Having gear you can rely on is an important part of being prepared for the outdoors. That is why Fenix takes having a dependable light source when going on a camping trip seriously. Fenix makes it easy for you to find a reliable light with our wide selection of LED camping lights. With our top of the industry lights, you’ll be sure to find the perfect light for your next camping trip. Fenix lights are all water-resistant, durable, and LED. You will be prepared for anything with our long-lasting and reliable flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps.

LED Camping Flashlights

Fenix has long-lasting flashlights that can endure hours of use thanks to the LED bulbs we use. Our selection of LED camping lights offers both smaller flashlights that are perfect for around the campsite activity, as well as larger, up to12000-lumen, flashlights to light up the entire forest. With our wide selection of LED flashlights, you’ll be sure to find the one for your camping excursion. Most of our flashlights feature a battery level indicator, a belt clip, water resistance, rechargeability, and a wide range of lighting modes. With easily accessible buttons and easy-grip handling features, our LED camping flashlights will be ideal to have around your campsite.


LED Camping Lanterns

All-season Fenix lanterns go beyond the limits of lantern power, portability, and versatility. Not only do we have incredibly bright lanterns with up to 650 lumens, but our lanterns are built to be placed almost anywhere you need light; on a table, hung from a tree, mounted to a tripod, or stuck to a metal surface with its magnetic base. High quality and durable like our other lighting products, most of our LED camping light lanterns are also USB rechargeable to make life simpler for you. Fenix has a wide range of lanterns, some larger, some smaller but they are all built with a compact size making them extremely versatile and portable. Each lantern is built with a neutral white LED, but lanterns such as the CL28R are also equipped with a red light to provide a light that helps preserve your night vision.

LED Camping Headlamps



People underestimate the importance of headlamps on camping trips, which is why at Fenix we build our headlamps with all the important features you’ll need for an outdoor trip. Our headlamps are hands-free devices that give you a powerful light source for the dark. Made for your comfort, our headlamps are both lightweight and very bright. Similar to our lanterns, most Fenix headlamps are USB rechargeable but have a lot of other great features for your convenience as well. Some of our headlamps like the HM50R V2.0 and the HM61R have detachable lights while other lights such as the HM65R-T have spotlight and floodlight features.

No matter what kind of light you need, Fenix has you covered with the LED camping lights that are perfect for you. Our wide array of lights offer features such as multiple lighting modes, weatherproofing, and rechargeability. View more Fenix lights. Be prepared for your next camping trip with Fenix LED camping lights.