Carving pumpkins! Scary movie frights! Haunted houses! Candy delights! Shorter days! Longer nights! Halloween season has begun. Enjoy the fun with Fenix lights!

No matter how you choose to celebrate Halloween, Fenix is guaranteed to have a light that will help keep you and your family safe and bright! We’ve selected our top lights for your favorite Halloween activities:

Best Lights for Backyard Pumpkin Carving

When you’re carving pumpkins, you want to be able to see all the nooks and crannies as best as possible, all while having your hands completely free of course. We recommend bright headlamps like the newly upgraded HL30, the Fenix HL30 – 2018 Edition.

You’ll also want to make the sure the yard is as bright as possible. Use one of Fenix’s bright camping lanterns with 360-degree illumination like the CL30R Rechargeable Camping Lantern with up to 650 lumens; the smaller CL20R Rechargeable Camping Lantern (pictured below); or the new, compact CL23 Camping Lantern.

Best Lights for Lighting Up Your Jack-O’-Lantern

We’re here to take your Jack-O’-Lantern lighting to the next level! Why stop at plain, white light? Illuminate your Jack-O’-Lantern with the red or green light from the small Fenix CL09 Camping Lantern. This little light is only 3 inches so it’ll fit in just about any sized pumpkin. Plus, depending on the batteries used and which mode is chosen, it can run for up to 150 hours!

Best Lights for Decorating the House

If you’re a Halloween home decorator, you’ve worked too hard for your decorations to not be shown off on Halloween! And for every evening in October for that matter! Use a focus flashlight with a zoomable, spotlight beam that also has a long runtime and a high lumen output to showcase your decor! Fenix’s FD series features focus flashlights that can be adjusted from a spotlight to a floodlight in case you want to show off a larger Halloween display. Check out our Focus Flashlight like the Fenix FD65 Focus Flashlight which offers 3800 lumens and a quarter of a mile throw!

Best Lights for Parents for Trick or Treating

Let’s face it. You know you’ll be needing a quality flashlight if you’re the one taking the kiddos out on Halloween night. Whether you find yourself needing to adjust costumes, needing light to warn cars or simply guiding the way on dimly lit sidewalks, you won’t regret having a bright light handy. When it comes to selecting the light you’ll carry on Halloween, we recommend one of two routes: A reliable EDC with long runtimes and high lumens or a headlamp with long runtimes and high lumens. The UC35 V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight offers up to 1000 lumens is an excellent option among several quality Fenix Everyday Carry Flashlights.


Best Lights for Kids for Trick or Treating

We highly recommend using one of our favorite headlamps for kids: The Fenix HL05. This headlamp weighs only 0.5 ounces. It can easily be wrapped around the wrist, clipped onto a hat, backpack or ponytail for various uses, so as not to interfere with any costume design! You can also share one of your EDCs with your kids, but it might be more likely to make it home if it’s attached to their head or wrist all night! After all, they’ve got to keep their hands free for Trick or Treating!

Best Lights to Keep Track of Your Kids While Trick or Treating

If you’re Trick or Treating around several other families, there may be a chance that your group will get separated. Our HL05 headlamps are not only lightweight and easily stay on children’s heads, but they also come in a variety of bright colors so it’s easier to keep track.

Another idea is to place a compact lantern like the Fenix CL20R in your child’s Trick or Treating bucket so that it’s illuminated at all times, making it easier to find them, easier for cars to see and also helping them light their own way.

Keep your October evenings bright and safe so you have nothing to worry about (other than the amount of candy you’ll be stealing from your kiddos!) all Halloween season long. Have a wonderful rest of your October!