Whether you’re a runner who likes to beat the sun coming up in the morning or can’t find the time to get outside after the sun has already set, running outside after dark or before sunrise can be a bit of a logistical challenge. Between oncoming traffic for roadside runners and tripping hazards on trails, making sure you can see and be seen while out running after dark is critical. This is where a reliable runner’s flashlight or headlamp can come in handy, not only for convenience but for safety.

What is the Best Runner’s Flashlight for 2021?

The best runner’s flashlight for 2021 is the HM65R-T. This headlamp has independently controlled spotlight and floodlight features that can be combined to shine up to 1,500 lumens over a distance of 558 ft (170 m). It also comes equipped with a new patented headband fit system, is USB-C rechargeable, and includes a battery level indicator.



The HM65R-T

Fenix HM65R-T Rechargeable Headlamp

The HM65R-T is built with safety in mind. The headband strap is a reflective burnt orange. This is extremely helpful for runners who need to be visible to oncoming traffic on busy roads and trails that have automobile access.

The patented SPORT headband fit system is designed to make adjustments simple, especially when on-the-go. The rotary press/pull clasp on the headband allows for adjustments to be made with a single hand – no more having to stop your momentum in the middle of your run to make cumbersome adjustments.


The LD30

LD30 Flashlight

Some runners prefer to run with a flashlight rather than a headlamp. For runners who don’t want to compromise on lumens but would rather have the versatility of a handheld flashlight to shine their way through uneven terrain by holding the flashlight at their knees, the LD30 is a great choice. This powerful little flashlight offers a maximum of 1600 lumens that can shine over a distance of 673 ft (205 m). Not bad for a flashlight only 4.3” long.

The tactical tail switch on this light makes activation extremely easy. Runners can also easily cycle through the seven lighting modes, including SOS and strobe, using the side switch. Finally, the flashlight includes a battery level indicator feature that can be extremely helpful on days when runners decide to go the extra mile. However, with a max of over 70 hours of runtime on eco mode, runners don’t have too much to worry about in that department.



The HM50R


What makes the HM50R special is its simple, solid design. This headlamp weighs just over 2 oz. (excluding the battery) but still offers an outstanding combination of runtime, output, and throw. At its lowest setting, the HM50R can last up to 128 hours on a single charge, which is unheard of at this price point. This headlamp is of great value if you’re looking for an all-around headlamp that gets the job done, whether out on the trail or for everyday use when you need some hands-free light.

Made from quality aluminum, the HM50R may be small, but it is sure sturdy enough to handle even the toughest outdoor conditions. With a CR123A lithium battery, the headlamp is capable of withstanding temperatures down to -40º, is waterproof underwater up to 6.6 ft (2 m), and is dustproof. Not bad, for something small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.




fenix e lite mini flashlight

If headlamps aren’t quite your style, Fenix has more runner’s flashlights to offer. Some of our everyday carry flashlights can also make great companions on the trail. The E-LITE Mini Flashlight is a great alternative to a headlamp. It is designed with an integrated clip. This can easily affix the mini flashlight to a backpack strap or ball cap.

Plus, the E-LITE offers both red and blue light modes in addition to a white light that can be used as a reading light or in flash mode to signal oncoming traffic. This can be super helpful for maintaining night vision while out and about after dark while keeping you and your running party safe while on the trail.



The LD15R

fenix ld15r rechargeable flashlight

Rounding out our list of runner’s flashlights is the LD15R. This light has a really unique design that makes it a fantastic option for runners who don’t love the idea of weighing down their head with a light. The LD15R is a right-angle flashlight, meaning that it can easily be clipped to a jacket pocket or backpack for easily accessible light. The light is only the length of a pointer finger but still offers users a max of 500 lumens over a distance of 279 ft (85 m).

Off the trail, this light continues to deliver: its magnetic tail and two-way body clip are also useful for stationary hands-free use when doing home repairs or checking your running gear after dark. Overall, the LD15R’s utility is pretty endless, whether on to go or at home.



A Flashlight for Everyone

Whether you’re an Iron Man athlete or simply looking for a light to bring along with you on evening walks, Fenix shares your love for getting outside after dark and has a lighting solution to make your after-dark walks and runs that much better. Take a look at our full line of quality tactical and everyday use flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns to find which flashlight fits you and your lifestyle.