Fenix Lighting offers a wide selection of flashlights for different situations. Our bright lights include both rechargeable flashlights for outdoor adventures, to AA flashlights that are great for everyday use. While our selection of rechargeable flashlights and AA flashlights include only the best and brightest lights, they are both designed to be used in different situations and fit different user preferences. Both our rechargeable flashlights and our AA flashlights have pros and cons that could help you decide what type of flashlight is perfect for you. Whichever battery operated light you choose, get a high-quality light that is best for you as we take a deep look at the pros and cons of both rechargeable flashlights and AA flashlights.


rechargeable batteries

Our rechargeable flashlights are packed full of the most convenient features to make your life easier. Many Fenix lights use a number of different rechargeable batteries that are compatible with different rechargeable flashlights. Not only are these flashlights loved for their convenient rechargeability, but they are also some of the brightest, longest-lasting, and most durable lights on the market. These powerful lights are built with even more user-friendly features that make them the best and brightest lighting companions you could have.

Main Pros of Rechargeable Flashlights

Our rechargeable flashlights are at the top of the market because of their user-friendly features. Some of the main pros of our rechargeable flashlights include:

  • Bright lumen output
  • Far-reaching throw
  • Larger capacity for long-lasting battery life
  • Convenient, easy, and sustainable rechargeability
  • USB rechargeable
  • Less ongoing costs

All of our rechargeable flashlights throw exceptionally bright light. For example, one of our brightest rechargeable flashlights, the LR40R, can throw up to 12000 lumens. Smaller rechargeable flashlights like the PD36R and the TK26R still have maximum outputs of around 1500 lumens. Even our smallest rechargeable lights, like the E09R, do not disappoint on the lumens they emit. Not only are our rechargeable flashlights bright, but they throw light incredibly far distances.

Our rechargeable flashlights are also built with user-friendly handling features. Each light is equipped with easy on/off functionality and you can also quickly cycle through different lighting modes for different lighting settings. Their user-friendly designs and bright light make our rechargeable flashlights perfect for work and recreational activities alike. Some of our rechargeable flashlights are even built for tactical professions. Whether you use one of these flashlights on the job or for outdoor activities, always have the brightest light source with one of our rechargeable flashlights.

Cons of Rechargeable Flashlights

While there are mostly benefits to owning a rechargeable flashlight, there are a few restrictions and negative qualities that come with them as well. The cons are as follows:

  • Most rechargeable flashlights are larger in size
  • Need electricity to charge
  • Larger initial cost
  • Expensive upfront cost of batteries

Even though there are a few smaller sized rechargeable flashlights, most of these flashlights are larger, so they may be less convenient to carry around than a compact AA flashlight.

Another con of our rechargeable flashlights is the necessary power port to always charge them. Unlike AA batteries where you can pack an extra set, our rechargeable flashlights always need power to charge. Without a power source (USB compatible standard outlet, portable power block, car outlet, etc.) to charge your rechargeable battery, you could run out of light. Luckily our rechargeable flashlights are built with a long-lasting battery capacity but they will run out of juice eventually. Having a battery that cannot be replaced without a power source can be frustrating if you are in the backcountry or off the grid. Not to mention, the upfront price of rechargeable batteries is significantly higher than traditional batteries.


aa batteries

While there are a number of pros of a rechargeable flashlight, you can not discount the reliability of our AA flashlights. AA flashlights are not only remarkable for their compact size, but they are also loved for their convenient power source, surprisingly high lumen outputs despite the batteries, and impact resistance to everyday wear and tear. A number of Fenix’s AA flashlights have been upgraded from their predecessors to be even better and brighter than ever before. Having one of these compact flashlights on hand will provide you with a bright and reliable light source at all times.

Main Pros of AA Flashlights

Fenix’s AA flashlights are equipped with a number of beneficial features. Read all about the following pros of owning a AA flashlight:

  • Bright AA flashlights
  • Small, compact, and portable flashlight body
  • Easily obtainable batteries
  • No electricity necessary
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive batteries

Our AA flashlights combine the quality of a Fenix flashlight with the convenience of AA batteries, which are easily found at any convenience store. These easily obtainable batteries make having a light source incredibly simple. An additional pro of our AA flashlights is their portability. Built small enough to be powered by AA batteries, these lights can easily be stored in your bag or even pocket for easily accessible lighting. Our smaller than average flashlights are even built with surprisingly high lumen throws despite their compact sizes. Some of our AA flashlights like the LD42 can even throw up to 1000 lumens using only four AA batteries.

Our AA flashlights are also the perfect lights for everyday carry. Need a light on the go to provide you with a bright light source in a pinch? Our AA battery-operated flashlights might be the perfect choice for you. These flashlights were designed with extreme durability so you can handle them with confidence throughout the day. A number of our AA flashlights have a tough and reliable aluminum body build. They are resistant and durable even when subjected to extreme conditions so you can use them knowing they can handle everyday wear and tear.

Cons of AA Flashlights

Our AA flashlights are extremely high-quality, yet lack certain pros people might need in a flashlight. The cons of our AA flashlights are the following:

  • Mostly serve one purpose (everyday carry)
  • Higher ongoing costs of purchasing batteries
  • Lower lumen output than rechargeable flashlights
  • If you run out of batteries you are out of luck

Our portable AA flashlights are ideal for everyday carry situations but they are not optimal for situations that need a huge amount of bright light or for tactical professions. While they are still a cut above the average flashlight, they are not as bright as some of our other Fenix flashlights. While our AA flashlights are equipped with a number of different pros that make them the perfect everyday carry lighting companion, they should not be used for extreme situations like search and rescue or security jobs. If you need a brighter light source with lighting modes designed for specific purposes, you may want to consider a brighter rechargeable flashlight or a tactical flashlight instead.


Fenix wants to ensure you have the best flashlight to handle all of your lighting needs, which is exactly why we even have a wide selection of both rechargeable flashlights and AA flashlights to choose from. Our wide selection of both kinds of lights includes tactical flashlights, everyday carry flashlights, powerful camping flashlights, and more. See for yourself some of the best rechargeable and AA flashlights.

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While rechargeable flashlights and AA flashlights each have their pros and cons, both kinds of lights have a designated purpose so you can have the best light source no matter what the circumstance is. Fenix’s high-quality flashlights are not only built with convenient power sources, but they are also bright, durable, and long-lasting so you will always have the most reliable flashlight. Whether you purchase a rechargeable flashlight or a AA flashlight from Fenix, you will always have the best and brightest light to tackle all of your lighting needs.