out of such a small package. Easily recharged. Easily carried in a pocket. Controls are simple. The reversible clip makes it easy to reverse the light whether it goes in a pocket or on the brim of your ball cap. The light is a bit heavy on your ball cap but is functional.”

-John H.

“Best flashlight ever. Super bright. Very well made. The 21700 gives a long run time and the design of the controls is super easy to use… All in all, this is one of the best flashlights I’ve ever owned. Its power in such a small package size and its simple operation makes it the flashlight I keep next to my bed for security.”


“This is the best flashlight I’ve ever purchased. At night around 9pm I always take my dog around my house to a pathway that’s known to have plenty of skunks and coyotes. It’s pretty scary going there only to realize that there’s something in the total darkness and that I don’t see it until I’m close. But now with my flashlight I light up the entire place with the turbo mode and it’s simply awesome!!!”

-Richard B.

The PD36R’s Versatility

PD36R Tactical Use

Perfect for on-the-job use, the Fenix PD36R provides 1600 lumens and easy operation for high-pressure situations. Built for fast reaction times and an ultra-bright beam, the PD36R also provides easy handling features and easy on/off light access. Powerful, durable, and user-friendly features make the PD36R the ideal flashlight on the job. It’s small size and powerful beam/ beam distance makes it the best Fenix flashlight available.

PD36R Camping Use

When camping in the woods it’s important to have a dependable lighting source and the best Fenix Flashlight is an easy pick. Its bright, long-lasting LED bulbs make it a reliable lighting device and to keep your campsite feeling secure all night long. Incredibly durable and resilient, the PD36R can handle the most extreme weather conditions. Rain or shine, the PD36R will be there for you.

PD36R Everyday Use

Besides campaign and tactical, the PD36R makes an exceptional everyday flashlight as well. Though the PD36R is not often considered an EDC flashlight, it is utilized by many as one, especially those who just prefer larger flashlights. Its portable size makes it easy to carry on your person and it’s bright lumen output makes it a great light for whatever comes your way.

PD36R Best Fenix Flashlight

The Best Fenix Flashlight

With its high 1600 lumen brightness, 928ft (283m) beam reach, and handheld size, the PD36R has proven to be the best Fenix flashlight. Arguably one of the best flashlights on the market, the Fenix PD36R combines power, a portable size, and a multitude of functions to make up one amazing light. Take it on a hike, keep it in your home, use it at work, or carry it in your pocket every day. No matter how you use the PD36R, you’ll love owning this flashlight.