You don’t have to be a Marvel or DC superhero to use cool gadgets on the job. Some real-world professions require specialized equipment for employees to not only do their best but see their best, too.

An LED flashlight is a useful sidekick for jobs where you work in poorly lit spaces. Being unable to see can make it difficult to carry out your job duties and finish your workday successfully. Having a flashlight on a toolbelt, in your pocket, on a duty belt, or in your work vehicle can be a lifesaver.

While the Fenix PD36R is popular for its versatility, three professions, in particular, can benefit greatly from this rechargeable flashlight.

What are the three professions that love the PD36R and why?

  1. First Responders: Because the PD36R is compact and powerful
  2. Construction Workers and Electricians: Because the PD36R is durable, rugged, and delivers high lumens
  3. Security Personnel: Because the PD36R enables them to move quickly and charges rapidly

First Responders

From racing to emergencies to transporting civilians to medical care facilities, police officers, EMTs, and other first responders are constantly on the move. They need a compact light that won’t weigh them down or get in the way as they move from place to place.

The PD36R weighs 3 oz. without the battery and is 5.4 inches long, which is an ideal weight and size for duty belts and medical bags. While compact, the flashlight has a powerful beam distance, blasting 1600 lumens across a distance of 928 ft (283 m). The long beam cuts through distant darkness quickly, giving officers and first responders time to make split-second decisions faster.

Because first responders and police officers work in different lighting conditions and environments, they need a light that can meet them wherever they are. They can light up dim alleyways, dark streets, and poorly lit buildings easily with one of the PD36R’s five brightness levels.

Medical emergencies require lightning-fast assessments and responses.

Construction Workers and Electricians

Construction workers and electricians have unique needs when it comes to a quality light source. Not only do they need a dependable flashlight, but they also need a light source designed to withstand the rigors of a construction site.

The PD36R’s high-strength aluminum build protects it from minor damage. An accidental drop onto unforgiving concrete or an unexpected plunge into a puddle of water won’t stop the flashlight from performing at its best. The durable light is also dustproof, so workers can use drills, saws, and other power tools without worrying about compromising the flashlight’s performance because of dust.

Electricians and construction workers also need equipment and tools that stay in place. The PD36R’s anti-roll and anti-slip design help it stay where you put it. Other tools may slide or roll into hard-to-reach places and become lost forever, but not the PD36R!


Was that rustling in the dark a wild animal or just a custodian taking out the trash? Security guards need powerful lights to differentiate curious critters from menaces. With a quick tap of the tactical tail switch, the PD36R briefly lights up the night, providing a quick pulse of light to help security guards decide if they need to investigate further or continue on their patrols. But what if there is an actual threat? The PD36R also has a strobe mode that can be used to disorient an assailant or would-be robber.

Not only does the PD36R have a rechargeable battery, but it also has a rechargeable battery that provides five hours of light (using the low brightness level) with a 10-minute charge. Guards can quickly get back to making their rounds after charging the light for only a few minutes.

Fenix flashlights help workers across various industries feel more capable and prepared to do their jobs. Our lights may not give you fiction-level superpowers, but they are super-powerful and will be reliable partners in every activity.