I went online to grab these and both had been sold out so I waited and was able to pre-order them with an estimated ship date a few weeks out. They arrived in about half of the estimated time and were securely packed as is the norm.

Charged the E18R EDC Rechargeable Flashlight up first because it was so simple with the included battery and magnetic charging cable. Got that one going and then went and fully charged a battery for the E16 EDC Flashlight as that does not come with one.

fenix e18r edc rechargeable flashlight included

Had them fully charged and took them both to work and put them on my vest carrier and used each here and there for about a week and have used them here at my home since for such things as taking the dog out or doing something outside.

fenix e16 compact flashlight small size


The E16 is a good small light if you need a less expensive one to keep handy or in your vehicle or cupboard but the E18R really has some punch. I was extremely impressed with it, mainly because it is virtually the same size as the other but seems to outperform the E16 in an equal proportion of the price as compared to the E16.

You cannot go wrong with both especially the E16 if you have a bunch of batteries and chargers as I already do. The E18R is nice if you don’t have the extras because it comes with everything you need to charge and go.