Between lumen output, size, features, and runtime, there are a lot of options and factors to consider when choosing the right EDC light. For some, carrying around a flashlight of any size can seem like a big inconvenience, especially for those with limited pocket space. In these instances, a mini flashlight can be a great alternative. A mini flashlight offers a compromise to a lot of these common reasons for not wanting to have an EDC. These lights are small enough to be kept inconspicuously on a keychain or in a pocket without weighing them down too much. Plus, for their small size, keychain flashlights like the E03R are extremely bright compared to the flashlight on a smartphone.

What is the Best Mini Flashlight?

The E03R is the best mini flashlight from Fenix. Not only is it extremely bright for its size, it is packed with useful features. The E03R can shine a max of 260 lumens over a distance of 138 ft (42 m). It has a total of six light modes: four brightness levels plus red light and red flashing mode. This is far and away brighter than a phone flashlight, which averages at a maximum of 10 lumens. Altogether, if you are looking for the best mini flashlight from Fenix, look no further than the E03R.

Features of the E03R

  • Max Lumens: 260
  • Modes: 6 (4 brightness levels; 2 red modes)
  • Max Throw: 138 ft (42 m)
  • Impact Resistance: 1 m
  • Weight: 0.78 oz
  • Included: Keychain, USB Type-C Charging Cord
  • Features:
    • Battery Level Indicator
    • Low-Voltage Warning
    • Lockout Function
    • Intelligent Overheat Protection

Durable & Rechargeable

The E03R is made with durable and lightweight A6061-T6 aluminum alloy. This is the same type of metal chosen for industrial construction because of its strength and high corrosion resistance. The ultra compact flashlight has been awarded a IP66 rating, making it both splash proof and dust-proof. Not only that, it has been proven to withstand a drop test of 1.5 m (5 ft) on all six sides. This makes the light a worthy opponent to the everyday wear and tear it may encounter while on a keychain or in a pocket.

Not only is this light durable, it boasts an extremely long lasting runtime. It comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable 200mAh Li-polymer battery. This battery is rated to have a life span of over 500 charge cycles. The MATCH CA18 white light LED and Everlight 2835 red light LEDs are each rated to last over 50,000 hours. Plus, recharging the flashlight is super simple. Users just need to plug in the USB Type-C charging port, and the battery level indicator feature on the light will display green when the light is fully charged (when the battery is low, the indicator light with display red). The light will fully recharge from depletion in an hour and twenty minutes.

Intelligent Safety Features

Because of the light’s small size, when it is on its highest setting for an extended period of time, it can begin to accumulate heat. In these instances, the light is equipped with intelligent overheat protection. When it meets a certain surface temperature threshold, the light will automatically step-down a few lumens to avoid overheating. Once the light has cooled down a bit, the high lumen setting can again be reselected.

If you store your E03R in a pocket, bag, or on a keychain, the constant jostling around could potentially accidentally activate the light and deplete the battery. To avoid this, the light has a lockout feature. When the light is locked, it can only be activated once the switch has been double clicked. This is a great, handy little feature to ensure you’ll always have light when you need it.

Everyday Lighting Needs & Personal Safety

Between lighting your way safely to the front door at night to practical needs, like searching for something that rolled under your car seat, the uses for E03R are practically endless. The light’s small size makes it ideal for assisting with everyday tasks or ensuring you or your loved one makes it home safe. The red light feature is especially helpful for maintaining night vision after dark. Many Fenix fans report feeling much safer having their E03R at the ready while walking through a dimly lit parking lot or unlocking their car door at night.

More Than Just Mini Flashlights

Fenix has been a leader in manufacturing some of the most dependable, brightest flashlights on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a bright headlamp or a tactical handheld flashlight, Fenix has a lighting solution sure to fit your needs. Check out our full line up of flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns or use our helpful product finder feature to help find the right light for you.