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Headlamps, whether they use rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries, are an extremely useful tool to have. Whether you are going running, hiking, caving, hunting, or are involved in more serious missions such as search and rescue, using a headlamp makes you more agile and efficient. Also, the less we have to carry on our backs and shoulders, or in our hands, the better.

Like so many other things, when it comes to headlamps, we have options to choose from. One of the most common choices is between rechargeable headlamps and a headlamp with disposable batteries.

Are Rechargeable Headlamps Worth It?

To put it simply, yes. The kind of headlamp you choose to go for depends on your objective, but there are a few reasons, such as high lumen output, lower costs, environmental friendliness, convenience, and reliability that lead us to the conclusion that rechargeable headlamps are worth it. Let’s dive deeper to see what makes rechargeable headlamps worth the slightly higher initial cost.

Bright Lumen Output

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Search and rescue, outdoor recreation, at work, or even fixing things around the house — you are mostly using a headlamp to throw bright light on your surroundings. Most rechargeable headlamps use batteries that provide a high power output, meaning you can expect your rechargeable headlamp to deliver bright light. The Fenix HM65R-T, for example, can blast 1500 lumens of neutral and white lights. Highly rated by fans, this headlamp features independently controlled spotlight and floodlight modes that are perfect for different kinds of activities such as trail running and hiking or up-close tasks such as reading labels or working on your car.

Cost-Effective Headlamps

While the initial cost of headlamps with disposable batteries may seem lower, in the longer run, you will end up spending more money on buying new batteries. On the other hand, a rechargeable headlamp is a long-term investment that will be more cost-effective over time. Most rechargeable headlamp Li-ion batteries will run for 500 hundred cycles, which with average use could last a decade. At under $100, the Fenix HL18R-T is an example of a cost-effective, rechargeable headlamp that can throw up to 500 lumens across a distance of 269 ft (82 m).

Eco-Friendly Lighting

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One of the reasons people like using a rechargeable headlamp is the amount of waste that you can reduce. Disposing of batteries in a safe manner can be a chore, but with a rechargeable headlamp, you have to neither worry about constantly purchasing new batteries nor plan for proper disposal. Go from planning a hike to recharging your headlamp to enjoying the outdoors in a matter of hours.

Convenience & Versatility

When you need freedom of movement, to pull yourself up to a vantage point, or make your way down a particularly tricky trail, a headlamp is the perfect way to light up your path. In addition to arming you with hands-free comfort, most Fenix rechargeable headlamps come with a battery indicator feature. Unlike AA batteries that don’t warn you of their power status, a rechargeable headlamp’s battery indicator status gives you the confidence of knowing that you are fully prepared on the job site, or the trail.

Some rechargeable headlamps, such as Fenix’s new addition, the HP30R V2.0 can be recharged on-the-go. This professional headlamp comes with a 10000 mAh battery case that not only charges the headlamp while you are on the move, but it also doubles up as a power bank that you can use to charge your other devices that run out of juice. Blasting a max output of 3000 lumens, the HP30R V2.0 is a prime example of the superiority of rechargeable headlamps.


Reliable Under Extreme Conditions

Fenix HM65R-T Headlamp waterproof

Sometimes, alkaline batteries burst and leak in the cold weather. Lithium-ion batteries have built in protections to eliminate that. They also perform better in higher drain devices, and they can withstand drops in temperature more effectively than alkaline batteries. All Fenix rechargeable headlamps are weather resistant, and some, such as the Fenix HM65R-T, are IP68 rated making them dustproof and waterproof underwater to 6.6 ft (2m). Whether on the job site, or setting out for an early morning run, a rechargeable headlamp is a trustworthy companion that is ready to confront harsh conditions.

Rechargeable headlamps are a smart choice for every activity you undertake. Keep your hands free and be confident knowing that your rechargeable headlamp is going to continue delivering constant, powerful light until you are alerted to low battery levels. When the battery runs low, options such as USB charging will provide quick, convenient charge.

If you’d like to pick a rechargeable headlamp, see Fenix’s collection of powerful, multi-use lights.