Fenix has had the exciting opportunity to provide flashlights for many well-known movies and tv shows. Our LED flashlights are ultra-bright, have long run times, and apparently also look great on camera! Take a look at some of the exciting films and tv shows that our flashlights have been used in: Blair Witch Project, Prometheus, Last Day on Mars, Fringe, Doctor Who among others.


blair witch flashlight

Fenix PD35 TAC (Discontinued)

The PD35 TAC made its debut in the 2016 Blair Witch Project. The movie takes place mostly in the dark woods, so the PD35 TAC that can throw 1000 lumens 656ft (200m) was an important plot piece. The PD35 TAC not only illuminated the characters in the darkness but became a key tool the characters used consistently throughout the film. Because of its different lighting options, its compact size (5.4”), and it’s easy handling features, the PD35 TAC was a great choice for this dimly lit movie.

2023 Update: Fenix PD35 V3.0

While the Fenix PD35 V3.0 isn’t as spooky as the Blair Witch, it throws a scary amount of lumens: 1700 across a distance of 1171 ft (357 m). This compact replacement model, measuring 5.28”, features five brightness levels plus a strobe, more than enough to brighten the darkest woods and investigate mysterious noises in the brush…if you dare.

Fenix PD35TAC Tactical Flashlight




TK45 (discontinued) – TK72R

Because of its high lumen output and unique 3 bulb look, the Fenix TK45 has been involved in many important shots in Prometheus, The Last Day on Mars, and the tv show Fringe. Although the TK45 has since been discontinued, you can still get this science-fiction look at home with the 3-bulbed, 9000 lumen TK72R.

2023 Update: Fenix LR50R

Sci-fi fans can not only go where no man has gone before, but also illuminate dim environments as no one has before with the Fenix LR50R. Throwing a maximum of 12000 lumens across a distance of 3117 ft (950 m), this high-performance flashlight’s powerful beam is out of this world.

fenix tk72r brightest flashlight



The Fenix TK65R flashlight is a 3200 lumen light with seven lighting modes and IP68 waterproof rated. It is a very popular flashlight among the law enforcement and tactical community. It features a catapult-action belt clip which allows you to more quickly detach and use the flashlight, as well as dual switches. It’s long sleek look and easy operation make it a clear choice for tactical television scenes.

2023 Update: Fenix HT18

The Fenix HT18 has a similar shape to the discontinued TK65R, blasting 1500 lumens across a distance of 3035 ft (925 m). Its four brightness levels and strobe are perfect for recreating tactical environments and situations on the big screen. Lost Gate fans can feel like the show’s investigators exploring underground tunnels with the powerful light’s red and green filters, extended runtime, and tactical tail and side switches.

fenix tk65r rechargeable tactical flashlight



The TK35UE not only has a bold round look at the bezel, but it is also very bright and easy to hold. It’s max output is 3200 lumens, so it’s no wonder that this makes for a great flashlight to feature on the big screen. It also has a max run time of 152 hours on eco mode so is convenient to use as well. The TK35UE’s tight beam and large noticeable lens make it a great choice for the camera.

2023 Update: Fenix TK35UE V2.0

While the upgraded Fenix TK35UE V2.0 doesn’t appear on the FBI’s Most Wanted list like The Blacklist’s Raymond "Red" Reddington, its powerful upgraded features are almost criminal. The innovative toggle switch accesses the light’s tactical and duty modes and lock-out function. The maximum output of 5000 lumens provides plenty of light for untangling the show’s thrilling mysteries.


TK10 (discontinued) – TK22

Although the TK10 is discontinued, the TK series of flashlights does offer some great similar looking flashlights. Most similar is the TK22 which produces up to 1600 lumens and has a throw of 1,329 feet (405m). This flashlight makes a great handheld, strong-looking light. It is a favorite of those in tactical professions.

2023 Update: Fenix TK20R V2.0

Like The Doctor regenerates their body, we regenerated the Fenix TK20R into the TK20R V2.0. Capable of casting a maximum of 3000 lumens across a distance of 1558 ft (475 m), this upgraded tactical light is quick and easy to operate with dual tail switches. The flashlight’s durable and rugged design looks right at home in the Tardis’s futuristic interior.

Fenix TK22 V2 flashlight


When films require super bright light and great looking flashlights, Fenix is who they turn to. Our lights not only produce high lumens but also have long run times with easy USB rechargeability, making them popular choices on the set. Whether on a camping trip, as an everyday carry, or making a movie, Fenix flashlights will get the job done!