With such a wide selection of incredibly powerful, durable, and reliable LED headlamps, Fenix Lighting provides the best headlamps on the market. From our multi-use headlamps like the HM61R to some of our more versatile headlamps like the HL18R, Fenix Lighting has a high-quality headlamp for every need. Because each light is built with a number of unique features, it raises the question – which headlamp is the best? While each Fenix headlamp is built with high lumen outputs and great features, there is one headlamp that is considered the best.

What is the Best Fenix Headlamp?

The HM65R is the best Fenix headlamp. Able to throw 1400 lumens a beam distance of 535 ft (163 m), the HM65R is not only the best headlamp Fenix offers, but it is also one of the brightest. With a number of valuable features, this powerful LED light is the best headlamp for any job.

Fenix HM65R Headlamp

HM65R’s Basic Stats


The HM65R Has High Lumens and High Comfort

With a high lumen output of 1400 and both spotlight and floodlight settings, other headlamps don’t compare to the raw power of the HM65R. Throwing ultra-bright light 535 ft (163 m), this headlamp will light up both your evening dog walk or your work area to keep your hands free. Usable for any situation, this headlamp will become your favorite companion. The HM65R contains dual light sources and is built with 7 different brightness levels to cycle through. With spotlight and floodlight, both modes can be used together or independently. With a combined spotlight and floodlight, the HM65R provides both neutral and white light for maximum lighting. Equipped with dual switch operation and multiple lighting level selections for you to choose from, you’ll have a great light source for the most extreme situations and for practical situations as well.

Weighing only 3.4 oz. (excluding battery), the HM65R can rest comfortably on your head while providing ultra-bright light. This lightweight headlamp was built with you in mind. Made with magnesium alloy for better strength, the perforated reflective headband was built to reduce weight and create a more comfortable hands-free light. Built with an optional top headband strap, you can ensure the HM65R won’t be jostled out of place. Incredibly small for the amount of lumens it can emit, the HM65R can provide reliable, hands-free light in any situation. Provide light for yourself while doing maintenance on your home, camping, and even walking the dogs, while this multi-use bright light comfortably rests on your head.

best headlamp fenix hm65r
fenix hm65r best headlamp

Reviews of the HM65R Headlamp

“I purchased this after purchasing one of your flashlights prior. I was so happy with that light and its quality. I was confident about buying this as well. Very nice light. Fits comfortably on your head, has an excellent lighted area and the beam can be adjusted to fit your lighting needs. I am very pleased with how this fits and how nice the light’s beam is. The lighted area is very consistent and not brighter in one spot like some lesser lights. I’m going to highly recommend this one for sure.”

— Mike G.

“WOW, maybe TOO much light!”

— Brian G.

“I really appreciate the capability to select combinations of flood and spotlighting and different intensities to accommodate various conditions (fog, rain, snow, etc.) and activities ( stationary work or fast-paced travel). The battery life is excellent and the build quality is top-notch along with the selection of materials. The top head strap doesn’t add much bulk but adds a great deal of stability when moving fast over rough terrain. All-in-all my favorite headlamp – this one has it all in a nice compact package.”

— Frank D.

All-Purpose Features

While the HM65R provides bright light for any situation, this headlamp has a number of other all-purpose features. The HM65R is conveniently USB-C rechargeable, making charging your headlamp easier than ever before. Find a port and plug it in and recharge your headlamp for long runtimes. Not only that but with a battery level indicator, you’ll always know how much light you have left. Powered by an included 3500mAh 18650 battery, the HM65R can run for 22 hours on high and 97 hours on eco.

Additional Special Features

This lightweight headlamp is built with several special features. The HM65R is easily the best Fenix headlamp for its high lumens, comfortable build, and it’s all-purpose features, but it doesn’t stop there. The HM65R is user friendly with easily accessible on/off functions. Those buttons also control the spotlight and floodlight modes. This light is equipped with a lockout function in order to avoid accidental activation. Simply press either on/off switch and hold it for 3 seconds to lock the light. Alternatively, press and hold either switch again for 3 seconds to unlock it.

Built for extreme situations, the HM65R was not only built with bright lumen outputs but was built for durability and longevity. This light is 2 meters impact-resistant with an all-metal housing. Having withstood drop tests of 2 meters on 6 sides, this headlamp is proven to be very tough. Not only that but the HM65R has IP68 rated protection. Protected 100% against foreign objects and submersible to 2 meters for 30 minutes, this powerful light can survive in the most extreme conditions.

The Best Fenix HEadlamp

With our wide range of rechargeable, versatile, and durable headlamps, you can’t go wrong with the powerful HM65R headlamp. Considering its 1400 lumens, 535 ft (163 m) throw, and separate spotlight and floodlight mode, the HM65R is the best Fenix headlamp. This all-purpose headlamp can be used for any situation. Whether you use it on the job, at home, or just for your walk home, once you use the HM65R, it will be difficult to use a different headlamp ever again.