Fenix PD36R Flashlight rechargeable

Since its release, the Fenix PD36R has become the unequivocal favorite among Fenix fans from all walks of life. Maybe it’s the light’s ability to throw 1600 lumens over an impressive distance of 928 ft (283 m), or maybe it’s the light’s extended runtimes. Either way, we know that Fenix fans love it. But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few verified reviews from actual Fenix users:

PD36R Reviews from Outdoorsmen:

“The battery level indicator is such an important feature to me, that I will never buy a flashlight without that feature. The battery indicator takes the guesswork out of trying to remember when I charged my batteries last. And it gives me the peace of mind that I have plenty of power left.”

Steve F., Orem, Utah

“For fit, I wear size large or extra large gloves in everything. The light fits nicely in my hand and on my radio strap with a custom leather holder. The size is small enough to fit nicely on my radio strap and doesn’t impede any movement or function. The weight is minimal which I really like as well.”

Jake Long, Anchorage, AK

“After carrying my PD36R almost daily for over a month at work and around the neighborhood for nighttime walks with my family, I’d like to report the battery limits… but I haven’t found them yet. I finally just shrugged it off as a mystery of the universe and threw the PD36R on the charger to top it off.”

John K., Antelope Valley, CA

Reviews from Linemen:

“I love this light! It has enough throw and enough spill and with the SST-Luminous 40 LED and a 21700 battery it’s no wonder this is a best seller…. This light offers excellent battery life and love the tail switch. Also like the size of the light as I EDC this light….Love the brass accents on the light and the smooth feel of the body of the light. It’s easy getting in and out of your pocket.”

Enrique P., El Paso, TX

Reviews from Security Personnel:

“I recently purchased the Fenix model PD36R. I do enjoy the ability to recharge the light as opposed to purchasing new batteries every time. The dimmer option is also a really great way to balance the amount of light needed in each circumstance.”

James, Miami, FL

“Outside of law enforcement work it would also be a great light for our firefighter friends for fire scenes and just about anyone that would have a use for a reliable rechargeable ridiculously bright light with a very lengthy run time. If you have a father, a brother, or a mother that needs a light to have handy look no further than this. One note, which I ran into with my Canadian friend, is to make sure and buy the $5 wall adapter if the person you are buying this for does not have a computer or USB charging capabilities. Great tool. Great gift. Fenix outdid themselves with this one! I highly recommend it.”

John G, North Central, Ohio

Daniel T

“This light is BRIGHT. Like, WAY bright. It lights up the outdoors for at least 75 yards, making setting up IDPA stages in the dark a breeze.
The battery capacity. I’m not actually sure how long the battery lasts… but it’s longer than I use the light for in a month. I recharge this thing on a schedule, not because it dies.”

Daniel T., Gilbert, AZ

“I really took my time ordering a light but I think I found my forever light with the PD36R. This lightweight yet powerful flashlight is a perfect addition to the wide array of tools I carry. This flashlight is perfect for a helmet-mounted light and makes switching from helmet to handheld use a breeze with the user-friendly metal clip.”

Greg, Highlands, NJ

“The light itself is what I consider lightweight for its size, and easy to carry in my pocket. It’s very well made and very sturdy, which is what I need in my job. The brightness is great, I am able to use it for everything, from lighting up a crash scene, to lowering the brightness and using it to check the pupil response of a patient. Charging is very easy via the USB cord. I have used my PD36R for search and rescue calls, directing traffic, lighting up a crash scene down in a wooded creek bed, and inside of dimly lit houses and apartments. I have also used it as a weapons light in my AR15. I have no regrets about my purchase.”

James C., Cleves, OH

Reviews From Home Inspectors:

“Like all other Fenix flashlights, this flashlight is rugged and well-built. It just feels solid in your hand. The power button is located at the tailcap, exactly where it should be located. This is the most natural place for a power button. The brightness control is located on a rugged button near the head. The button is metallic, and displays green, yellow, or red when depressed to indicate the battery charge level.”

Reuben S., Minneapolis, MN

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