Thanks to LED flashlight technology, many of Fenix’s flashlights are incredibly bright. There is one stand out though that goes above and beyond what any other flashlight in 2021 can do: the LR80R. This high-performance flashlight can produce an impressive 18000 lumens and comes with a number of other amazing features besides just a high lumen output. The LR80R is an excellent all-around flashlight for both lighting up your property and even to use in the backcountry. With the LR80R, fully illuminated surroundings are just a click away.

What is the Brightest Fenix Flashlight in 2021?

The Fenix LR80R is the brightest Fenix flashlight at 18000 lumens. It blasts these 18000 lumens across an astonishing distance of 3707 ft (1130 m). Light up your entire surroundings with just the click of a button when you have the Fenix LR80R, the brightest Fenix flashlight in 2021.

Fenix LR80R flashlight

Overview of the LR80R’s Stats


Significant Features of the LR80R

The LR80R is an LED Rechargeable Flashlight

The powerful LR80R is not only an extremely bright flashlight, but it also contains a wide range of features to make it the ultimate high-powered flashlight choice. This flashlight combines spotlight and floodlight to throw 18000 lumens 3707 ft (1130 m). The LR80R is a USB rechargeable LED flashlight using a Li-ion battery pack. With the ability to be recharged in as little as 4 hours this is a great flashlight for regular or tactical use and can even be used to charge other electronic devices by using the discharge function.

10 Different Lighting Modes

With such raw power, it’s not surprising the LR80R is equipped with a number of different light modes for when you don’t quite need a blinding 18,000-lumen output. This light also contains SOS and strobe modes for your safety.

The LR80R has two different main settings: the Low-Output Mode and the High-Output Mode. Clearly identify things using a more narrow concentrated beam on the spotlight mode or use the floodlight beam to light up surrounding areas. The Low-Output Mode can range from 50 lumens to 6000, and the High-Output Mode goes from 3000 lumens all the way up to 18000. If you are feeling adventurous, use both modes together.

Operating the LR80R

Easily operated by the dual stainless steel side switches, the LR80R is turned on by pressing either side switch and holding it for 3 seconds. Simply cycle through the different lighting modes (using either Low-Output Mode or High-Output Mode or both) by clicking either button depending on what mode you’re on. Turn the flashlight off by holding down either of the switches for 0.5 seconds. The lockout function is also user friendly to avoid accidental activation by simultaneously pressing the two switches for 3 seconds. To unlock it, simultaneously press the two switches again for 3 seconds. The easy operating instructions make this device not only extremely powerful but also incredibly user-friendly for any situation.

Other Great Features

At 10.2” (259 mm) in length, the LR80R is bigger than other flashlights, but its added features, such as the detachable handle, make it easy to use. It has dual stainless side switches for easy Low-Output or High-Output selection. Durable and reliable, this sturdy flashlight also has a lockout function, which is easily accessible via the two stainless steel side switches that can be used to avoid accidental activation if transported or stored. Once you use this flashlight and experience the raw power of the LR80R, it will be hard to use a different flashlight ever again.

fenix lr80r flashlight 18000 lumen spotlight modes
LR80R Flashlight charging set up

Uses of the LR80R

Ultra-Bright Outdoor Flashlight

The bright lumen capacity of this flashlight makes it the optimal lighting device for exploring unknown outdoor areas or for monitoring your property at night. You can use the lower 450-lumen spotlight mode as a default setting, but cycle up to the 18000-lumen High-Output Mode in a flash when you need it.

Don’t think though that just because this flashlight is larger than other Fenix lights that it is difficult to use. While the LR80R is one of the heavier flashlights Fenix offers, it is easily handheld for the power it can emit with or without its detachable handle. Don’t use a close-range flashlight to do the job that a more powerful and long-range light like the LR80R excels at.

Search and Rescue

With the astonishing capabilities of the LR80R, it’s no surprise that this light is popular with search and rescue and first responders. With its 18000 lumens and 3707 ft (1130 m) reach you can easily assess your surroundings or locate people and items in a darkened area. Many flashlights with these capabilities are very large and inconvenient to transport, but not the LR80R. At 10.2” (259 mm) long and 57.7 oz (1636 g) (with batteries), it may seem larger than other flashlights, but its easily detachable handle and included shoulder strap that make this flashlight easy to add to your gear pack.

LR89R flashlight beam in dark night

Reviews of the LR80R

The LR80R is one of the best and brightest lights on the market. But don’t just take our word for it – used and purchased by many Fenix customers, the LR80R has 5-star reviews on our website. Here are some of the amazing reviews from satisfied customers:

“This light is incredible. It appears twice as bright as the RC40 and I really like the high and low output modes which makes it easier to use indoors.”


“Excellent for spotlighting deer, no deer too far for this light.”


“Really powerful lantern, probably more than I needed, but in my opinion it is better to have MORE and not need it than vice versa. Very well made, heavy (that is to be expected on equipment this capable) and casts a beam for what seems MILES! Very happy with the lantern and the company.”

George A.

The Brightest Fenix Flashlight

Fenix is proud to produce such an intense, powerful, and reliable flashlight. Loved not just for the 18000 lumens it can emit, the LR80R has many other features that make it an excellent lighting source. With its wide range of features from LED bulb, to rechargeability, to its High-Output and Low-Output Modes, the LR80R has proven itself time and time again to be one of the best flashlights in the industry. Throwing 18000 lumens at only 10.2” (259 mm) tall, the brightest Fenix flashlight in 2020 is undoubtedly the LR80R.