When household repairs and job tasks require a reliable light source and the use of both hands, you need a versatile light you can reposition easily. 

Magnetic flashlights attach to most metal surfaces, so you can work safely with a stable light source that leaves your hands free while illuminating precise areas. Fenix lights, outfitted with magnets, help you work more efficiently while benefiting from a high lumen output, rechargeable batteries, and multiple light settings.

Which Fenix Flashlights have magnetic bases?

The E18R V2.0, C7, WT16R, WT25R, and WF11E all have hands-free capabilities due to their magnetic bases.

High Lumen Output

No matter if you’re working, tending to a household task, or enjoying a new hobby, you need to clearly see what you’re doing. Flashlights that deliver high lumen outputs provide the amount of light you need to see near and far and navigate dimly lit areas safely.

Our magnetic flashlights not only deliver the lumens, but they also go the distance. The beam distance, that is. Your vision remains crystal clear while using a powerful beam of light to look at something close up or far away.

The different lighting modes on Fenix magnetic flashlights let you use a single light source for different activities and light settings.


Rechargeable Batteries

fenix wt16r work flashlight

Save time and money with rechargeable magnetic flashlights. 

Some of our flashlights have built-in ports for efficient charging. This means you will not be interrupted mid-activity because your battery died unexpectedly.

Some rechargeable Fenix flashlights have USB Type-C ports which offer several advantages. For example, the shape of USB connectors is reversible, so you don’t have to fumble with figuring out the correct orientation before plugging in your light. USB ports also power up magnetic flashlights faster.

Additional Useful Features of Magnetic Flashlights

While the main feature of a flashlight is to light up your environment, magnetic flashlights have other useful features that heighten performance and utility.

For instance, when you are outdoors and prone to weather changes, being equipped with a Fenix magnetic flashlight means the light won’t die on you when the weather shifts. You could also place it on your cooking stove or any metallic base even when the rains arrive and continue your campsite activities.

Additionally, your Fenix light is impact resistant up to 1 meter. If you place yours on an uneven surface and it falls, you don’t need to worry. The light will keep working as it should.

Fenix flashlights withstand frigid and sweltering conditions without skipping a beat. Our durable magnetic flashlights handle extreme temperatures easily without sacrificing lumen output, brightness, or functionality.

The WT25R even has an adjustable head for more precise lighting.

Multiple Light Settings

fenix magnetic flashlights

Going from poorly lit surroundings to pitch-black darkness can feel like stepping out of a dim room into a black hole. Rather than change flashlights to one that’s more powerful, change your current flashlight’s settings instead.

Our magnetic flashlights have multiple light settings that adjust to different lighting conditions, environments, and tasks.

Have you ever needed a burst or strobe of light rather than a constant beam? Perhaps you wanted to alert someone to your position or feel more secure. Our flashlights accommodate your needs on the fly with the push of a button.

If you need a long-lasting, dependable light for work or play, a Fenix flashlight is a great addition to your toolkit. See what a difference the versatility of a magnetic flashlight can make.