When it comes to buying a rechargeable flashlight, why not buy the best?

In a flashlight, there is an ideal cross-section of size, ease of use, brightness, and durability that can be hard to find. Too big a flashlight and it’s difficult to carry, too small and it can get lost. Clunky operation? Forget it. Max 500 lumens? Might as well use my cell phone light. But in the rare event that you can find a light that delivers on all fronts, you would shout it from the rooftops. That is why we are here to proudly say that we have found the best rechargeable flashlight.


The Fenix PD36R is the best rechargeable flashlight. This small yet powerful flashlight is packed with high-performance features allowing it to be used for just about anything. It has a 1600 lumen output, a far-reaching beam, multiple lighting modes, and more. Whether you use it at work or recreationally, you’ll always have the best rechargeable flashlight with the PD36R.


Fenix PD36R Flashlight rechargeable

Take a quick look at some of the main stats of the PD36R. Built with incredible power and durability, you’ll always have the best light source with the PD36R. It’s multiple different lighting modes allow it to be used for various different lighting demands. Additionally, the PD36R has long runtimes regardless of what lighting mode it is on. See for yourself how long this flashlight can last using everything from eco mode to turbo mode.


Rechargeable Functionality

The rechargeability of the PD36R makes this flashlight stand out from other lights on the market. Using a standard USB type-C charging cord, experience an easier way to charge your flashlight than ever before. Simply plug this light into any compatible standard outlet, portable power block, or even vehicle, and have a fully charged flashlight in 4 hours. Law enforcement and anyone who works night shifts will love how easy it is to have light in a pinch. While a number of our flashlights are rechargeable, the PD36R has an impressively long runtime and an even more impressive charge time. Simply plug the PD36R in for only 10 minutes and have light for 5 hours using low mode. On a full charge, the PD36R can last up to 115 hours using eco mode. With its incredible rechargeable functionality, this super bright flashlight will quickly become your favorite lighting companion.

High Lumen Output and Far-Reaching Beam

PD36PD36R Best Fenix FlashlightR

The PD36R is also loved by many for its ultra-bright lumen beam. This heavy-duty flashlight can throw a maximum of 1600 lumens an astounding distance of 928ft (283m). The PD36R is also remarkably small despite how bright it is. At only 5.4” in length, this LED flashlight can throw light surprisingly great distances. Incomparable to other flashlights its size on the market, the PD36R also offers multiple different lighting modes. Cycle through the PD36R’s 6 different lighting modes to find your preferred lighting setting. Even on low, the PD36R can throw 30 lumens 115ft (35m). One of the lighting modes is even a strobe mode. Use the strobe mode to alert someone of your whereabouts or even use for self-defense to disorient an attacker.

Durability and Reliability

Rechargeability and brightness will get you nowhere if your flashlight isn’t reliable. That is exactly why the PD36R is built tough enough to handle all of your lighting needs. Rated IP68 waterproof and dustproof, this flashlight serves as the best tactical light and best everyday carry flashlight alike. Built to handle intense situations, extreme weather conditions, and everyday wear and tear, handle the PD36R with confidence knowing it will provide you with light no matter what the circumstance is.


Best Fenix Flashlight PD36R

Even without its rechargeable functionality, the PD36R has even more features users love. While you won’t need to charge this flashlight nearly as often as you would other flashlights, the PD36R is still equipped with an accurate battery level indicator so you always know how much light you have left. Whenever the PD36R is turned on, the light will automatically display the battery status via the read-out indicator. Additionally, the PD36R has easy to operate dual switches so you can quickly turn the flashlight on and off (this is especially helpful for tactical professions). Finally, the PD36R has two-way body clips so you can carry this flashlight how you want to. Easily strap it onto your backpack, belt, or MOLLE system.


Outstanding run time and output. By far the best light I’ve used to date. As a 3rd shift cop, I appreciate the fact the battery doesn’t need to be recharged every other night like all my previous lights.

  • Adam C.

I absolutely love this flashlight. It’s small enough to carry in my pocket all day long without feeling bulky. The button feels tactile with a solid audible click. The flashlight body feels durable and the clip is very tight, so I know it won’t fall out. The low setting is bright enough to find my way around the house, while the turbo assists me at night when walking the dogs. I have had this flashlight for 3 weeks and use it nearly everyday with short durations, and I still have not needed to charge it. I highly recommend this flashlight for everyday carry. You will not regret it!

  • Francesco D.

Wanted a flashlight and a defensive tool! Got them both and it’s rechargeable!

  • Harry Yates


Gear up with the best rechargeable flashlight made to date. This powerful light is loved not just for its rechargeability but for all of its high-performing features. Built with incredibly bright light, a far-reaching beam, durability, and more, the PD36R is undoubtedly the best rechargeable flashlight. Those in tactical professions will love the PD36R’s rechargeable functionality and long-lasting light, while everyday carriers will love the easy functionality of the PD36R. Whether you use the flashlight for work, for everyday use, or just recreationally, you’ll always have the best and brightest light with the PD36R.