Whether you’re planning to go backpacking around the world this summer or have decided to be a tourist in your own city, we have a list of Fenix lights that will make your explorations easier. Equipped with easy-carry features, high lumens, and a solid build, this collection of travel lights from Fenix promises to continue being a part of your gear long after your vacation ends.

In this post, we will share flashlights and headlamps that prove their worth no matter the landscape or terrain you find yourself in. Let’s dive in!


PD25R: Your Go-To Companion for Camping and Exploring the Cityscape

Will you spend the summer exploring a new city or trekking through the wilderness? Whether in a bustling metropolis or a quiet mountain range, the Fenix PD25R is the perfect travel companion to help you see everything around you.

Best For: Camping & Urban Exploration

This compact, palm-sized flashlight takes up very little space in your gear or luggage. Its two-way body clip secures the travel flashlight to your pack or day bag, ensuring you never leave your campsite or lodgings without it.

When you need the light to explore less-frequented spots scattered through the city or return to camp, you’ll find the PD25R’s 800 lumens more than sufficient to see clearly. Use the side switch to find the ideal mode for the environment you are in or the two-way clip to attach to your person when you need hands-free lighting to capture a photo or cook a campsite meal.

Walk through all types of terrain and weather, in the city or the wilderness, knowing the impact-resistant and IP68-rated light can withstand drops, dust, and water. With its reliable durability, the PD25R will accompany you on countless adventures, lighting the way for future journeys at home or while traveling far.


LD30: Compact and Reliable Lighting for Outdoor Explorations

Summer is perfect for finding new hiking spots and revisiting our favorite trails. Navigating different terrains and exploring varied environments safely requires full visibility of your surroundings. With a maximum of 1600 lumens, the Fenix LD30 travel flashlight has a beam powerful enough to illuminate the trail near and far and a body compact enough to leave space for other essential hiking gear.

Best for: Hiking

With a beam distance of 673 ft (204 m), the LD30 lights up a trail’s darkest corners. Plus, the ultra-thin optical lens on the travel flashlight ensures clarity of sight.

Weighing only 2.1 oz (59g), this high-performance flashlight come with a tail and side switch. Use the tactical tail switch to activate the light and the side switch to cycle through various lighting modes including Strobe and SOS.

With an IP68-rated protection, this travel flashlight is durable enough to provide optimum performance in extreme weather conditions.


HL32R-T: Versatile Lighting for Dynamic Environments and Weather

If you are someone who likes to blend a little bit of everything on your travels, the Fenix HL32R-T should be your headlamp of choice. Made from magnesium alloy, this light combines a lightweight body with a durable build providing you convenience and confidence on your journey.

Best for: Impromptu Plans & Adventure Travel

Capable of throwing a maximum of 800 lumens, the HL32R-T can light up any environment. From late-night city exploration to impulsive night hike plans, this rechargeable headlamp will light up any adventure you decide to undertake.

The SPORT Headband Fit System on the HL32R-T provides a secure and comfortable fit making it ideal for those who are constantly on the move.

When you switch environments requiring different lighting demands, the HL32R-T’s multiple brightness options help you tackle shifting lighting situations and weather. Equipped with an SOS mode, this travel headlamp is also good-to-have gear in case of emergencies when you can use this mode to signal for help or communicate with others in the area. Offering a runtime of 20 hours on Low, the HL32R-T keeps up with you on long days while its battery level indicator keeps you updated on its battery status.


HL18R-T: Uninterrupted Lighting for the Trail, Rain or Shine

Travel plans don’t have to hinder your recreational activities! With the Fenix HL18R-T, you can seamlessly integrate your summer explorations with your passion for running, hiking, cycling, or team sports.

The rechargeable headlamp’s breathable headband is easy to use; a simple click-and-twist operation makes it easy to adjust the band with a single hand. Powered by the included rechargeable 1300mAh Li-polymer battery pack, this headlamp emits a maximum output of 500 lumens, providing brilliant illumination for outdoor adventures.

Best for: Active Travelers

The Fenix HL18R-T’s lightweight design and 60° adjustable beam angle make it ideal for hikers, cyclists, and runners who need reliable illumination.

Three separate switches control three brightness levels of spotlight, floodlight, and SOS while the flexibility of using either the battery pack or three AAA batteries ensures the light is always ready to go. With its IP66 rating for rain and splash resistance, the HL18R-T is built to withstand unpredictable weather, providing peace of mind during outdoor escapades.


T6: Write, Illuminate, and Explore with a 2-in-1 Penlight

Summer is the season of family vacations and making memories with loved ones. Make those memories brighter with the T6 penlight. This 2-in-1 pen/EDC flashlight combines the convenience of a reliable light source with a smooth writing instrument. From writing directions at a moment’s notice to navigating your lodgings in an emergency, this travel flashlight is a must-have addition to your packing list.

Best for: Family Vacations & Note Taking

With the T6 penlight, you can save space in your luggage, leaving you more room to pack extra snacks or souvenirs. If you need help navigating an unfamiliar, dim, or dark space at your lodgings, the light helps you see with up to 80 lumens of light. Cycle through the three lighting modes with a quick click of the switch.

Experience hands-free illumination with the T6 by detaching the top portion and securing it to your shirt or resting it on a flat surface, allowing you to direct the beam exactly where you need it.

Go Further With Fenix’s Travel Lights

From mountaintops to city corners, Fenix travel flashlights and headlamps are built to walk with you every step of the way. Whether you are looking for a smaller travel flashlight you can stash in your pocket or purse or a headlamp that will allow you to pursue your daily routines, you will find your perfect travel light at Fenix.