Off-roading isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the strong-hearted. Off-roading pushes your rig to the limits, but it also tests you. Your endurance, preparedness, and resourcefulness — all of these are challenged when you decide to take that especially rocky, bumpy, picturesque trail away from the expressways and parkways.

A true adventurer knows that preparedness is key and while there are several pieces of gear and equipment and sharp driving skills that you need, this post is about the best and most reliable Fenix lights that will make you more confident and your journey safer. So buckle up and let’s hit the pedal on this post!

The Best Lights for 4X4 Off-Road Rigs: Safety Features to Look For

The most essential safety features to look for in the best lights for off-roading are:

  • Durable build: Off-roading lights should be durable enough to withstand impacts, water, surprising terrain, and anything else Mother Nature dishes out.
  • Bright, wide beam and focused beam: While a bright, wide beam is important for enhanced visibility, it’s equally important for peripheral awareness. Wide beam lights are also useful to spot trail markers. You will also need to have a spotlight that focuses light in a more precise area so you can be sure of the decisions you’re making in especially challenging situations.
  • Compact size: The best lights for off-roading are compact enough to fit in a glove box, toolbox, or rig interior compartment for simple storage and rapid retrieval.

What are the Most Reliable Fenix Lights To Gear Up Right for Off-Roading?

The Fenix PD36R PRO, E35R, HM61R V2.0, CL28R, and WT16R are some of the Fenix lights we trust to accompany us on our off-road adventures. Let’s look at what makes each of these the perfect companions on trails.

PD36R PRO — Easy Storage, Quick Access, Powerful Performance

You can be as prepared for an off-road adventure as possible and yet find a surprise at any bend.

Blasting a maximum of 2800 lumens across a distance of 1247 ft (380 m), the PD36R PRO’s useful features help you assess any emergency situation and determine the best recovery approach. The light’s five output levels deliver the ideal brightness you require while sifting through equipment.

You don’t have to worry about the PD36 PRO’s battery running out on you. With a 42-hour runtime, this pro is designed to perform alongside you.

While it’s extremely functional in size and performance, the PD36 PRO rechargeable flashlight also comes in various colors (currently only available at such as camo and urban gray to elevate the style of your gear.


E35R — Multi-Carry Design, High Lumens, Single-Switch Operation

The best kind of tools are simple in design and efficient in performance. The Fenix E35R can be counted in the list of must-carry, low-profile, high-functioning gear.

This compact flashlight is easy to stow away anywhere, but don’t let its small size fool you. In fact, take that as a precursor to its powerful features. This rechargeable EDC light packs a punch with its 3100 lumens and a beam distance of 853 ft (260 m). A single switch activates on/off for all lighting modes making it extremely easy to operate in case of any recovery situation.

Since this flashlight doesn’t have a tail switch, and for times when you need hands-free lighting, stand the light on its tail.. The tail also includes a magnet, so you can attach the light to most metal surfaces. Not only can you light up your own surroundings in this way, but this feature is also useful for extra lighting while looking under the hood.

HM61R V2.0 — Adaptable, Super Durable, Rechargeable

HM61R V2.0

The Fenix HM61R V2.0 is a light built to take you far. This rechargeable light gives you a headlamp, a handheld flashlight, and a magnetized flashlight all in one!

Whether you or someone else in your group needs help working on your rig’s engine, tire, or anything else that can go off-track while you are out on the trails, the HM61R V2.0 will extract you out of the toughest spots.

Its large glove-friendly switch makes it easy to quickly cycle through five brightness levels, which includes 1600 lumens in the Turbo mode. Its red Flash mode is perfect to use as a warning light for trouble or challenges ahead.

When removed from the headband, this high-performance headlamp converts into a right-angle flashlight. If you are looking for hands-free lighting, just stand the flashlight on its magnetic base or attach it to a belt clip.

Its IP68 rating means you can use the HM61R V2.0 in the most rugged of conditions without worrying about its performance.


CL28R — Color Adjust Dial, Battery Bank, Night-Vision Friendly

If there is one thing you don’t want while off-roading in the backcountry, it’s light that’s too bright and impacts your vision. If there is one thing you do want, it is a light that can be used in multiple ways to deliver the best returns on your gear investment.

The Fenix CL28R is the off-road light you are looking for. Use its color dial to change the color temperature of the light from cool to warm. Not only is this perfect for when you need to recover your vehicle from any trouble it gets into, but it’s also perfect for night photography—handy when documenting your adventures.. Flat tire? No problem. Just attach the lantern’s magnetic base to the fender and get to work. If you like to carry a tripod, you will enjoy using the CL28R’s tripod mount to light up the scenes.A separate red LED can also be independently accessed for tasks when you need to preserve your night vision.

This rechargeable lantern can be used around the campsite to shine a maximum of 2000 lumens of white light. If you want to charge your other devices to get in touch with friends and family or radio in for assistance, you can use the CL28R as a power bank too.


WT16R — Quality Build, Multi-Carry Features, Reliable Performance

If you are looking for an all-purpose light that you can take from planning to adventuring to trip completion, the Fenix WT16R is it. This magnetic flashlight comes with a forward-facing spotlight, two floodlight levels, and a yellow flash — options you’ll be glad you thought of when you are off-roading. Cast a wide beam, or use the spotlight to see a specifically challenging section more clearly.

Use its magnetic tail to attach the light to your rig’s surface if you need hands-free lighting, or use its sturdy clip to attach it to your belt, pocket, or pack.

The WT16R rechargeable flashlight offers a runtime of 90 hours on Low and has a built-in battery level indicator that keeps you updated on the light’s battery status. IP66-rated, this all-purpose light is dustproof and heavy rain resistant ensuring reliable performance no matter the terrain or weather conditions.

Best Ways to Use Fenix Lights for Off-Road Repair and Recovery

  • Accurate positioning: Precise illumination is crucial when performing off-road repairs or recoveries in low-light conditions. Use these reliable Fenix lights to aim the beam strategically, ensuring a clear view of the repair or recovery area.
  • Alerting other drivers: In off-road situations, it's essential to make your presence known to other drivers, especially if you're near a trail or road. Fenix lights with high-intensity outputs or the Flash mode serve as signaling tools to alert approaching vehicles or recovery team members.
  • Multiple light sources: In complex repair or recovery scenarios, having multiple light sources is advantageous. Combine Fenix lights with your rig’s lights to eliminate shadows, improve depth perception, and have better visibility of complex components.

Reliable Fenix Lights Take You Further

For those who like to drive the roads less taken, there is no better way to light up your trail than selecting reliable Fenix lights. Built to withstand tough conditions and designed for easy operation, Fenix lights are an excellent choice no matter where your journey takes you. Get one for yourself and your teammates who traverse the unexplored with you.